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| Computational Methods for Nonlinear Inverse Problems (Assistant Professorship (term-limited))
| Computational Methods for Nonlinear Inverse Problems (Assistant Professorship (term-limited))
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UA/1873 U Arizona]*
| Intel Math: education
| Dec 31
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UA/1844 U Arizona]*
| ATI: education
| Dec 1
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UA/1843 U Arizona]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UA/1843 U Arizona]*
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| Mathematics all areas (E. R. Hedrick Assistant Professorships)
| Mathematics all areas (E. R. Hedrick Assistant Professorships)
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCLA/1757 U California, Los Angeles]*
| Dec 9
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCR/1616 U California, Riverside]*
| lecturer
| Oct 23, Jan 15
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCR/1623 U California, Riverside]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCR/1623 U California, Riverside]*
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|  (L.E. Dickson Instructor or Assistant Professor)
|  (L.E. Dickson Instructor or Assistant Professor)
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UIC/1684 U Illinois, Chicago]*
| Research Asst Prof
| Dec 31
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Iowa/1864 U Iowa]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Iowa/1864 U Iowa]*
| OPEN (Visiting Assistant Professor)
| visiting (u)
| Nov 9
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Iowa/1865 U Iowa]*
| visiting (o)
| Nov 9
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UofL/1889 U Lethbridge]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UofL/1889 U Lethbridge]*

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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2009-2010. This page collects rumors and authoritative information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for other academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, please edit this wiki page yourself. It is better to first register (either with your real name or a pseudonym), but edits by IP number are okay. This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe and Greg Kuperberg. At the moment, we do not have an independent wiki moderator, but we will try to keep e-mail to us confidential to the extent requested.

There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.

Are you interested in public university salaries? We have links to searchable databases in many states.



Departments   * MathJobs position (s) statistics (a) applied
(b) biomath/biostat (c) computational (o) optimization/OR
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others \u25a1 search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

United States

Most of the following list of jobs has been obtained from mathjobs.org and AMS EIMS with a script; the jobs need to be edited, and many need to be moved to the Teaching Jobs or Temporary Positions lists.

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Air Force Tech all math Jan 11
Baylor U* applied (p) Nov 15
U Alabama, Birmingham various  ?
Boise State U* applied Dec 16
Boise State U* pure Jan 15
Boise State U* logic Jan 1
Boston C* num thy/geometry Dec 1
Boston U* stochastic Jan 2
Boston U* alg geom/rep thy Jan 2
Brown U (a)* scicomp/bio Nov 7
Caltech* various Jan 1
Case Western Res U* applied Dec 1/Dec 31
Case Western Res U* all math Dec 1
Clark U stat Nov 1
Clarkson U applied (2)  ?
Colgate U* anal/applied (p) Dec 1
Colgate U* biomath Dec 1
Emory U (c)* biocomp Dec 1
Emory U* comp num thy Dec 1
Florida International U all math Nov 30
George Washington U* analysis Dec 1
Georgia Tech* math/stat Oct 1
Illinois Tech (a)* applied/stat Nov
Illinois State U stat  ?
IUPUI* applied Nov 1
IUPUI* biostat  ?
Iowa State U* discrete/comp (p) Nov 2
Johns Hopkins U* all math (t) Dec 1
Kansas State U* analysis/applied Nov 1
Kansas State U (s) biostat Jan 1


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Lehigh U* stat/prob Nov 15
Louisiana State U* various Jan 2
Louisiana State U* sci comp Dec 1
MIT* math/stat Dec 1
Miami U* geom/topol, ODEs (≥2) Dec 1
Michigan Tech stat Nov 16
Michigan Tech education Dec 1
Missouri S&T U* applied (2) Oct 1/Nov 15
Missouri S&T U stat Dec 1
NYU, Courant Institute* stat/comp (p) Dec 18
North Carolina State U* analysis Dec 15
Northeastern U* all math Nov 1
Northwestern U* all math Nov 1
Ohio State U* all math Nov 16
Ohio State U* biomath Nov 16
Pennsylvania State U* various (p) Nov 23
Pomona C* stat Dec 1
Purdue U* biomath Nov 15
Purdue U (s) biostat Dec 1
Rice U* num theory (p) Nov 15
Rutgers U, New Brunswick* diff geom/applied (p) (t)  ?
Rutgers U, New Brunswick* diff geom/applied (p) Nov 1
Rutgers U, Newark* various Nov 16
Syracuse U* stat (p) Nov 15
Syracuse U* geom/topol (p) Nov 15
Temple U* comp PDE/geom (t)  ?
Texas Tech U all math  ?


