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| Case Western Reserve U
| Case Western Reserve U
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| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/CWRU Case Western Reserve U]*
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| Central Michigan U
| Central Michigan U

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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2008-2009. This page collects rumors and authoritative information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. This year we are listing PhD-granting departments (listed here), including statistics and applied mathematics; we are also listing positions that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria (to be discussed on the talk page). Please see the teaching page for listings for teaching-oriented math departments (some of which may have interesting research).

If you would like to post news or corrections anonymously, you can send information by e-mail to the wiki moderator at wikimod@gmail.com. Or you can post information with a name or IP number by editing this page yourself. Or you can discuss the math job market and this page on an independent discussion board.

There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. This site is supported by an anonymous wiki moderator and by Greg Kuperberg (who is recused from reading e-mail to the wiki moderator). UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information contained herein.



Departments   * MathJobs position (s) statistics (a) applied
(b) biomath/biostat (c) computational (o) optimization/OR
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ad for details.

Tenured/tenure-track positions

United States


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Arizona State U*
Auburn U
Baylor U*
Binghamton U
Boston U
Brigham Young U*
Brown U
Brown U
Carnegie Mellon U*
Case Western Reserve U
Case Western Reserve U*
Central Michigan U
Claremont Graduate U*
Clarkson U
Clemson U*
C William and Mary
Colorado S Mines
Colorado State U*
Columbia U*
Cornell U*
Drexel U*
Duke U*
Emory U
Florida Atlantic U
Florida State U*
Georgia Tech* all math October hiring freeze
Harvard U
Harvey Mudd C*
Illinois Tech*
Illinois State U
Indiana U*
Iowa State U*
Johns Hopkins U*
Kansas State U
Kent State U


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Lehigh U
Louisiana State U*
Louisiana Tech
Marquette U
McGill U number thy Nov 15
McGill U applied (3) Nov 30
McGill U stat Dec 15
Michigan State U*
Michigan Tech
Mississippi State U
MIT* all math Dec 1 Mark Rudelson
Montana State U
New York U*
North Carolina State U*
North Dakota State U
Northern Illinois U Northwestern U*
Northwestern U
Oakland U
Ohio U
Ohio State U
Oklahoma State U*
Old Dominion U
Pennsylvania State U*
Portland State U
Purdue U*
Rice U*
Rochester Tech
Rutgers U*
Rutgers U
Saint Louis U*
Southern Illinois U
Southern Methodist U
Stanford U
Stevens Tech*
Stony Brook U*
Syracuse U* geometry/topology Dec 1
Temple U*
Texas A&M U
Texas Tech U
Tufts U*
U Akron


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U Alabama, Birmingham*
U Alabama, Huntsville
U Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U Arizona*
U Arkansas, Fayetteville
U Buffalo
U California, Berkeley* all math Dec 1 Mark Rudelson
U California, Davis*
U California, Irvine*
U California, Los Angeles*
U California, Merced
U California, Riverside*
U California, Santa Barbara*
U California, Santa Cruz
U California, San Diego*
U Central Florida
U Colorado, Boulder
U Colorado, Denver
U Connecticut*
U Delaware*
U Georgia*
U Idaho*
U Illinois, Chicago*
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign*
U Iowa*
U Kansas
U Kentucky*
U Kentucky
U Louisiana, Lafayette
U Louisville


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U Maryland, Baltimore County
U Maryland, College Park*
U Massachusetts, Amherst*
U Massachusetts, Boston*
U Miami
U Michigan* all math Nov 1 Mark Rudelson, David Speyer
U Minnesota*
U Minnesota
U Mississippi
U Missouri-Kansas City
U Missouri-Rolla
U Missouri-St Louis*
U Montana
U Nebraska, Lincoln*
U Nevada, Las Vegas
U New Hampshire*
U New Hampshire
U New Hampshire*
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill*
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill
U North Carolina, Charlotte
U North Texas*
U Oklahoma*
U Oregon*
U Pennsylvania*
U Pittsburgh*
U Rhode Island
U South Carolina*
U South Carolina
U Southern California*
U South Florida
U Tennessee*
U Tennessee
U Texas, Arlington
U Texas, Austin
U Texas, Dallas
U Toledo
U Utah*
U Vermont
U Virginia*
U Washington
U Wisconsin, Madison*
U Wisconsin, Milwaukee
U Wyoming energy Jan 7


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Utah State U
Vanderbilt U*
Virginia Commonwealth U
Washington State U
Wayne State U
Wichita State U
West Virginia U


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
McMaster U biomath date

Rest of the World

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia U Sydney applied Oct 24

Fellowships and institutes

This list is restricted to employment-equivalent fellowships and positions at independent research institutes. Fellowships that are used at a specific university (such as the Miller Fellowship at UC Berkeley) should be listed in the postdoctoral section.

Country Award Apply by Recipients

Temporary research positions

United States

Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
McGill U math/stat Dec 15

Rest of the World

Country Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia Australian National U diff geom (2) Nov 14
Australia Australian National U MASCOS Oct 24
Australia Australian National U PDEs Oct 3
Italy ICTP all math Jan 20
Italy ICTP stats, PDE Jan 20

Where mathematics jobs are posted

This section is for web sites that are specific to mathematics employment. Do not list sites with general employment assistance or solicitations.

Other jobs wikis and rumor mills