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(Fellowships and institutes: Koch fellowship at Oxford PDE center)
(United States: postdoc offers concerning Purdue)
Line 1,750: Line 1,750:
| Dec 1
| Dec 1
| filled □
| filled □
|- valign=top
| Notre Dame
| '''[http://www.math.purdue.edu/people/bio/yxie Yu Xie]'''
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Purdue/1312 Purdue U]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Purdue/1312 Purdue U]*
| visiting
| visiting
| Nov 15
| Nov 15
| '''Mihai Tohaneanu'''
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.math.princeton.edu Princeton U]
| [http://www.math.princeton.edu Princeton U]
Line 1,848: Line 1,854:
| Hedrick
| Hedrick
| Dec 12
| Dec 12
|- valign=top
| U California, Los Angeles
| applied/med
| '''[http://www.math.purdue.edu/~gerberry/index.shtml Dave Gerberry]'''
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCR/1195 U California, Riverside]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/UCR/1195 U California, Riverside]*
Line 1,873: Line 1,884:
| Dickson/asst
| Dickson/asst
| Dec 1
| Dec 1
| '''Sandeep Varma'''
|- valign=top
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Cincinnati/1348 U Cincinnati]*
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/Cincinnati/1348 U Cincinnati]*

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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2008-2009. This page collects rumors and authoritative information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for other academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, send e-mail to wikimod@gmail.com, or edit this wiki page yourself. You can also discuss math jobs and this page on an independent discussion board.

There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. This site is supported by an anonymous wiki moderator and by Greg Kuperberg (who is recused from reading e-mail to wikimod). UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.

Requests from the maintainers:

  • Did you accept a position this year, or win a postdoctoral award? Then please add your name! See the talk page for reasons why.
  • Did someone accept a position in your department this year? Again, please tell us who, if you can. See the talk page for a discussion. Also Halmos symbols for finished searches would be greatly appreciated.



Departments   * MathJobs position (s) statistics (a) applied
(b) biomath/biostat (c) computational (o) optimization/OR
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Tenured/tenure-track positions

United States


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Arizona State U* probability Dec 1
Arizona State U* statistics Dec 1
Barnard C, Columbia U* all math Jan 1 Szu-yu Sophie Chen, Daniela De Silva
Baylor U* pure (p) Nov 15
Baylor U* applied (p) Nov 15
Boston U* dynamics Jan 2 Mark Kramer, Guillaume van Baalen
Brown U* applied Nov 16 jeopardized; Frank Curtis, Laurent Demanet, Cynthia Rudin, Long (Leo) Zhu
Caltech* various (p)  ?
Carnegie Mellon U* applied Oct 25
Carnegie Mellon U* combinatorics Dec 1
Carnegie Mellon U* probability Jan 12
Case Western Reserve U* applied Nov 15
Case Western Reserve U* algebra (p) Nov 15
Central Michigan U applied Oct 31
Claremont McKenna C* applied Nov 1
Claremont McKenna C* stat Nov 1
Drexel U* various (p) Dec 1 Christopher Sinclair, Xiaofeng Yang
Duke U* all math Dec 1 Margaret Beck
Emory U* num theory Dec 1 (∞)
Emory U* biomath Dec 1
Florida State U* biomath Dec 15 frozen
Georgia Tech* all math (≥2) Oct (∞) Noureddine El Karoui, Aaron Levin, Anton Leykin, Ritabrata Munshi, Robert Seiringer, Brett Wick, Dapeng Zhan, Michael Zieve
IUPUI* all math, biomath Nov 15 Roland Roeder
Iowa State U* all math Nov 1
Johns Hopkins U* pure Nov 17 interviews