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Alabama at Birmingham* various  ?
U Arizona* education (t) Dec 1
U Arizona* all math Dec 1
U California, Los Angeles* all math Dec 9
U California, Santa Barbara* education Dec 1
U Colorado at Boulder (a)* applied Oct 2
U Denver* various (p) Jan 11
U Florida combin, probability (2) Jan 1
U Illinois, Chicago* math/stat Nov 16
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* all math (o) Nov 13
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* all math (u) Nov 13
U Kansas numer analysis Nov 15
U Kentucky* geom/top, analysis (p) Nov 15
U Louisville applied comb/prob Nov 1


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Maryland* All, See Job Description, tenured, tenure-track (and postdoctoral positions)
U Miami* geometric analysis, mathematical biology (Tenure Track Assistant Professor)
U Miami Assistant Professor
U Michigan* Mathematics (Assistant Professor)
U Michigan* Nanoscale Computation (Research Assistant Professor)
U Michigan* Mathematics (Lecturer III)
U Michigan* Mathematics (Assistant/Associate/Professor)
U Minnesota Rochester CLI Faculty
U Missouri-Kansas City Assistant Professor
U Nebraska-Lincoln* Modern Analysis (Modern Analysis)
U North Carolina, Asheville Assistant Professor in Mathematics
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill* Pure Mathematics (Analysis/Geometry) (Tenure Track Asst Professor in Analysis/Geometry)
U North Florida Assistant Professor of Statistics
U North Florida Assistant Professor of Mathematics
U Oklahoma* Mathematics (Assistant Professor)
U Oregon* Probability (Assistant Professor)
U Pennsylvania* Mathematics (Junior Postion in Mathematics)
U Pennsylvania Lecturer (Non-tenure track faculty position)
U Pittsburgh* Representation Theory/Algebraic Geometry/Number Theory/Combinatorics (Representation Theory/Algebraic Geometry/Number Theory/Combinatorics)
U Pittsburgh* Topology/Geometry (Topology/Geometry)
U Pittsburgh* Scientific Computing/Numerical Analysis (Scientific Computing/Numerical Analysis)
U Puget Sound Assistant Professor of Mathematics
USC Upstate Tenure-track Assistant Professor
U South Carolina* Applied and Computational Mathematics (Tenured Full Professor)
U Tennessee* Probability (Assistant Professor)
U Tennessee (Office Research--NIMBioS)* Animal Infectious Disease Modeling; Mathematics for Biology at Below-Organism Level (Tenure-track faculty positions at the interface of Mathematics and Biology)
U Texas at Austin* (Assistant Professor)
U Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost C* Mathematics and Statistics (Positions in Mathematics and Statistics)
U Texas at Dallas (School Natural Sciences and Mathematics)* Mathematics (Mathematics Faculty Position)
U Utah* all areas (Tenure track position)
U Wisconsin-La Crosse Assistant Professor of Mathematics
U Wisconsin-Madison* various (Tenure Track Assistant Professor)
U Wisconsin-Platteville Assistant Professor of Mathematics or Statistics
U Wisconsin-Stout* (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)
U the South* (Assistant Professor)


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Ursinus C* Mathematics (Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Tenure Track))
U.S. Naval Academy Assistant Professor
Virginia Military Institute Assistant/ Associate Professor
Wake Forest U* Algebra (Assistant Professor)
Washington State U Vancouver Assistant/ Associate Professor of Applied Mathemati
Washington U in St. Louis* Pure Mathematics (Tenure-Track Faculty)
Wayne State U Assistant/ Associate/ Full Professor
Wellesley C* (Assistant Professor)
Western Carolina U Assistant Professor
Western Illinois U Tenure-Track Position, Assistant Professor
Western Kentucky U Mathematics Education Assistant Professor
Western Kentucky U Assistant Professor
Westminster C Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Westminster C (Missouri) Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Wilkes Honors C Florida Atlantic Univ Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Worcester Polytechnic Institute* Biostatistics and/or Applied Statistics (Tenure-Track Assistant Professor)
Xavier U* Mathematics, Applied Mathematics (Assistant Professor)
Yale U* (Assistant Professor)
Young Harris C Associate Professor of Math, Department Chair

