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| Jan 15
| Jan 15
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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2007-2008 non-phd page. This is an "overflow" page for mathematics departments that do not have PhD programs.

Tenured/tenure-track positions

Key: italic: offer; bold: accepted; strike: withdrawn/declined; ... (ellipsis): and others; ? (question mark): conjectured

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. See the ad for details.

United States

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Cal Poly State all math Passed Phone interview
Georgia Southern statistics (2) Passed Offer made
Loyola Marymount U[1] several (p), biomath Dec 3 Campus Interview
Pepperdine U all math Nov 30 Filled
Southeast Missouri State stats Dec 1 Offer
Swarthmore C all math Dec 14 Offer made.
Swarthmore C visiting Dec 14 Starting review
U Pacific all math Nov 16 Campus interview
U Houston, Downtown all math  ?
U South Alabama analysis,applied Feb 28
U Texas Pan American all math, atats Passed Offers
Gettysburg College all math (2) Passed 2 offers made and accepted.


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
U Ontario Tech (a) applied Jan 15