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Lehigh U* analysis Nov 15 filled □
Lehigh U* statistics Nov 15
Marquette U* comp stat Jan 5
Michigan State U* all math Nov 15 Pierre Albin, David F. Anderson, Charles Cadman, Sabin Cautis, Mirela Ciperiani, John Duncan, Teena Gerhardt, Michael Goldberg, Aaron Levin, Todor Milanov, Yaron Ostrover, Ben Schmidt, Shawn Walker, Dapeng Zhan, Michael Zieve
Michigan State U* biomath Nov 15
Mississippi State U* all math Jan 6
MIT* all math Dec 1
MIT (a)* applied Jan 1 Laurent Demanet, Aslan Kasimov, Melvin Leok
MIT (s)* stat Jan 1
NJIT applied  ?
NJIT biostat  ?
New York U* applied (p) Dec 15
North Carolina State U* biomath Dec 1
North Carolina State U* applied Dec 1 David F. Anderson
North Carolina State U* education Jan 1
Northwestern U* all math Oct
Northwestern U (a) applied Jan 1 Pak-Wing Fok, Mark Kramer
Northwestern U (o) oper res Dec 31
Ohio State U* all math Nov 17 David F. Anderson, Drew Armstrong, Ching-Shan Chou, Bo Dong, Roman Holowinsky, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Mark Kramer, Radu Laza, Yulong Xing
Oklahoma State U* all math Dec 1
Oklahoma State U* education Dec 1
Pennsylvania State U* prob, diff geom (p) Nov 24
Purdue U* all math Nov 15 Laurent Demanet, Andrew Toms
RPI (o) oper res (t)  ?
RPI (o) oper res (u)  ?
Rice U* all math, num theory (p)  ? Mirela Ciperiani, Elisenda Grigsby, Radu Laza, Ben Schmidt, Dapeng Zhan, Michael Zieve
Rice U-CAAM applied Jan 1
Rochester Tech (o) oper res Jan 15
Rutgers U* all math (u) Nov 1
Rutgers U* all math (t)  ?
Rutgers U (o) oper res Jan 4
U Southern Mississippi comp/applied (2) Dec 15
Stanford U (o) oper res Jan 30
Stony Brook U* all math Jan 1 Radu Laza, Raanan Schul
Swarthmore C stat filled □
Syracuse U* geom/topol Dec 1
Temple U* comp PDEs (u) Dec 1
Texas A&M U (s) stat Nov 15
Texas A&M U-Texarkana all math Jan 30
Texas Tech all math  ?
Tulane* topology Dec 15 Elisenda Grigsby


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U Alabama* geom/topol  ?
U Arizona* education Nov 1
U Arizona* stat Dec 1
U Arizona* all math Dec 1 frozen
U Arkansas* analysis Nov 1 filled □
U California, Berkeley* all math (t) Dec 1 Mark Rudelson, Karen Smith
U California, Berkeley* all math (u) Dec 1 Samit Dasgupta, Monica Visan, Michael Zieve
U California, Davis* geom, prob (p) Nov 30 Dan Romik
U California, Irvine* endowed (t) Nov 1 jeopardized
U California, Irvine* biomath Dec 10 jeopardized
U California, Irvine* all math Nov 1 jeopardized; Sabin Cautis, Laurent Demanet, Radu Laza, Hsian-Hua Tseng, Dapeng Zhan
U California, Los Angeles* all math Dec 12 Monica Visan
U California, Merced applied Nov 30 frozen
U California, Merced applied Nov 30 frozen
U California, Santa Barbara* education Dec 8
U California, Santa Cruz* topol, anal Nov 15 Vera Mikyoung Hur, Michael Goldberg, Elisenda Grigsby, Keiko Kawamuro, Xiaoyi Zhang
U California, San Diego* all math (6) Nov 2 Sabin Cautis, Laurent Demanet, Michael Friedlander, Michael Hill, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Todd Kemp, Thomas Lam, Melvin Leok, Wei-Biao Wu
U Colorado, Boulder* logic Dec 1 Bart Kastermans
U Colorado, Boulder* probability Dec 1 Nick Crawford, Todd Kemp, Dapeng Zhan
U Colorado, Boulder (a)* applied Dec 1 David F. Anderson, Mark Kramer
U Delaware* biomath Nov 24 David F. Anderson
U Houston all math  ? Brett Wick
U Illinois, Chicago* all math Nov 11 frozen
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* logic (t) Dec 15
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* all math, logic Nov 14 Mirela Ciperiani, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Tobias Kaiser, Frank Vallentin, Michael Zieve
U Iowa* anal, topol Nov 7 Michael Goldberg, Keiko Kawamuro, Emmanouil Milakis, Xiaoyi Zhang
U Kansas numer anal Nov 15 frozen
U Kentucky* numer anal Nov 15 filled □
U Kentucky* topology Nov 15 frozen
U Kentucky* outreach Nov 15 jeopardized