Fellowships and institutes

Institute/award Apply by Recipients/offers
American Association for Advancement Science AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow
Association for Women in Mathematics*: Ruth I. Michler Prize for Women in Mathematics (2010)
MSRI* Complementary Program (Research Membership)
MSRI* Complementary Program (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
MSRI* Arithmetic Statistics (Research Professorship)
MSRI* Arithmetic Statistics (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
MSRI* Arithmetic Statistics (Research Membership)
MSRI* Free Boundary Problems, Theory and Applications (Research Membership)
MSRI* Free Boundary Problems, Theory and Applications (Research Professorship)
MSRI* Free Boundary Problems, Theory and Applications (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
MSRI* Inverse Problems and Applications (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
MSRI* Inverse Problems and Applications (Research Professorship)
MSRI* Inverse Problems and Applications (Research Membership)
MSRI* Random Matrix Theory, Interacting Particle Systems and Integrable Systems (Research Membership)
MSRI* Random Matrix Theory, Interacting Particle Systems and Integrable Systems (Research Professorship)
MSRI* Random Matrix Theory, Interacting Particle Systems and Integrable Systems (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellowship

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers
Baylor U* All areas compatible with Baylor faculty (Post Doctoral Position)
Boston C* Mathematics (Visiting Assistant Professor (Postdoc))
Boston U* Number Theory (Post Doctoral)
Boston U* Dynamical Systems (Post Doctoral)
Brandeis U* Generalized geometries in string theory (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Brandeis U* (Lecturer)
Brown U* (Tamarkin Assistant Professor)
Brown U (a)* Applied Mathematics (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar
Carnegie Mellon* Mathematical Finance (Postdoctoral Position in Mathematical Finance)
Carnegie Mellon* Applied analysis, probability, stochastic analysis (ICTI CMU Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Mathematics)
Carnegie Mellon* Nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations (CNA Postdoctoral Positions)
Colorado State U* Numerical solution of multiphysics models of coupled fusion reactions (Postdoctoral Positions)
Columbia U* Mathematics (J. F. Ritt Assistant Professor)
Cornell U* Mathematics (NSF Postdoctoral Associate)
Dartmouth C* Mathematics (John Wesley Young Mathematics Instructorship)
Duke U* Asst Res Prof Dec 1
El Paso (U Texas) Post Doc Position-Mathematics or Statistics
Fields Institute (Postdoctoral Fellowships)* Dynamics and Transport in Disordered Systems (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Fields Institute (Postdoctoral Fellowships)* Asymptotic Geometric Analysis (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Harvey Mudd C* (Teaching and Research Postdoctoral Fellow)
Indiana U, Bloomington* Zorn
Iowa State U* lecturer Oct 15
Iowa State U* lecturer Oct 15
Johns Hopkins U* All areas of pure mathematics, including analysis, mathematical physics, geometric analysis, complex and algebraic geometry, number theory, and topology are encouraged to apply. (J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professorship)
Lehigh U* (A. Everett Pitcher and C.-C. Hsiung Visiting Scholar positions)
Louisiana State U* Scientific Computing/Numerical Analysis (Postdoctoral Researcher)
MIT* Mathematics, C.L.E. Moore Instructor (in Pure Mathematics) (Instructor (in Applied Mathematics or Statistics))
Michigan State U* Computational energy science (Postdoctoral Position in Computational Energy Science)
New York U (Courant Institute)* (Courant Instructor)
NYU, Courant Institute* clinical faculty Dec 18
Northwestern U* Any area of Mathematics (Visiting Assistant Professorship)
Northwestern U* (Boas Assistant Professor)
Ohio State U (b)* (Early Career Visitor)
Ohio State U (b)* (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Pennsylvania State U* (S. Chowla Research Assistant Position)
Pepperdine U (Natural Science Division)* mathematics (Visiting Professor)
Princeton U* various Dec 1
Princeton U (o)* Stochastic Analysis & Applications (Postdoctoral Research Associate & Lecturer)
Princeton U (o)* Stochastic Analysis & Applications (Postdoctoral Research Associate & Lecturer)
Purdue U* mathematics (Golomb Assistant Professor (Visiting Assistant Professor))
Rice U* Mathematics (G.C. Evans and Vigre/Lovett)
Rice U (a)* mathematical biology, inverse problems, numerical solution of PDEs (Postdoctoral Instructorship)
Rutgers U* Mathematics (ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Non-TT)
Saint Michael's C Visiting Instructor of Mathematics
Stanford U* see text (Szego Assistant Professor)
Temple U* Applied Mathematics (Postdoctoral Assistant Professorships)
Texas A&M U - Mathematics Department Visiting Assistant Professor
Trinity C* mathematics (Harold L. Dorwart Visiting Assistant Professor)
Tufts U* Geometric Group Theory and/or Low-Dimensional Topology (Assistant Professorship (term-limited))
Tufts U* Computational Methods for Nonlinear Inverse Problems (Assistant Professorship (term-limited))
U Arizona* Intel Math: education Dec 31
U Arizona* ATI: education Dec 1
U Arizona* Mathematics or a related field (Visiting Assistant Professor)
U Arizona* Mathematics or Mathematics Education (Arizona Teacher Initiative Teaching Post-doc)
U Arizona* Mathematics, Mathematics Education or a related field (Three-year Teaching Post-doc)
U California, Davis* All areas of Mathematics (Post Doctoral Positions)
U California, Irvine* Mathematics - all areas (UCI - Visiting Assistant Professsor #4592)
U California, Los Angeles* Mathematics all areas (Assistant Adjunct Professorships and Research Postdocs)
U California, Los Angeles* Mathematical Computing (Assistant Adjunct Professorships in Program in Computing (PIC))
U California, Los Angeles* Mathematics all areas (E. R. Hedrick Assistant Professorships)
U California, Los Angeles* CAM Dec 9
U California, Riverside* lecturer Oct 23, Jan 15
U California, Riverside* Mathematics (Visiting Assistant Professor)
U California, Santa Barbara* Pure & Applied Mathematics (KY FAN VISITING SCHOLAR)
U Chicago* (L.E. Dickson Instructor or Assistant Professor)
U Illinois, Chicago* Research Asst Prof Dec 31
U Iowa* visiting (u) Nov 9
U Iowa* visiting (o) Nov 9
U Lethbridge* Number Theory (Postdoctoral Position in Number Theory)
U Massachusetts Amherst* statistics (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
U Michigan* Mathematics / Applied Mathematics (Hildebrandt/Assistant Professor)
U Missouri-Columbia* Mathematics (Post Doctoral Postition)
U Nebraska-Lincoln* (IMMERSE Summer Faculty)
U Nebraska-Lincoln* (Research Assistant Professor/Post Doc)
U North Carolina at Chapel Hill* Applied Mathematics (Postdoctoral position in computational bio-mechanics)
U Oklahoma* Mathematics (Post-Doctoral Faculty)
U Oregon* (Visiting Assistant Professor)
U Rochester* (Visiting Assistant Professor)
U South Carolina Aiken Instructor of Mathematics
U Tennessee* applied and computational mathematics, geometry, topology, probability, or differential equations (Post Doctoral)
U Tennessee (Office Research--NIMBioS)* Interface of mathematics and biology (Post-doctoral Fellowship)
U Texas at Austin* (Instructors)
U Utah* Multiscale Computational Modeling of Platelet Deposition and Coagulation in Flow. (NIGMS-Postdoc position)
U Wisconsin-Madison* various (Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor)
Vanderbilt U* (Non Tenure-Track Assistant Professor)
Washington U in St. Louis* Geometry/Topology, Algebra, Analysis, and Statistics (Chauvenet Post-doctoral Fellow)
Yale U* (Gibbs Assistant Professor)


