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| global anal (W3)
| global anal (W3)
| Jan 14, 2011
| Jan 14, 2011
| ''Tobias Lamm'' [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_lamm/de], Joachim Escher [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_escher/de], Felix Finster [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_finster/de], Sebastian Herr [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_herr/de], Heiko von der Mosel [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_von_der_mosel/de], Olaf Post [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_post/de], Oliver Schnürer [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_schnuerer/de]
| '''Tobias Lamm''' [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_lamm/de], Joachim Escher [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_escher/de], Felix Finster [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_finster/de], Sebastian Herr [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_herr/de], Heiko von der Mosel [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_von_der_mosel/de], Olaf Post [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_post/de], Oliver Schnürer [http://www.math.kit.edu/edu/math-kolldauer/event/vort_schnuerer/de]
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| KIT Karlsruhe
| KIT Karlsruhe

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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2011-2012 research positions page. This page collects information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, please edit this wiki page yourself by clicking "edit" at an appropriate place. It is better to first register, but you can edit by IP number as well. You can also send email to wikimathjob@gmail.com to have messages posted or to report evil postings, e.g. inaccurate information about yourself or other applicants, or if you want your name removed. We are interested in information provided in good faith. Do not post wild hunches, and please respect the trust of your friends and colleagues.

Have you accepted a position? If so, it's a great courtesy to other job applicants to post that information here.

This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe, Greg Kuperberg, and Tao Mei. Tao reads the e-mail and he will keep the correspondence confidential as appropriate. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   (a) applied (b) biomath/biostat (c) computational
(o) optimization/OR (p) physics/QCQI (s) statistics
* MathJobs position
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Note that the links should be directed to the job announcements rather than the department homepage.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Arizona State U all areas (t) Jan 9
Auburn U topology/discrete math (u)(2) Feb 1
Binghamton statistics Nov 13
Binghamton topology/geometry Nov 13
Boise State U statistics Jan 12
Boston U stochastic Jan 9
Bowling Green knot theory Nov 1 pre-interviews
Brandeis U all areas Nov 15
Brown U applied math Dec 2
Caltech pure Jan 1
Carnegie Mellon U applied analysis Jan 15
Case Western Reserve U applied Dec 15
Claremont Graduate U applied Nov 15
Clemson U computational Dec 31
Colorado School of Mines applied Jan 9
Colorado State U (a) applied and computational (u) Oct 30
Cornell U probability, number theory, and PDE Nov 1
Duke U all areas Dec 1
Florida State U applied math Dec 15
Georgia State U biostatistics Feb 29
Georgia Tech all areas Oct 15 job talks
Harvard U applied math Jan 15
Indiana U all areas Nov 15
Iowa State U computational math Dec 15
Iowa State U applications of math to biology Dec 15
John Hopkins U pure Jan 2


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Louisiana State U computational math Jan 13
MIT all areas Dec 1
Michigan Tech U numerical analysis Dec 1
Michigan Tech U statistics Dec 1
Mississippi State U math education Nov 15
North Carolina State U all areas Nov 15
North Carolina State U applied math Nov 30
North Dakota State U math education Nov 15
Ohio State U analysis Nov 14 job talks
Ohio State U probability Nov 14 Hoi Nguyen
Oklahoma State U all areas Nov 15
Oregon State U genomic mathematics Jan 15
Oregon State U math education Jan 15
Princeton U operations research Dec 1
Purdue U geom, anal, and comp. & applied math Nov 15 job talks
Rice U all areas Nov 15
Rutgers U all areas Jan 1
Syracuse U topology/geometry, combinatorics Nov 15


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Akron applied, PDE, Calculus of Variations, computing (2) Nov 15
U Alabama functional analysis/operator theory (u) Dec 1
U Arkansas algebra, topology, statistics (u)(2) Dec 12
U California Merced applied Nov 30
U Central Florida all areas (u)(2) Dec 1
U Colorado Boulder applied Nov 1
U Colorado Boulder geometry Dec 1
U Delaware math education Dec 7
U Delaware prob/stoch Nov 30
U Houston all areas Jan 1
U Illinois Chicago all areas Nov 15 job talks
U Kentucky topology/comput Jan 12