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U Massachusetts, Amherst* various (2) Oct 1 Gerard Awanou, Margaret Beck, Elisenda Grigsby, Paul Hacking, Enno Lenzmann
U Miami* various (3) Dec 1 unfrozen (alg comb); Drew Armstrong
U Michigan* all math Nov 1 Mitya Boyarchenko, Yi Ni, Mark Rudelson, David Speyer, Michael Zieve
U Minnesota* all math (3) Dec 1 suspended; Margaret Beck, Szu-yu Sophie Chen, Thomas Lam, Melvin Leok, Mark Rudelson, David Speyer, Dapeng Zhan
U Mississippi all math Nov 7
U Nebraska* analysis Dec 5 frozen
U Nebraska* biomath Dec 5
U New Mexico applied Jan 7 short list
U New Mexico stat Jan 1
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill* geom, algebra Dec 1
U North Carolina, Charlotte* comp math Dec 1 frozen
U North Texas* logic Dec 1
U Oregon* all math Dec 13 rejections
U Oregon* probability Dec 13 Christopher Sinclair
U Pittsburgh* algebra Nov 30 frozen
U Pittsburgh* numer anal Nov 30 frozen
U Pittsburgh* topology Nov 30 frozen
U Rochester all math Nov 12 Margaret Beck, Michael Goldberg, Doug Haessig, Michael Hill, Roman Holowinsky, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Alex Iosevich, Kay Kirkpatrick, Ritabrata Munshi
U South Carolina* applied Nov 15 Gil Ariel, Xinfeng Liu, Xiaofeng Yang
U Southern California* all math Nov 15 Elisenda Grigsby, Vera Mikyoung Hur
U Tennessee applied Oct 31
U Texas, Austin* all math (3) Dec 1 Chris Beasley, Szu-yu Sophie Chen, Mirela Ciperiani, Ronny Hadani, Radu Laza, Tim Perutz, Michael Zieve
U Utah* stat (p) Oct 1
U Wisconsin, Madison* all math (2) Nov 10 David F. Anderson, Aram Karakhanyan, Thomas Lam, Radu Laza, Christof Sparber, other offer
U Wyoming ecomath Dec 1
U Wyoming algebra Jan 5 interviews


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Vanderbilt U* num thy, alg geom (p) Dec 1
West Virginia U* various (2) Nov 15
West Virginia U* various (2) Nov 15
Worcester Poly* applied Dec 1


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Carleton U appl anal Dec 1
McGill U number thy Nov 15 Alina Bucur, Mirela Ciperiani, Jayce Getz, Ritabrata Munshi, Ameya Pitale, Cristian Virdol, Michael Zieve
McGill U applied (≤3) (u) Nov 30 David F. Anderson, Margaret Beck, Laurent Demanet, John Gibson, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Claude Mangoubi, Siddhartha Mishra, Thorsten Riess, Gantumur Tsogtgerel
McGill U applied (t) Nov 30
McGill U stat Dec 15
McMaster U biomath date
Memorial U alg topology Nov 17 Tom Baird, Shengda Hu, Ping Zhang
Memorial U analysis Jan 16
Memorial U stats Nov 17 Ye Sun, Qihao Xie, Zhangmin Zhang
U Alberta biomath Nov 7 Julien Arino, Pak-Wing Fok, Peter Hinow, Hao Wang
U Alberta math phys Nov 7 Vincent Bouchard, Weiyong He, Andrew Neitzke
U Alberta math finance Nov 7
U Montreal number thy Sept 15
U New Brunswick all Nov 15
U Ottawa all Nov 15
U Ottawa algebra Nov 15