Long-term positions

Institution Areas Apply by Offers
Carleton U Assistant Professor in Applied Probability
Concordia U Tenure-track Position in Mathematics
McGill U* Applied Mathematics (numerical analysis) (Tenure track position in applied mathematics-numerical analysis)
McGill U Assistant Professor, Tenure track
McMaster U* Algebra, Number theory (Tenure Track Position in Algebra and Number Theory)
U Alberta* (Assistant Professor)
U Alberta* (Assistant Professor)
U Alberta* (Assistant Professor)
U Alberta* (Assistant Professor)
U Alberta Tenure Track Position, Algebra
U Alberta Tenure Track Position, Number Theory
U Alberta Tenure Track Position, Mathematical Finance
U Alberta Tenure Track Position, Fluid Dynamics
U British Columbia* (Tenure-track Assistant Professor)
U Waterloo (o)* (Operations Research - All Levels)

Fellowships and institutes

Award Apply by Recipients
Fields Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions Fields Institute
PIMS* (PIMS Postdoctoral Fellowships (BY NOMINATION ONLY))

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients
Dalhousie U Postdoctoral Fellowships
McMaster U* Mathematical and computational modelling applied to epidemiology, ecology, conservation, or genomics (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Biology)
McMaster U* Geometry and Topology of Manifolds, Algebraic K-Theory, and Group Actions (Britton Postdoctoral Fellowship)
McMaster U* Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and Applied Mathematics (Canada Research Chair Postdoctoral Fellowship)
McMaster U* (Postdoctoral Fellowship In Mathematics and Statistics)
McMaster U* Computational Fluid Dynamics and Optimization (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Optimization)
U Alberta Post-doc: Geometry and Physics
U British Columbia* (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
U Lethbridge (Number Theory Group) Postdoctoral Position in Number Theory
U Waterloo (Institute for Quantum Computing)* Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Combinatorics & Optimization, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Physics & Astronomy (Post-Doctoral fellowships at the Institute for Quantum Computing)
U Western Ontario (a)* Mathematical and/or Computational Modelling (Postdoctoral Fellow)


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

Long-term/temp W positions

We also continue to collect information about the faculty positions in Germany that were filled after the beginning of the fall semester 2008, but before or at the beginning of the fall semester 2009; this belongs in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2008-2009.