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Mass-Amherst various (u) Began Oct 17, job talks
U Nebraska-Lincoln algebra Nov 30
U Nebraska-Lincoln math biology Dec 12
U New Mexico pure Jan 15
U North Carolina-Chapel Hill geometry/algebra Dec 1
U Oklahoma all areas Nov 15
U Oregon math biology Nov 15
U Southern California all areas Nov 15
U South Carolina Biomathematics Dec 1


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Virginia Tech stochastic analysis Nov 30
West Virgina U anal/applied/comb/discrete/education (3) Nov 15

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients/offers

Temporary positions


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Duke University Data Analysis


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Northeastern University all areas Dec. 1


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U of Oklahoma all areas Feb 15


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Yale U all areas Jan 1


Long-term positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short list / Offers

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

A shortlist reported on this wiki is the list of candidates who were invited to give a talk ("Einladung zum Vorstellungsvortrag"); the order of the names has no significance. Official rankings of candidates ("Listenplätze"), if known, are indicated by a number in parentheses after a name, or they are implied by the order in which candidates who received offers ("Rufe") are listed.

Long-term/temp W positions

We also continue to collect information about the faculty positions in Germany that were filled before or at the beginning of the fall semester 2011; this belongs in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2010-2011 or earlier.


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen analysis (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Michael Westdickenberg [1]
RWTH Aachen didac (W2) Nov 30, 2010
RWTH Aachen / FZ Jülich sci comp (W3) Jul 15, 2011
RWTH Aachen analysis (W3) Sep 30, 2011
RWTH Aachen stoch/stat (W3) Nov 16, 2011
U Augsburg financial (W2) Apr 16, 2009
U Augsburg numer anal / sci comp (W2) Oct 15, 2009 Tatjana Stykel [2]
U Augsburg comp stat (W3) Dec 15, 2010
U Augsburg anal / geom (W3) Jun 17, 2011
U Augsburg economath (W2L) Jun 17, 2011
U Bayreuth appl anal (W3) Apr 23, 2010
FU Berlin applied (W2) May 27, 2010 Paola Pozzi [3]
FU Berlin num thy (W3) Nov 3, 2011
HU Berlin statistics (W3) Oct 9, 2008
HU Berlin analysis ≤ 2009 Gero Friesecke [4]
HU Berlin appl stoch (W3) Jan 15, 2010
HU Berlin appl anal (W3) Apr 23, 2010
HU Berlin optim (W3) Aug 26, 2010 Alfio Borzi [5]
HU Berlin applied (W3) Aug 26, 2010 Caren Tischendorf [6]
HU Berlin / Weierstraß applied (W3S) (Direktor) Jan 22, 2012
TU Berlin func anal ≤ 2008 Birgit Jacob [7]
TU Berlin func anal (W3) Apr 15, 2010 Gitta Kutyniok [8] [9]
TU Berlin diff geom (W2) Dec 16, 2010
TU Berlin diff eqns (W2) Dec 16, 2010 Etienne Emmrich, Rico Zacher, Michael Dreher
TU Berlin Humboldt (*) Friedrich Eisenbrand [10]
TU Berlin algebra, num thy (W3) Jan 27, 2011
U Bielefeld algebra (W2) Sep 16, 2009 Christopher Voll [11]
U Bielefeld analysis (W2) Jun 29, 2010 Sebastian Herr
U Bielefeld financial (W1) Oct 7, 2010
U Bielefeld top/geom (W2) Jan 4, 2011 Sönke Rollenske [12]
U Bochum numerical (W1) Nov 15, 2010 Christian Kreuzer [13], S. Groß, A. Linke, O. Rinne [14]
U Bochum analysis (W3) Jan 10, 2011 Tobias Lamm, Alberto Abbondandolo, Mohameden Ould Ahmedou, Sebastian Herr, Markus Kunze, Matthias Kurzke, Matthias Lesch, Michael Winkler
U Bonn all math (W3) (1) "Hausdorff"
U Bonn applied (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Barbara Niethammer
U Bonn sci comp (W3) Oct 31, 2010
U Bonn numerical (W2) Oct 31, 2010 Carsten Burstedde [15]
U Bonn / Fraunhofer numerical (W2) expired Jochen Garck [16]
TU Braunschweig appl stoch (W2) Jun 30, 2011
U Bremen appl anal (W2) Aug 31, 2011
U Bremen / Fraunhofer image proc (W3) Jan 12, 2012
