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See the undated Mathematics Jobs Wiki page for the current year.

Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2009-2010. This page collects rumors and authoritative information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for other academic math jobs.

There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   * MathJobs position (s) statistics
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
(M) JMM interviews (P) phone interviews (C) campus interviews
scheduled  ! took place ... and others
search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Adams State C math/phys Dec 1 canceled □
Appalachian State U* education Nov 16
Armstrong Atlantic State U all math Dec 11/Feb 1 (M)
Baldwin-Wallace C all math  ? filled □
Benedictine U* biomath Oct 15 filled □
Benedictine U* algebra Oct 15 filled □
Birmingham-Southern C applied (p) Nov 1 (M) (C) Anne Yust, ... □
Bowdoin C* various Dec 7 (M) (P) (C) Manuel Reyes
Bradley U* all math Jan 18 filled □
Bridgewater State C all math  ? (C!) Bill Kronholm, David Ralston, ..., filled □
C Charleston* analysis (p) Aug 16 (C) Benoit Charbonneau, canceled □
C New Rochelle  ? Dec 7 (M) filled □
Cabrini C all math Nov 30 (P!) (C!) filled □
California Lutheran U all math Nov 6 (M) filled □
CSU San Bernadino education (p) Jan 9
Calvin C math/stat Dec 1 cancelled □
Castleton State C math/stat Oct 15 (C!) Colin McKinney, ..., filled □
Central Washington U math  ? (M) filled □
Chicago State U* various Dec 15 (P) (C)
Citadel* all math Nov 30 (C) John Light, ..., filled □
Colby C num thy/algebra Nov 15 (M) (C!) filled □
Colby C geom/topol Nov 15 (M) (C!) filled □
Colgate U* anal/applied (p) Dec 1 (M) (C!) filled □
Colgate U* biomath Dec 1
Colorado C all math Dec 15 (M)
Columbia C applied Dec 15 (C) Bill Kronholm, ..., filled □
CUNY Baruch C finance Oct 1
CUNY Baruch C lecturer Jan 1 (C)
Davidson C math/cs Nov 20 (M) (C) Henry Segerman, Carl Yerger
Dominican U hist/geom/stat (p) Jan 6 (M) (C) filled □
Duquesne U* stat Dec 15 (C!) filled □
Eastern Illinois U* all math Nov 16 (M) (C) Leah Childers, ..., filled □
East Tennessee State U applied Dec 1 (→P)
Eckerd C* all math Feb 15 short list of 13 candidates
Elon U all math Dec 15 (M) (C) filled □
Emmanuel C all math  ? rejections
Emory & Henry C stat/diff eq (p) Jan 10 (M) filled □
Fordham U* all math Dec 1 filled □
Fort Lewis C* education Dec 1 filled □
Fort Lewis C* education Dec 1 filled □
Framingham State C math/stat Nov 16 (→C)
Gannon U applied/stat (p) Nov 15 filled □
Georgetown C all math Nov 20 (M) (C) filled □
Georgia Gwinnett C all math (M)
Georgia Southern U stat  ?
Georgia Southwestern State U all math  ?
Gonzaga U* all math  ? filled □
Gustavus Adolphus C all math  ?
Hampden-Sydney C math/cs Dec 1 (M) (C!) filled □
Hendrix C all math Dec 7/Jan 19 (M) (P2) (C) filled □
High Point U Dec 11 (M) (C!) canceled □
Huntingdon C all math  ? withdrawn □
James Madison University all math/math education Dec 1 (M)
Kenyon C* applied (p) Nov 15 (M) (C) filled □