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor
Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
RWTH Aachen numer anal (W2) Mar 31
U Augsburg financial (W2) Apr 16
U Augsburg diff geom (W3) Oct 31
U Bayreuth num thy (W3) expired offer
FU Berlin math (W2) expired offer
HU Berlin statistics (W3) Oct 9
HU Berlin math phys (W3) Oct 15
TU Berlin dynam sys (W3) expired
TU Berlin applied (W3) (*) Olga Holtz
U Bielefeld math phys (W2) Mar 20
U Bochum math (W3) expired offer
TU Braunschweig appl anal (W3) Apr 30
U Bremen analysis (W2) Mar 20
U Cologne geom/topol (W2) Mar 31
U Cologne applied (W2) Oct 31
U Cologne math (W2) expired Kathrin Bringmann [1]
TU Darmstadt sci comp (W3) expired Eberhard Bänsch [2]
TU Dortmund bio math (W3) Oct 16
U Duisburg-Essen alg geom (W2) Mar 19
U Düsseldorf stoch (W2) Apr 2
U Erlangen-Nürnberg applied/sci comp (W2) Dec 15
U Erlangen-Nürnberg algebra/discrete (W3) Nov 15
U Erlangen-Nürnberg financial (W3) Nov 15
U Frankfurt geom/top (W3) Jan 1
U Frankfurt algebra/num thy (W2) Jan 1
TU Freiberg sci comp (W2/tt) Jan 27
U Freiburg math (W3) expired Stefan Kebekus [3]
U Göttingen alg geom, num thy (W3) Dec 15
U Hamburg symp geom (W2) Mar 15
U Hannover financial (W3) Jan 30
U Heidelberg pure math (W3) Mar 27
U Heidelberg pure math (W3) Oct 17
U Jena algebra (W1) Apr 30
TU Kaiserslautern alg geom/comp alg (W3) Dec 13
TU Kaiserslautern diff-alg systems (W3) Dec 13
TU Kaiserslautern sci comp (W3) Dec 13
TU Kaiserslautern comp num thy (W2) Dec 13
TU Kaiserslautern comp stoch (W3) Dec 13
TU Kaiserslautern theor math (W3) Dec 15
U Karlsruhe applied/numer anal (W3) Dec 31
U Karlsruhe geometry (W3) Oct 17
U Kiel algebra (W2) Nov 30
U Leipzig applied (W3) Mar 26
U Magdeburg algebra (W2) expired
U Mannheim financial (W3) Sep 15
U Marburg stoch (W2) Jan 2
TU Munich math phys (W3) Apr 1
TU Munich numer anal (W3) Apr 1
TU Munich financial (W3) Apr 30
U Munich applied (W2/tt) Jan 31
U Munich applied/stoch (W3) Oct 31
U Munich applied/stoch (W2/tt) Apr 22
U Munich stat (W2) Apr 14
U Oldenburg comp, discrete (W3) Mar 13
U Osnabrück applied, numer anal (W2) Dec 31
U Paderborn analysis (W2) Jan 28
U Paderborn num thy (W2) Dec 5
U Regensburg geom/topol (W3) Apr 6
U Rostock alg/geom (W2) Nov 21
U Stuttgart math sys thy (W3) expired offer
U Stuttgart geom (W3) July 4, 2008
U Stuttgart algebra/num thy (W3) July 4, 2008
U Stuttgart geom/top (W3) July 4, 2008
U Stuttgart stoch (W3) Apr 4
U Würzburg stoch/finance (W2) Jan 31
U Wuppertal top/geom (W3) Oct 2
U Wuppertal func anal (W3) Oct 2


Key:   (mn) MCF ∼ associate professor   (pn) PR ∼ professor
(x25) mathematics (x26) applied math

Final application materials are due April 2.