U Cologne applied (2 W3) Apr 9, 2010 Angela Stevens [17], Georg Dolzmann, Stefan Sauter (3) [18], Holger Wendland (4) [19], Markus Kunze (5), Axel Klawonn (6) [20], Alfio Borzi, Jiri Cerny, Peter Eichelsbacher, Volker Kaibel, Christian Kanzow, Othmar Koch, Matthias Löwe [21]
U Cologne algebra (W2) Jan 7, 2011 Igor Burban [22]
U Cologne diff geom (W2) Mar 25, 2011 Florin Alexandru Belgun, Urs Frauenfelder, Andreas Kollross, Alexander Lytchak, Augustin-Liviu Mare, Paul-Andi Nagy, Felix Schulze, Joeri Van der Veken [23] [24]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Darmstadt sci comp (W3) Sep 24, 2010
TU Darmstadt disc opt (W3) Sep 24, 2010
TU Darmstadt rep thy/geom (W3) Sep 24, 2010
TU Darmstadt stoch (W2) Sep 24, 2010 Stefan Adams, Volker Betz, Melanie Birke, Matthias Birkner, Tobias Kuna, Carlo Marinelli
TU Darmstadt opt (W1) Jul 31, 2011
TU Darmstadt stoch (W3) Sep 30, 2011
TU Darmstadt num SDE (W3) Oct 13, 2011
TU Dortmund (s) econometrics, stat (W3) Oct 31, 2009 Bernd Fitzenberger, Stefan Hoderlein, Ralf Münnich, Mark Trede, Martin Wagner, [25]
TU Dortmund appl anal (W1) Jan 27, 2011
TU Dortmund numerical (W1) Jan 27, 2011
TU Dortmund disc opt (W1) Oct 20, 2011
TU Dresden func anal (W3) Apr 13, 2010 Ralph Chill [26]
TU Dresden (diff) geom (W3) Jun 30, 2010
TU Dresden (b) biostat (W2) 2010 Lars Kaderali, Tim Beißbarth, Rainer König, Tobias Müller, Michael Nothnagel, Achim Tresch [27]
U Duisburg-Essen stoch (W3) ≤ 2008 Hajo Holzmann [28] [29], Peter Eichelsbacher [30] [31]
U Duisburg-Essen algebr geom (W3) Jul 24, 2010 Jochen Heinloth [32]
U Duisburg-Essen arith geom (W3) Jul 24, 2010 Vytautas Paskunas [33]
U Duisburg-Essen numerical (W2) Dec 16, 2010 Paola Pozzi [34], Dirk Lorenz, Malte Peter
U Duisburg-Essen algebra (W3) May 20, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen appl stoch (W1/tt) May 26, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen appl (W2) Aug 21, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen num PDE (W3) Sep 8, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen inverse prob (W2) Oct 13, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen math (W2, 5y) Oct 13, 2011
U Duisburg-Essen arith geom (W2) Oct 13, 2011
U Düsseldorf pure/alg geom (W2) Apr 30, 2009 Ingrid Bauer, Manuel Blickle, Igor Burban, Stefan Gille, Georg Hein, Michael Lönne, Sascha Orlik, Matthias Schütt, Christopher Voll [35]
U Düsseldorf appl stat (W2) May 4, 2011 Florian Frommlet, Marco Andreas Grzegorczyk, Dirk Metzler, Markus Scholz, Holger Schwender, Korbinian Strimmer [36]
U Düsseldorf algebra/num thy (W3) May 4, 2011 Karim Johannes Becher, Claus Diem, Benjamin Klopsch, Eike Lau, Volodymyr Mazorchuk, Niko Naumann, Eva Viehmann [37]
U Düsseldorf numerical (W3) May 4, 2011 Nihat Ay, Marco Cicalese, Marcel Griesemer, Markus Kunze, Maria Neuss-Radu, Nicole Radde, Christoph Walker [38]
U Düsseldorf appl anal (W3) May 4, 2011 M. Gugat, Helzel, Hinze, Meyer, C. Tischendorf, B. Vexler, Walther [39]
U Düsseldorf (econ) stat, econometr (W3) Aug 11, 2011
U Düsseldorf algebra, num thy (W2) Sep 22, 2011 Cristiana Bertolin, Clemens Fuchs, Daniel Greb, Elisa Gorla, Priska Jahnke, Nicolas Perrin, Christian Sevenheck, Jacob Stix [40]
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt sci comp, cs (W3) Sep 26, 2011
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt algebra (W2) Sep 26, 2011
U Erlangen-Nürnberg biomath (W3) Apr 16, 2010
U Erlangen-Nürnberg disc opt (W2) Apr 29, 2011 Andreas Bley, Ralf Borndörfer, Raymond Hemmecke, Sascha Kurz, Frauke Liers, Britta Peis, Stefan Ruzika
U Erlangen-Nürnberg algebra (W2) Sep 16, 2011
U Erlangen-Nürnberg nonlin PDE (W3) Oct 14, 2011
U Frankfurt appl discr (W3) Dec 9, 2010 Peter Bürgisser, Amin Coja-Oghlan, Mihyun Kang, Eike Kiltz, Matthias Köppe, Tanja Lange, Matthias Schacht
U Frankfurt algeb geom (W2) Sep 22, 2011 Matthias Schütt, Christian Böhning, Jakob Stix, Christian Liedtke, Eva Viehmann, Orsola Tommasi, Norbert Hoffmann, Nicolas Perrin [41]