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen numer anal (W2) Mar 31, 2009 Martin Frank (Oct 2009), Massimo Fornasier [1]
RWTH Aachen sci comp (W2) Oct 2, 2009
RWTH Aachen opt expired Michael Herty (Oct 2009) [2]
RWTH Aachen opt (W1) expired Martin Grepl (Oct 2009) [3]
RWTH Aachen algo algebra (W1) expired Julia Hartmann (Oct 2009) [4]
U Augsburg financial (W2) Apr 16, 2009
U Augsburg diff geom (W3) Oct 31, 2008
U Augsburg stat (W3) \u2264 2008 Yarema Okhrin (Oct 2009) [5]
U Augsburg algebra / num thy (W2) June 30, 2009
U Augsburg numer anal / sci comp (W2) Oct 15, 2009
U Augsburg nonlin anal (W3) Nov 1, 2009
U Bayreuth real anal/PDE (W3) May 20, 2009
U Bayreuth num thy (W3) June 22, 2009
U Bayreuth applied (W2) Sep 15, 2009
U Bayreuth algeb geom (W2) Oct 15, 2009
FU Berlin analysis, geom, math phys (W1) \u2264 2008 [6]
HU Berlin statistics (W3) Oct 9, 2008
HU Berlin math phys (W3) Oct 15, 2008
HU Berlin statistics (W1) Apr 9, 2009
TU Berlin applied / photovoltaic (W2) Oct 15, 2009
TU Berlin dynam sys (W3) \u2264 2008
TU Berlin probability (W3) \u2264 2008 Wolfgang König [7] (Oct 2009) [8]
U Bielefeld math phys (W2) Mar 20, 2009
U Bielefeld algebra (W2) Sep 16, 2009
U Bochum alg geom (W3) \u2264 2008 Jörg Winkelmann [9], Jörg Winkelmann [10]
MPI Bonn alg/geom (p) (W2) Oct 31, 2009
U Bonn all math (W3) (4)


U Bonn all math (W2) (several) Mar 15, 2009
U Bonn sci comp/simul (W2) Sep 15, 2009
TU Braunschweig appl anal (W3) Apr 30, 2009
U Bremen analysis (W2) Mar 20, 2009
TU Chemnitz Fourier anal (W1) Aug 21, 2009
U Cologne geom/topol (W2) Mar 31, 2009 Richard Weidmann, Thomas Vogel (LMU Munich), Janko Latschev, Chris Wendl [11]
U Cologne applied (W2) Oct 31, 2008 Maria Neuss-Radu, Wilhelm Huisinga, Matthias Röger, Nicole Marheineke, Stefan Siegmund, Christian Pötzsche [12]
U Cottbus financial/actuarial (W3) Aug 20, 2009


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Darmstadt modeling (W2) Oct 10, 2009
TU Darmstadt sci comp (W3) \u2264 2008 Eberhard Bänsch [13]
TU Dortmund pure (W3)


Nov 13, 2009
TU Dortmund bio math (W3) Oct 16, 2008
TU Dortmund disc opt (W3) 2008 Ekkehard Köhler, Christoph Buchheim (2) [14], Marco Lübbecke (3),

Mirjam Dür, Arie M.C.A. Koster, Michael Joswig, Benjamin Doerr, Annegret Wagler, Marc E. Pfetsch [15]

TU Dortmund (s) econometrics, stat (W3) Oct 31, 2009
TU Dresden applied (W1) May 19, 2009
U Duisburg-Essen alg geom (W2) Mar 19, 2009
U Duisburg-Essen stoch (W3)


\u2264 2008 offer (May 2009) [16], Peter Eichelsbacher (Aug 2009) [17]
U Duisburg-Essen stoch (W3)