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Le Moyne C* stat & alg/geom Dec 15 (M) (C!) filled □
Lebanon Valley C* math sci Dec 15 (M) (C) filled □
Lewis-Clark State C analysis Dec 7 filled □
Loyola U, Chicago* algebra Jan 7 filled □
Loyola U, New Orleans Jan 11 filled □
Luther C* anal/stat (p) Dec 1 (M) (C) filled □
Lycoming C all math  ?
Lyon C all math  ? filled □
Marymount U any math Jan 5 filled □
Mary Baldwin C education  ? (C!)
Maryville C education Dec 1 rejections
Mercer U all math Nov 30 (M) (C!)
Mesa State C all math Dec 15 (P!) (C!) filled □
Millsaps C all math Dec 1 (M)
Minnesota State U Mankato applied Jan 6 (P) (C) Barnabas Bede, ...
Montclair State U education (2)  ?
Montclair State U applied discrete  ?
Mount Holyoke C* stat Nov 10 filled □
Mount Saint Mary C education Nov 15 (C!) filled □
Mount Saint Mary's U all math  ? (M) (C!) filled □
Muhlenberg C math/stat Dec 4 (M) (C) filled □
Nebraska Wesleyan U all math Dec 1 (M) (C) filled □
New Jersey City U education Dec 15
Niagara U all math  ? (M) (→C)
North Central C applied (p) (2) Dec 1 (M) (C!) □
Northeastern Illinois U applied/edu (p) (2) Oct 31 (P!) (→C) filled □
Oberlin C geom/topol (p) Nov 30 (C) Jack Calcut, Henry Segerman, ... □
Oglethorpe U* all math Dec 15 (M) filled □
Olin C Engineering applied Dec 1 (C!) Aaron Hoffman
Oxford C Emory U all math Dec 1 (M)
Penn State Abington Oct 31 (C)
Penn State Erie, Behrend C education
Penn State Erie, Behrend C math/stat
Point Loma Nazarene U math/cs  ? rejections
Pomona C* stat Dec 1 filled □
Providence C combinatorics Nov 30 (C!) filled □
Providence C geom/topol Nov 30 (C) filled □
Queens U Charlotte any math  ?
Ramapo C any math  ? (M) (C) rejections
Rhodes C* applied (p) Nov 9 (M) (C) Erin Bodine
Roanoke C math Nov 27 (M) filled □
Rollins C Jan 22 (M) (P!) rejections
Roosevelt U all math Nov 15 (M) (C!) filled □
Sacred Heart U stat (p) (2) Dec 1 (M) filled □
Saint Mary's C stat/cs/or Dec 7 rejections
Saint Mary's U all math  ? (P!) (C!)
Saint Mary's U education  ?
Saint Michael's C Dec 1 filled □
Saint Olaf C education Nov 1 filled □
Saint Peter's C all math Feb 15 (M)
Salem State C all math  ? (M) (C) filled □
Sam Houston State U all math Nov 15 (M)
Santa Clara U cs/stat Jan 20 (M) (→C)
Shenandoah U all math Oct 15 (C)
Southern Polytechnic State U all math  ? (M) (→C) Colin McKinney, ...
Southern Utah U all math Mar 1 (→P)
Stockton C education Oct 1 filled □
Stony Brook Southampton all math  ? filled □
Tennessee State U all math Feb 12 (P!) (→C)
Texas A&M, Corpus Christi applied Nov 1 filled □
Texas Lutheran math Dec 20 (M) (C) filled □
Texas State U, San Marcos applied  ? (C) Barnabas Bede, ...
Thomas More C algebra (p)  ? (M) (P) (→C) rejections
Trinity U applied/stat Jan 4 (M) (P!) filled □
Troy U Alabama education  ?