U Frankfurt numerical (W3) Dec 8, 2011
TU Freiberg sci comp (W2/tt) Jan 27, 2009
TU Freiberg appl anal (W3) Dec 31, 2011
TU Freiberg sci comp (W2) Dec 31, 2011
U Freiburg (cs) algo, complexity (W3) expired Friedrich Eisenbrand
U Freiburg applied (W3) Jan 7, 2011 Sören Bartels [42]
U Freiburg stoch (W3) Peter Pfaffelhuber [43]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Göttingen alg geom, harmon anal (W2) May 21, 2010 Bernhard Krötz, Evalina Viada [44]
U Göttingen harmon anal (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Henrik Seppänen [45]
U Göttingen data anal (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Felix Krahmer [46]
U Göttingen stat (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Andrea Krajina [47]
U Greifswald discrete bio (W1/tt) Apr 28, 2011 Mareike Fischer, Andreas Groh, Marc Hellmuth, Sven Herrmann [48]
U Greifswald appl (W2) Nov 24, 2011
FernU Hagen numer math (W3) Sep 10, 2009 Michael Herty, Daniel Kressner, Torsten Linß [49]
U Hamburg optim (W3) ≤ 2008 René Pinnau [50], Volker Schulz [51]
U Hamburg discrete (W1) Jan 13, 2011 Christian Reiher
U Hamburg (p) math phys (W3) Dec 1, 2011
TU Hamburg-Harburg applied (W3) Sep 2, 2010 Etienne Emmrich, Marko Lindner
TU Hamburg-Harburg applied (W3) Sep 2, 2010 Holger Wendland,
TU Hamburg-Harburg discrete (W3) Jan 6, 2011 interviews
UniBw Hamburg applied stoch (W3) Sep 30, 2010
UniBw Hamburg applied (W2) Feb 28, 2011
U Hannover algeb geom (W2, 5y) Apr 15, 2011
U Hannover diff geom (W2) May 12, 2011
U Hannover numerical (W3) Oct 14, 2011
U Heidelberg pure (W3) expired Anna Wienhard [52]
U Heidelberg numerical (W3) Oct 1, 2010 Barbara Niethammer [53]
U Heidelberg sci comp (W3) Oct 1, 2010 Axel Voigt [54], Guido Kanschat [55]
U Heidelberg (b) biostat (W3) Mar 24, 2011
U Heidelberg applied (W3) Oct 30, 2011
U Hildesheim stoch (W2) Jun 17, 2011
TU Ilmenau appl func anal (W2) Sep 15, 2010
TU Ilmenau discrete, algebra (W3) Jan 14, 2011 interviews
TU Ilmenau cont opt (W3) Jan 14, 2011
TU Ilmenau stoch (W1) Sep 12, 2011
U Jena probability (W2/W3) Jul 2, 2010
U Jena math phys (W3) Apr 15, 2011
TU Kaiserslautern sci comp (W3) Dec 13, 2008 Peter Maaß [56], Stephan Dahlke [57]
TU Kaiserslautern comp num thy (W2) Dec 13, 2008 Claus Fieker [58]
TU Kaiserslautern theor math (W3) Dec 15, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern biomath (W2/W3) Jun 11, 2010
TU Kaiserslautern algebra (W1) expired Susanne Danz [59]
TU Kaiserslautern alg, geom (W2) Dec 16, 2011
TU Kaiserslautern sys/ctrl thy (W2) Dec 16, 2011
KIT Karlsruhe financial (W1) Aug 15, 2010 Gonçalo dos Reis [60], Kathrin Glau [61], Stefan Tappe [62]
KIT Karlsruhe geom group thy (W3) Sep 17, 2010 Oleg Bogopolski [63], Ralf Gramlich [64], Benjamin Klopsch [65],Thomas W. Müller [66], Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta [67], Annette Werner [68], Anna Wienhard [69]
KIT Karlsruhe stoch geom (W3) Sep 30, 2010 Daniel Hug [70], Matthias Reitzner [71], Ivan Veselic [72], Max von Renesse [73]
KIT Karlsruhe global anal (W3) Jan 14, 2011 Tobias Lamm [74], Joachim Escher [75], Felix Finster [76], Sebastian Herr [77], Heiko von der Mosel [78], Olaf Post [79], Oliver Schnürer [80]
KIT Karlsruhe discrete (W3) Feb 3, 2011
KIT Karlsruhe stat/finance (W3) Sep 30, 2011 Vicky Fasen, Schmidt, Luitgard Veraart, Matthias Vetter, Henryk Zähle [81]
U Kassel stoch (W3) May 31, 2010
U Kassel comp, appl discrete (W2) Jan 12, 2012
U Kiel diff geom (W3) Jan 15, 2011 Vladimir Matveev [82]
U Leipzig applied (W3) Mar 26, 2009 László Székelyhidi Jr.
U Leipzig stoch (W3) 2010 Stefan Adams, Jiri Cerny, Patrik L. Ferrari, Björn Schmalfuss, Wilhelm Stannat, Max-K. von Renesse, Vitali Wachtel
U Leipzig analysis (W3) Jun 21, 2010 Bernd Kirchheim, Matthias Geissert, Michael Dreher, Tobias Lamm, ...
U Leipzig num PDE (W1) Jun 30, 2011
U Leipzig func anal (W3) Dec 15, 2011
U Lübeck applied/image proc (W3) Aug 24, 2009
U Lübeck applied (W2) Dec 30, 2010 Christian Pötzsche, Tobias Jahnke, Andreas Rößler