\u2264 2008 offer [18]
U Düsseldorf stoch (W2) Apr 2, 2009 Bero Roos, Peter Becker-Kern, Frederik Herzberg, Johannes Leitner, Axel Gandy, Eva Löcherbach, Alexander Meister [19]
U Düsseldorf PDE (W3) Apr 30, 2009 Michael Westdickenberg, Helmut Abels, Hannes Uecker, Daniel Grieser, László Székelyhidi Jr., Georg Weiss, Matthias Eller, Ralph Chill, Eva Fasangová [20]
U Düsseldorf pure/alg geom (W2) Apr 30, 2009 Manuel Blickle, Matthias Schütt, Ingrid Bauer, Christopher Voll, Sascha Orlik, Stefan Gille, Michael Lönne, Igor Burban, Georg Hein [21]
U Erlangen-Nürnberg math modeling (W2) Nov 30, 2009
U Erlangen-Nürnberg applied/sci comp (W2) Dec 15, 2008
U Erlangen-Nürnberg algebra/discrete (W3) Nov 15, 2008
U Erlangen-Nürnberg financial (W3) Nov 15, 2008
U Frankfurt algebra/num thy (W2) Jan 1, 2009
U Frankfurt analysis (W2) Aug 13, 2009
TU Freiberg sci comp (W2/tt) Jan 27, 2009
U Freiburg pure (W1) \u2264 2008 Matthias Schütt [22]
U Freiburg logic \u2264 2008 Martin Grohe [23], Matthias Aschenbrenner [24]
U Freiburg pure / analysis \u2264 2008 Reiner Schätzle [25]
U Freiburg pure \u2264 2008 Guofang Wang [26] [27]
U Freiburg geometry (W3) Apr 16, 2009


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Gießen analysis (W2) \u2264 2008 Michael Winkler, Mohameden Ould Ahmedou
U Gießen algebra (W2) Sep 18, 2009
U Göttingen alg geom, num thy (W3) Dec 15, 2008 Wolfgang Lück [28], Michael McQuillan, Jörg Brüdern, Sergey Shadrin [29]
U Göttingen comb opt (W1) \u2264 2008 Bodo Manthey, Stefan Ruzika, Silvia Schwarze [30]
U Göttingen stoch (W1) \u2264 2008 Ulrike Schneider [31]
U Göttingen PDE (W3)


July 31, 2009
U Greifswald applied (W2) June 4, 2009
U Greifswald stat (W1) 2009 Mikhail Langovoy (Eindhoven) [32], Katy Klauenberg, Pierre-Yves Louis [33]
FernU Hagen numer math (W3) Sep 10, 2009
U Hamburg symp geom (W2) Mar 15, 2009 Paul-Andi Nagy, Georg Hein, Peter Albers, Oliver Baues, Stefan Waldmann, Priska Jahnke, Vsevolod Shevchishin, Janko Latschev, Chris Wendl
U Hamburg math phys/algebra (W1) expired Christoph Wockel (Oct 2009) [34]
U Hamburg optim (W3) \u2264 2008 Volker Schulz [35]
U Hannover actuarial/financial (W1) Dec 6, 2009
U Heidelberg pure math (W3) Mar 27, 2009
U Heidelberg pure math (W3) Oct 17, 2008 Daniel Huybrechts [36]
U Heidelberg applied (W3) \u2264 2008 Ansgar Jüngel [37]
U Heidelberg sci comp (W3) June 8, 2009
U Heidelberg stat (W3) July 30, 2009 Tilmann Gneiting [38]
U Jena algebra (W1) Apr 30, 2009
TU Kaiserslautern alg geom/comp alg (W3) Dec 13, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern diff-alg systems (W3) Dec 13, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern image proc (W3) Dec 13, 2008 Joachim Weickert [39], Massimo Fornasier [40]
TU Kaiserslautern sci comp (W3) Dec 13, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern comp num thy (W2) Dec 13, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern comp stoch (W3) Dec 13, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern theor math (W3) Dec 15, 2008
KIT Karlsruhe geom group thy (W1) Nov 13, 2009
U Karlsruhe PDE (W3) Oct 9, 2009
U Karlsruhe applied/numer anal (W3) Dec 31, 2008 Robert Denk
U Karlsruhe geometry (W3) Oct 17, 2008
U Kiel algebra (W2) Nov 30, 2008 Thorsten Holm [41]
U Kiel algebra (W3)


\u2264 2008 Walter Gubler, Elisa Gorla, Stefan Gille, Thorsten Holm, Benjamin Klopsch, Istvan Heckenberger, Richard Weidmann [42]
U Koblenz-Landau applied (W2) Nov 5, 2009
U Konstanz diff geom (W3) \u2264 2008 Wilderich Tuschmann
U Leipzig applied (W3) Mar 26, 2009
U Leipzig stoch/financial (W1) May 20, 2009
U Leipzig numer PDE (W1) May 20, 2009
U Lübeck math (W2) July 3, 2009
U Lübeck applied/image proc (W3) Aug 24, 2009


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Magdeburg algebra (W2) \u2264 2008 Florian Heß
U Mainz analysis (W2)