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U California, Irvine all math Mar 1
U Central Oklahoma all math Jan 25 (M) (→C)
U Colorado, Colorado Springs algebra (p) Jan 4 (C) Manuel Reyes, ..., filled □
U Houston, Downtown stat  ?
U Houston, Downtown education  ?
U Illinois Springfield geom (p) Jan 15 (→P)
U North Carolina, Asheville applied Dec 1 (M) (C!) filled □
U North Carolina, Greensboro* all math Feb 1 filled □
U North Florida stat Nov 19 (C)
U North Florida all math Nov 19 (M) (C!)
U Puget Sound prob/stat (p) Dec 1 (M) (C) filled □
U South* applied/stat (p) Dec 1 (M) (C!) filled □
U South Carolina, Aiken instructor Jan 11 (→P)
U South Carolina, Upstate all math Oct 1
U Texas, El Paso education Oct 19
U Virgin Islands math/education  ? (→P)
U Wisconsin, Eau Claire anal/top/applied (p) Dec 2 (M) rejections (C)
U Wisconsin, La Crosse education  ?
U Wisconsin, Platteville math/stat Dec 15 (P) (C) filled □
U Wisconsin, Stout* all math Dec 15 (C!)
US Naval Academy math/stat  ? (M) (→C)
Ursinus C* all math Nov 15 (M) (C!) filled □
Valparaiso U actuarial/stat (p) Jan 4 filled □
Valdosta State University all math Jan 15 (P)
Villanova U all math  ? (M) (C) Amanda Knecht
Virginia Military Institute applied (3) Dec 1 (M) (C) Andrew Parrish, Anne Yust, ...
Wake Forest U* algebra Jan 1 (M) (C) Calin Chindris, David Hill, Benjamin Howard, Frank Moore, ... □
Washington State U, Vancouver applied/stat Nov 15 (C!) rejections
Weber State U all math, edu (≥2) Dec 31 (P!)
Wellesley C* all math Dec 1 (C) filled □
West Chester U all math Dec 15 (P!) (C!)
Western Carolina U all math Nov 30 filled □
Western Illinois U all math Dec 1 (M) (P!) canceled □
Western Kentucky U education Jan 15
Western Kentucky U stat Nov 16 (C!) filled □
Westminster C, Pennsylvania all math Dec 1 (M) (C) filled □
Westminster C, Missouri all math Nov 15 (→C)
Whittier C all math Dec 15 (P!) (C!) Bill Kronholm
Wilkes Honors C all math Dec 1 (M) filled □
William Jewell C all math  ? filled □
Winthrop U all math Jan 2 (M) rejections
Xavier U* applied, all math (2) Nov 30 (M) filled □
Young Harris C dept chair  ?

Temporary positions

Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Amherst C* visiting Feb 22 (C) Alfonso Gracia-Saz, ..., filled □
Bellarmine U visiting  ? filled □
Bradley U visiting  ? (C) Colin McKinney
Bucknell U* visiting May filled □
C Holy Cross* visiting  ? (C) filled □
DePaul U visiting April 30 (P!) filled □
Harvard U* Preceptor Dec 6 (M) (C) canceled □
Harvey Mudd C* teaching/research Nov 15 filled □
Jacksonville U visiting Dec 15 (M) (P2) (C) Anne Yust
Loyola U, Chicago* Instructor  ?
Mount Holyoke C* visiting (2) Feb 1 (P) filled □
Otterbein C visiting  ? (→P)
Pepperdine U* visiting Nov 15 (M) filled □
Rhode Island C visiting Jan 8 (P) (→C) filled □
St. Mary's C visiting (2) (P!) (C!) filled □
Saint Olaf C visiting Mar 10 filled □
Scripps C visiting  ? closed □
Swarthmore C visiting  ? filled □
Trinity C* Dorwart Dec 1 (M) (→C)
U Arizona teaching Dec 1 (M) Erin Militzer, ...
U Scranton visiting (2) Dec 1 (M) (P!)
U West Georgia instructor  ? offers
US Military Academy all math (3)  ? (M) rejections
Vassar C* visiting Jan 19 (M) filled □
Wake Forest U* teacher/scholar Feb 1
Whitman C visiting March 26 filled □
Willamette U visiting (2) Jan 12 (M) (P!) (→C)


Long-term positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Mount Allison U* all math Jan 11
U Toronto, Mississauga* lecturer Jan 15 (C!) filled □
U Victoria senior lecturer Feb 1 (C) Alfonso Gracia-Saz

Temporary positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Mount Allison U* all math Feb 15