Institution Areas Short lists and offers
U Aix-Marseille 1 education (m25/26)
U Aix-Marseille 1 probability (m26)
U Aix-Marseille 1 PDEs (m26)
U Aix-Marseille 2 various (m25) (3)
U Aix-Marseille 3 alg/geom/dynam (m25)
U Aix-Marseille 3 probability (m26)
U Amiens prob/dynam (m25/26)
U Amiens algebra (m25)
IUFM Amiens education (m25/26)
U Angers prob/stat (m25/26)
U Angers stat (m26)
U Artois alg/geom/top (m25)
U Besançon number thy (m25)
IUFM Besançon all math (m25/26)
U Bordeaux 1 various (m25) (3)
U Bordeaux 1 numer anal (m26)
U Bordeaux 1 OR/combin (m26)
U Bordeaux 4 education (m25/26) (2)
IUFM Cergy-Pontoise education (m25)
U Clermont-Ferrand 1 (m26)
U Dijon singularities (m25)
U Dijon alg/top (m25)
U Evry VdE biomath (m26)
U Evry VdE finance (m26)
INP Grenoble finance (m26)
INP Grenoble sci comp (m26)
U Grenoble 1 biomath (m26/27)
U Grenoble 2 applied stat (m26)
U Havre diff eq (m25/26)
IUFM Lille education (m25/26)
U Lille 1 anal/cx geom (m25)
U Lille 1 arith/alg geom (m25)
U Lille 1 numer anal (m26)
U Lille 1 prob/stat (m26)
U Lille 3 math econ (m26)
U Lyon 2 applied/stat/cs (m26/27)
EGI Marseille sci comp/fluids (m26/60)
U Montpellier 2 various (m25) (3)
U Montpellier 2 numer anal/stat (m26)
U Nancy 1 applied (m26)
EC Nantes EDP/optimiz (m26)
U Nantes probability (m26)
U Nice applied (m25/26) (2)
U Orléans various applied (m5/25/26) (4)
ENS IIE finance (m26)
U Paris 1 math econ (m26) (2)
U Paris 1 oper res (m26/27)
U Paris 4 education (m25/26)
U Paris 5 probability (m26)
U Paris 5, IUT sci comp (m26)
U Paris 6, Chevaleret alg/geom (m25)
U Paris 6, Jussieu various (m25) (5)
U Paris 6, Jussieu various applied (m26) (7)
U Paris 7 anal/geom (m25)
U Paris 7 logic/anal (m25)
U Paris 7 stat (m26)
U Paris-Dauphine various (m26) (5)
U Paris 10 prob/stat (m26) (4)
U Paris 11 PDE/dynam (m25/26)
U Paris 11 all math (m25/26) (5)
U Paris 11 applied (m26)
U Paris 11 E&M applied (m26)
U Paris 12 signals (m26)
U Paris 12 prob/stat (m26)
U Paris 13 pure (m25)
U Paris 13 applied (m25/26)
U Paris 13 finance (m26) (2)
U Paris 13 applied anal (m26)
IUT Perpignan (m26)
U Poitiers Lie theory (m25)
U Poitiers applied prob (m25)
IUT Poitiers stat/prob/data min (m26)
U Polynésie Française info thy (m25)
U Rennes 1 ergod/NC geom (m25/26)
U Rennes 1 various (m26) (3)
INSA Rennes 1 PDEs (m26)
U Rouen PDE/geom (m25)
U Rouen math econ (m26)
U Saint-Etienne algebra (m25)
U Strasbourg pure (m25)
U Toulon math phys (m25)
U Toulouse 3 pure (m25) (4)
U Tours dynam sys/phys (m25/29)
U Valenciennes (m25/6)

Rest of the World

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia U Sydney applied Oct 24
Austria TU Vienna stoch/finance (t) Mar 31
Austria U Vienna algebra (t)
Belgium U Ghent alg/geom Mar 14
Belgium U Namur applied (2) Feb 27
Denmark Aalborg U stat Jan 12
Denmark U Copenhagen num theory Dec 1
Denmark U Copenhagen finance Dec 1
Ireland NUI Galway applied Apr 3
Ireland U College Dublin alg, anal Mar 5
Netherlands TU Delft optimization Oct 31 Achill Schürmann, Frank Vallentin
Netherlands TU Eindhoven stat Dec 17
Netherlands U Twente optimization Jan 15
Switzerland U Geneva all math Nov 30
Switzerland ETH Zurich oper res Mar 31
Switzerland U Zurich probability/stat Jan 30
UK Heriot-Watt U all math Mar 16
UK U Edinburgh all math Mar 16
UK U Edinburgh all math Mar 13
UK U Edinburgh analysis/PDE Mar 7
UK U Edinburgh oper res Mar 7
UK U Edinburgh comp math Mar 16
UK RHU London pure/discrete Apr 2
UK U Strathclyde all math Mar 16
UK U Warwick all math Jan 9
UK U Warwick discrete Mar 30
UK U Warwick oper res Apr 20