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Magdeburg opt (W3) Jul 1, 2010 Sebastian Sager
U Magdeburg algebra (W2) Dec 9, 2010
U Magdeburg math bio (W1/W2) Dec 8, 2011
U Mainz arith geom (W2/tt) May 4, 2009
U Mainz analysis (W3) Sep 9, 2010
U Mannheim stat (W3) Jan 14, 2011 Martin Schlather [83]
U Mannheim numerical (W3) Apr 8, 2011
U Marburg stoch (W3) ≤ 2008 Hans-Peter Scheffler [84], Martin Grothaus [85]
U Marburg numerical (W3) May 14, 2010 Massimo Fornasier [86]
U Marburg global anal (W2) Aug 12, 2011
TU Munich math phys (W3) Apr 1, 2009 Christian Lubich, Stefan Sauter
TU Munich bio Joachim Hermisson [87]
TU Munich diff geom (W2) Sep 30, 2010 Max Wardetzky
TU Munich / Max Planck numerical (W3) Dec 31, 2010
TU Munich appl algebra (W2) Jan 31, 2011
TU Munich appl (W2) Jan 31, 2011
TU Munich stoch (W2) May 15, 2011
TU Munich algebra (W2/tt) Oct 15, 2011
TU Munich biostat (W3 "Leuchtturm") Oct 24, 2011 Leonhard Held, Carsten Wiuf, Axel Munk
U Munich biostat (W3) 2010 Wolfgang Huber, Donna Ankerst, Nico Beerenwinkel, Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Martin Posch, Fabian Theis □
U Munich stoch (W2/tt) Feb 12, 2010 Max-K. von Renesse [88]
U Munich discrete, algor (W2) Aug 5, 2010
U Munich quant finance (W2) Oct 7, 2010
U Munich actuarial (W1) Jan 21, 2011
U Munich comp stat (W2/tt) Oct 6, 2011
UniBw Munich (cs) theor cs, logic (W2) May 31, 2010
U Münster theor math (2 W2) Apr 15, 2010 Peter Albers, Wilhelm Winter, Karin Baur, Igor Burban, Ken Dykema, Tobias Finis, Christof Geiß, Remke Nanne Kloosterman, Eike Lau, Hannah Markwig, Vytautas Paskunas, Denis Perrot, Felix Schulze, Matthias Strauch, Martin Väth, Stefan Waldmann [89] [90] [91] [92] [93]
U Münster stoch (W3) Dec 31, 2010 Steffen Dereich [94], Peter Eichelsbacher [95], Werner Kirsch [96], Alexander Lindner [97], Peter Pfaffelhuber [98]
U Münster C* algebras (W1) Jan 15, 2011
U Münster topology (W2) Mar 15, 2011 Johannes Ebert, Christian Ausoni, Urs Frauenfelder, Markus Spitzweck, Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen [99]
U Münster theor math (W3) Sep 30, 2011
U Münster analysis, modeling (W1) Jan 8, 2012
U Oldenburg appl stat (W2) Jan 13, 2012
U Osnabrück topology (W3) Markus Banagl, Birgit Richter [100], Oliver Röndigs [101]
U Osnabrück topology (W1/tt) Dec 1, 2011
U Paderborn diff eqns (W2) Apr 10, 2010 Nicole Marheineke [102], Michael Winkler [103]
U Paderborn algebra (W3) May 28, 2010 Irene Bouw [104], Igor Burban, Ralf Gramlich, Julia Hartmann, Hannah Markwig, Ivan Penkov [105]
U Paderborn analysis (W2) Dec 31, 2010 Max-K. von Renesse [106], ... [107]
U Passau applied (W2) Nov 3, 2010 Bastian von Harrach
U Passau image proc (W3) Mar 31, 2011
U Passau (econ) stat (W3) Nov 4, 2011
U Potsdam / Max Planck geom anal (W2) Jan 13, 2011 Michael Eichmair [108], Ulrich Menne