May 28, 2009 Tobias Lamm, Mohameden Ould Ahmedou, Stefan Fröhlich, Jens Hoppe, Ivan Veseli\u0107, Christian Fleischhack, Horst Heck, Oliver Schnürer [43]
U Mainz arith geom (W2/tt) May 4, 2009
U Mainz applied (W1) \u2264 2008 Olha Ivanyshyn, Thomas Richter, Thorsten Raasch, Dirk Lebiedz, Simone Göttlich [44]
U Mainz numerical (W3) Apr 1, 2007
U Mannheim financial (W3) Sep 15, 2008
U Marburg stoch (W2) Jan 2, 2009 Ilya Pavlyukevich, Steffen Dereich [45]
U Marburg algebra, Lie thy (W3) Aug 7, 2009
U Marburg stoch (W3) \u2264 2008 Martin Grothaus [46]
U Marburg global anal (W1) expired Pablo Ramacher [47]
TU Munich math phys (W3) Apr 1, 2009
TU Munich numer anal (W3) Apr 1, 2009 Manuel Torrilhon [48], Ansgar Jüngel [49], Massimo Fornasier [50]
TU Munich financial (W3) Apr 30, 2009
TU Munich numer PDE (W2) May 31, 2009
TU Munich comb opt (W2) June 29, 2009 Christoph Buchheim [51], Raymond Hemmecke (2), Frauke Liers (3),

Christian Haase, Rob van Stee, Annegret Wagler

TU Munich applied (W2) Jul 31, 2009
TU Munich dyn sys (W2) Jul 31, 2009
TU Munich financial (W2) Sep 15, 2009
TU Munich probability (W3) Oct 9, 2009
TU Munich diff geom (W2) expired Bernhard Hanke [52]
TU Munich geom opt (W1) expired Martin Kleinsteuber [53]
U Munich applied (W2)


Dec 15, 2008 Anja Schlömerkemper, Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, Andreas Hinz, Christian Remling, Rupert Frank, Dorothee D. Haroske, Balint Farkas, Oliver Schnürer [54]
U Munich math (W2)


Dec 15, 2008 Marco Schlichting, Ulrich Derenthal, Georg Hein, Werner Bley, Priska Jahnke, Niko Naumann [55]
U Munich applied (W2/tt)


Jan 31, 2009 Marc Oliver Rieger, Manuel Torrilhon, Lars Diening, Anja Schlömerkemper, James A. Rossmanith, Caroline Lasser, Sven Beuchler [56]
U Munich math (W2)


Jan 31, 2009 Igor Burban, Manuel Blickle, Michael Dettweiler, Walter Gubler, Sascha Orlik, Gabriele Link [57]
U Munich applied/stoch (W3) Oct 31, 2008
U Munich financial (W3)


\u2264 2008 Francesca Biagini [58], Christoph Kühn, Carlo Marinellli [59]
U Munich applied/stoch (W2/tt) Apr 22, 2009
U Munich stat (W2) Apr 14, 2009
U Münster logic (W2) June 19, 2009
U Münster theor math (W1/tt) Oct 15, 2009
U Münster topology \u2264 2008 Roman Sauer [60], Michael Eisermann [61], Simon King [62], Markus Szymik [63], Frank Lutz [64], Christian Ausoni [65]
U Oldenburg comp, discrete (W3) Mar 13, 2009
U Osnabrück applied, numer anal (W2) Dec 31, 2008
U Osnabrück topology (W3) May 31, 2009
U Osnabrück combinat opt (W2) May 31, 2009
U Paderborn analysis (W2) Jan 28, 2009 interviews [66]
U Paderborn num thy (W2) Dec 5, 2008 Walter Gubler, Georg Hein, Ulrich Görtz, Sascha Orlik, Stefan Gille, Niko Naumann, Cristiana Bertolin, Florian Heß [67]
U Passau image proc (W3) Nov 16, 2009
U Potsdam stat (W3) May 28, 2009
U Potsdam analysis (W3) May 28, 2009
U Potsdam modeling / sys bio (W3) May 28, 2009
U Potsdam PDE (W2) May 28, 2009