Fellowships and institutes

This list is restricted to employment-equivalent fellowships and positions at independent research institutes. Fellowships that are used at a specific university (such as the Miller Fellowship at UC Berkeley) should be listed in the postdoctoral section.

Country Award Apply by Recipients
Canada Fields Institute
Canada NSERC Postdoctoral Oct 15
Canada PIMS Postdoctoral
France IHES Hodge Nov 22 offers
Germany MPIM General Postdoc Jan 31
Japan IPMU Dec 1
Japan JSPS 1-year Foreign (∞)
Japan JSPS 2-year Foreign Sep, May
UK Royal Society U Res Oct 15
UK EPSRC Postdoctoral Sep 30
UK Oxford-Cambridge Jr Res various
UK Oxford C for Nonlinear PDEs Gabriel Koch
US AIM Five-Year Dec 31 Kirsten Graham Wickelgren, Melanie Matchett Wood
US Broad Institute
US Clay Research Oct 30 Sucharit Sarkar
US NIST SED position
US NIST NRC postdoc Feb 1, Aug 1
US NSF International Sep 9
US NSF Postdoctoral Oct 15 David E. Anderson (U Washington), Michael Damron (Princeton U), John Francis (Northwestern U), Mathew Johnson (Indiana U), Andrew Obus (Columbia U), Noah Snyder (Columbia U), David Uminsky (UC Los Angeles), David Shea Vela-Vick (Columbia U)
US IAS Dec 1 offers, rejections
US MSRI* Dec 1 offers