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Regensburg pure (W3) Oct 29, 2010 Moritz Kerz [109]
U Regensburg (econ) stat (W3) Dec 16, 2011
U Rostock algebra (W3) Mar 4, 2011 Karim Johannes Becher, Anne Henke, Benjamin Klopsch, Jürgen Müller, Alice C. Niemeyer, Tim Römer, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta [110]
U Rostock anal (W2) Jul 15, 2011
U Saarland appl (W3) Feb 4, 2010 Michael Herty, Michael Hinze, Daniel Kressner, Nicole Marheineke, Thomas Schuster, Holger Wendland [111]
U Siegen stoch (W3) Aug 13, 2009 Andreas Christmann [112]
U Siegen simul/sci comp (W3) Sep 22, 2011
U Stuttgart appl, numerical (W3) Apr 16, 2010 Kunibert G. Siebert
U Stuttgart opt, inverse prob (W3) Aug 31, 2010
U Stuttgart appl stoch (W3) Dec 31, 2010
U Stuttgart algebra (W3) Mar 11, 2011 Meinolf Geck, Lidia Angeleri-Hügel, Igor Burban, Peter Fiebig, Anne Henke, Volodymyr Mazorchuk
U Stuttgart modeling (W3) Apr 21, 2011
U Stuttgart comp / sim (W3) Nov 18, 2011
U Stuttgart diff geom (W3) Nov 25, 2011
U Trier optim (W3) Apr 19, 2010 Mirjam Dür [113]
U Tübingen arithm (W3) Oct 9, 2011
U Ulm biostat (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Thomas Kneib [114], Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Roland Fried, Peter Pfaffelhuber, ... [115]
U Ulm pure (W3) Jun 24, 2011
U Ulm sci comp, modeling (W3) Jun 24, 2011 Bernard Haasdonk, Pascal Heider, Dirk Lebiedz, Malte Peter, Benjamin Stamm [116]
U Ulm biostat (W3) Jul 7, 2011 Volker Schmid, Korbinian Strimmer, Fabian Theis, x, x, x
U Weimar (engr) stoch, opt (W1) Oct 14, 2011
U Würzburg applied (W2) Jan 31, 2011
U Würzburg math phys (W3) Jul 15, 2011
U Würzburg cplx anal (W3) Jan 31, 2012
U Wuppertal (b) appl stoch (W2) Mar 26, 2010
U Wuppertal analysis (W2) Feb 25, 2011 interviews [117]

