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    ASUS ROG ( Republic of Gamers ) series in the majority of PC DIY enthusiasts has high visibility , not only because Asus flagship series aura and appeal , more or ROG series to ensure top grade materials and excellent workmanship at the same time , has been full of DIY never fade against the spirit and innovative ideas. Including the flagship ROG series motherboard overclocking M6E have silent unparalleled overclocking performance , overclocking enthusiasts of all challenges various performance records of the weapon.ASUS Maximus VI Extreme, the light from the product name , we can know the flagship motherboard positioning . Indeed, ASUS "Extreme" suffix ROG series of products has always been the pursuit of extreme performance representatives , including CPU overclocking world record Haswell platform you master the transformation are constantly being refreshed next , M6E basically become the strongest overclocking motherboard synonymous .In order to achieve a stable overclock supply , we once again saw the highest technical strength of the reflected ASUS : Extreme Engine DIGI + ( extreme digital supply engines ) to upgrade again . Because motherboard based on Intel Z87 architecture , so overclocking application is the first to be considered part of the motherboard : the M6E black wings with a 60A inductor , the maximum rated current up to 60A, distinctive fin -type appearance brought better temperature control, phase more stable than the average inductor durable. Gold coating design has also brought greater energy efficiency ; 10K black gold capacitor selection is also based on Japanese solid capacitors compared to traditional capacitors have an additional 20% of the high and low temperature , and 5 times the life .In fact, the previous generation IVB platform M5E Z77 motherboard has brought us no small shock , and Haswell platform M6E incidental  [[HP Pavilion dv4-1444dx Laptop Motherboard]][[http://www.sellpartlist.co.uk/hp-pavilion-dv4-1444dx-laptop-motherboard-vwtp.html]] ( overclocking controller ) is to make the platform playability greatly strengthened, had been preceded by article detailing the specific features and overclocking controller domineering play today, I would not pay more introduction. In addition to some motherboards have exceptional overclocking performance , in other parts M6E also distinctive hardware and software , such as the image above mPCIe COMBO II expansion module is an on board hardware technology innovation .

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