Temporary research positions

United States

Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Baylor U* postdoc Nov 15
Boston U* alg/num theory Jan 2
Bowling Green State U Lukacs none this year
Brandeis U* postdoc Dec 1 Tom Barnet-Lamb
Brown U* Tamarkin Dec 1 Lindsay Stovall
Brown U (a) Prager Dec 8 rejections
Caltech* Bateman Jan 1 filled □
Caltech* Senior Jan 1 Henry Wilton
Caltech* Taussky-Todd Jan 1 filled □
Carnegie Mellon U* applied anal Jan 12
Carnegie Mellon U* math finance Jan 12
Carnegie Mellon U* probability Jan 15
Columbia U* Ritt Dec 15 filled □
Cornell U* Wang Dec 1 none this year
Cornell U* probability Feb 1 Nate Eldredge
CUNY Graduate Center* various Jan 31
Dartmouth C* Young Jan 5 filled □
Duke U* postdoc Dec 1 Sonja Mapes
Duke U* applied Dec 1 Guangliang Chen
Harvard U* BP Dec 6 Andy Cotton-Clay, Joe Rabinoff, Kirsten Wickelgren
Harvard U Jr Fellow Sep 5
Harvard U (a) various
Indiana U* Zorn Dec 15 S. Zubin Gautam, Deepam Patel
Johns Hopkins U* Sylvester Nov 17
Louisiana State U* postdoc Jan 2 filled (1) □
MIT* Moore Dec 1 offers
Michigan State U* postdoc Dec 31
Michigan State U* geom/topol Dec 31 filled □
New York U* Courant Dec 15 filled □
Northwestern U* Boas Dec 1 filled □
Notre Dame Yu Xie
Purdue U* visiting Nov 15 Mihai Tohaneanu
Princeton U several Dec 1 rejections
Princeton U (o)* postdoc Jan 15 rejections
Pennsylvania State U* Chowla Nov 15 offers
Rice U* Evans/Lovett Dec 15 Sevak Mkrtchyan, Anthony Varilly-Alvarado
Rutgers U, New Brunswick DIMACS Dec 1
Rutgers U, New Brunswick* Hill Dec 1 filled □
Rutgers U, New Brunswick* temp asst Dec 1 filled □
Stanford U* Szego Dec 15 Melanie Matchett Wood
Stony Brook U* several Jan 1
Syracuse U* Church Jan 15
Texas A&M U Dec 15
Tulane U* biostat  ? filled □
U Arizona* Pierce Dec 31 offers
U Arizona ATI
U California, Berkeley* postdoc Dec 1
U California, Berkeley Miller Sep 11
U California, Berkeley Morrey Dec 1 frozen
U California, Berkeley (s) various Jan 15
U California, Davis* Krener/VIGRE Nov 30 Sven Bachmann, Andrew Berget, Emanuele Latini, Ian Sammis
U California, Irvine* visiting Nov 1 offers
U California, Los Angeles* Hedrick Dec 12
U California, Los Angeles applied/med Dave Gerberry
U California, Riverside* lecturer Feb 28
U California, Riverside* visiting Apr 1
U California, San Diego* Warschawski Dec 1 filled □
U California, Santa Barbara* visiting Dec 21
U California, Santa Barbara (s)* CRFMS  ?
U Chicago* Dickson/asst Dec 1 Sandeep Varma
U Cincinnati* visiting Jan 15
U Colorado, Boulder (a) instructor Dec 1
U Connecticut* postdoc Jan 1/Mar 31
U Delaware* postdoc filled □
U Georgia* postdoc Jan 8 offers
U Illinois, Chicago* num theory, dyn sys (p) Dec 31 frozen
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* Doob Dec 5
U Iowa* visiting Nov 7 offers
U Michigan* Hildebrandt/other Dec 15 offers
U Missouri, Columbia* FRG Jan 3
U Missouri, Columbia* postdoc frozen
U Minnesota (b)* mathbio  ?
U Nebraska-Lincoln* Dec 5
U Notre Dame* Lumpkins/Notre Dame Dec 1 filled (2) □
U Oklahoma* postdoc filled (2) □
U Pennsylvania* lecturership Jan 2 offers
U Pittsburgh (b)* biomath RTG Jan 10
U Pittsburgh* lecturer Dec 15
U Rochester* visiting  ? offer
U of Southern California* Busemann/other Nov 15
U Tennessee, Knoxville (b)* postdoc Mar 1
U Texas, Austin* Bing/other Dec 1 filled □
U Texas, Austin ICES Jan 5
U Utah* several  ?
U Utah* dual  ?
U Utah* NIGMS  ?
U Virginia* Whyburn geom/top Nov 14 filled □
U Virginia* Whyburn algebra Nov 14
U Washington (a) acting Jan 30 offer
U Wisconsin Van Vleck Dec 10
Vanderbilt U* temp asst Dec 1 Juraj Foldes, Jonathan T. Whitehouse, Dongping Zhuang
Washington U, St Louis* Chauvenet anal Jan 15 filled □
Yale U Gibbs Jan 1 rejections


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
McGill U math/stat Dec 15
McMaster U* various Jan 5
Queen's U* Coleman Jan 10
U British Columbia* postdoc Dec 1 Kurt Luoto,... □
U Lethbridge number thy Nov 15 Fabien Pazuki
U Ottawa math/stat Jan 15
U Toronto* various Jan 15
U Waterloo
U Western Ontario* Jan 7 filled □

Rest of the World

Country Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia Australian National U diff geom (2) Nov 14
Australia Australian National U MASCOS Oct 24
Australia Australian National U PDEs Oct 3
Germany LMU Munich anal, math phys (∞)
Italy ICTP all math Jan 20
Italy ICTP stats, PDE Jan 20
Switzerland ETH Zurich all math Nov 30 Abhishek Saha
UK U Edinburgh comp math Mar 9
UK U Oxford alg geom Jan 20 filled □
UK U Warwick all math Jan 9 filled □

Where mathematics jobs are posted

This section is for web sites that are specific to mathematics employment. Do not list sites with general employment assistance or solicitations.

Other jobs wikis and rumor mills