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Regensburg geom/topol (W3) Apr 6, 2009 interviews [68]
U Regensburg pure (2 W2) Oct 31, 2009
U Regensburg pure \u2264 2008 Niko Naumann [69], Thomas Leistner, Johannes Ebert, Roman Sauer [70]
U Regensburg (W2) \u2264 2008 Andreas Berthold Thom, Martin Möller, Bernhard Hanke, Ulrich Görtz, Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen, Oliver Schnürer [71]
U Rostock alg/geom (W2) Nov 21, 2008 Christian Bey, Ralf Gramlich, Frank Lutz, Harm Pralle, Achill Schürmann, Konrad Swanepoel
U Rostock stat (W2) \u2264 2008 Thomas Kneib
U Saarland func anal (W3) May 5, 2009
U Saarland stoch (W1/tt) May 5, 2009
U Siegen stoch (W3) Aug 13, 2009
U Stuttgart math sys thy (W3) 2008 Lars Grüne [72], Angela Stevens, Oliver Junge, Tatjana Stykel [73]
U Stuttgart modeling/stoch (W3) 2008 Volker Schulz [74], Evelyn Buckwar, Helmut Harbrecht, Ingo Steinwart [75]
U Stuttgart geom (W3) July 4, 2008 Ulrich Görtz [76]
U Stuttgart algebra/num thy (W3) July 4, 2008 Wilderich Tuschmann, Irene Bouw, Valentin Blomer, Anton Deitmar, Bernhard Krötz, Sascha Orlik, Detlev Hoffmann, [77]
U Stuttgart stoch (W3) Apr 24, 2009 Ingo Steinwart, Barbara Rüdiger, Ilya Pavlyukevich, Volker Betz, Anita Winter, Vitali Wachtel, Peter Becker-Kern, Erika Hausenblas, Mark Podolskij [78]
U Tübingen diff geom (W3) May 2, 2009
U Ulm stoch (W1) Nov 30, 2008
U Ulm financial (W1) Apr 24, 2009
U Ulm actuarial (W1) Apr 22, 2009
U Ulm optim (W3) Sep 30, 2009
U Würzburg sci comp (W3) Jan 31, 2009
U Würzburg stoch/finance (W2) Jan 31, 2009
U Wuppertal top/geom (W3) Oct 2, 2008
U Wuppertal func anal (W3) Oct 2, 2008
U Wuppertal algebra/num thy (W3) May 8, 2009
U Wuppertal stoch/stat (W3) \u2264 2008 Christian Bender, Peter Eichelsbacher [79]
U Wuppertal numer anal (W2) \u2264 2008 Matthias Ehrhardt [80]

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Bonn (Hausdorff Center) (postdoc)
MPI Bonn (postdoc)
FU Berlin* combinat (postdoc)

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Albania U Vlora math finance (t)
Australia Australian National U (t)
Australia U Adelaide pure (t)
Australia U Queensland all (o)
Australia U Sydney pure Aug 19, 2009
Austria IST Austria* all math (u) \u221e
Austria IST Austria* all math (t) \u221e
Austria TU Graz PDE (t) Nov 30, 2009
Austria U Graz algebra (t) Sep 6, 2009
Austria TU Vienna stoch/finance (t) Mar 31, 2009
Austria U Vienna algebra (t) 2008 Catharina Stroppel [81], Goulnara Arzhantseva [82], Gordan Savin, Ulrich Görtz, Karin Baur, Peter Fiebig, Gerhard Röhrle, Martin Kassabov [83]
China Hong Kong UST* all math (several) Dec 31, 2009
Cyprus U Cyprus analysis Oct 12, 2009
Denmark U Southern Denmark, Odense discrete Nov 30, 2009
Italy ICTP Trieste pde/diffgeo/alggeo Aug 31, 2009
Korea KAIST* all math (o) (several) Nov 30, 2009
Netherlands RU Groningen algebra/geom Oct 1, 2009
New Zealand U Otago applied (u) Nov 6, 2009
New Zealand U Otago stat (u) Nov 6, 2009
Switzerland U Basel analysis Oct 31, 2008
Switzerland U Basel comp math Oct 31, 2008
Switzerland ETH Zurich math phys Dec 15, 2009
Switzerland ETH Zurich applied Dec 15, 2009
Switzerland ETH Zurich oper res Mar 31, 2009
Switzerland U Zurich probability/stat Jan 30, 2009
Taiwan National Cheng Kung U, Taiwan several (o) Feb 10, 2010
Taiwan National Chiao Tung U (a) several (o) Feb 15, 2010
Taiwan National Taiwan U several (o) Feb 15, 2010
United Kingdom U Edinburgh alg/rep th (t) Nov 27, 2009

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
France several* Tropical geom, cluster algebras (postdoc)
Switzerland ETH Zurich (postdocs) Nov 21, 2009
Switzerland U Zurich pure math (lectureship) Nov 15, 2009
Switzerland U Zurich pure math (postdocs) Nov 15, 2009
Switzerland U Zurich applied (lectureship) Nov 15, 2009
United Kingdom U Warwick number theory/modular forms Dec 10, 2009
United Kingdom U Warwick Geom anal, geom flows, nonlinear PDE, diff geom Dec 7, 2009

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