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists/offers

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia U Sydney* applied Oct 1, 2013
Austria U Graz applied (t) Jul 8, 2011
Austria TU Graz discrete, opt Nov 30, 2010 Mihyun Kang
Austria U Innsbruck math Apr 30, 2011
Austria U Innsbruck func anal (t) Jun 27, 2011
Austria U Klagenfurt appl anal Oct 31, 2010 Ingenuin Gasser [118], Christian Pötzsche [119]
Austria U Klagenfurt discrete Oct 31, 2010 interviews
Austria U Salzburg stoch / stat (t) Aug 6, 2010 Arne Bathke, Dietmar Ferger, Roland Fried, Siegfried Hörmann, Thomas Klein [120]
Austria U Salzburg analysis (u) May 23, 2011 Elisabeth Werner, Michael Dreher, Horst Heck, ...
Austria U Salzburg discrete (u) May 23, 2011
Austria U Vienna diff geom May 31, 2010 Andreas Bernig [121], Vincente Cortes [122], Dieter Kotschick [123], Vladimir Matveev [124], Sergei Merkulov [125], Franz Pedit [126], Anna-Katherina Wienhard [127]
Austria U Vienna num PDE May 31, 2010 Doron Levy, Dominik Schötzau, Stephan Dahlke, Massimo Fornasier, Maria Lukacova, Christian Ringhofer, Stefan A. Sauter, Boris Vexler, Holger Wendland [128]
Austria U Vienna math bio May 31, 2010 Joachim Hermisson [129], Dirk Horstmann, Wechselberger [130]
Austria U Vienna stoch May 31, 2010 Ellen Baake, Jiri Cerny, Nina Gantert, Matthias Löwe, Aldo Pratelli, Balint Toth [131]
Austria U Vienna dyn sys May 31, 2010 Henk Bruin, David Damanik, Danijela Damjanovic, George Haller, Lasse Rempe [132]
Austria U Vienna appl, modeling Jun 10, 2011 Massimo Fornasier, George Haller, Nicole Marheineke, Maria Giovanna Mora, Alan Rendall, Ulisse Stefanelli, Peter Szmolyan, Carsten Wiuf
Austria TU Vienna diff geom (t) Dec 1, 2010 Max Wardetzky [133], Andreas Bernig, Joseph Fu, Udo Hertrich-Jeromin, Tim Hoffmann, Hông Vân Lê, Boris Springborn [134]
Austria TU Vienna stoch (t) Sep 15, 2011
Austria WU Vienna appl stat, econometrics expired Göran Kauermann
Hungary CEU Budapest network sci (o) Nov 1, 2011
India Indian Inst. Sci. Edu. Res., Pune* Nov 1, 2011
Ireland Dublin City U math finance Jul 3, 2011
Korea KAIST math Nov 30, 2011
Luxembourg U Luxembourg, Kirchberg analysis Oct 28, 2011
Luxembourg U Luxembourg, Kirchberg geom Feb 24, 2012
Switzerland EPF Lausanne analysis Dec 1, 2011
Switzerland ETH Zurich math (t) Nov 30, 2011
Switzerland ETH Zurich stat (t) Feb 29, 2012
Switzerland U Neuchâtel applied (t) Nov 15, 2011
UK U Bath probability Dec 31, 2011
UK U Birmingham all math (50) Sep 1, 2011
UK U Edinburgh various (3 t) Jan 23, 2012
UK Heriot-Watt U math (2) Sep 30, 2011
UK U C London stat (2 t) Jun 26, 2011 Holger Dette [135]
UK Loughborough U math (2 with 1 in analysis) Sep 26, 2011
UK U Warwick all math (2 u) Jan 3, 2012

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Austria U Graz* applied Univ. Assistant Aug 31, 2011
France MILYON all Postdoc (2) Jan. 16, 2012
Switzerland U Lugano/I Comp Sci sci comp postdoc until filled
UK U Cambridge pure postdoc (2 approx alg, 5 pure, 2 analysis/prob) Dec 3, 2011 (earliest)
UK U Warwick all postdoc (2) Jan 3, 2012

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