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| TT
| 11/3/2015
| 11/3/2015
|      [http://www.math.ias.edu/~liu/ Baiying Liu]
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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2015-2016 research positions page. This page collects information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, please edit this wiki page yourself by clicking "edit" at an appropriate place. It is better to first register, but you can edit by IP number as well. You can contact the moderators through wikimathjob@gmail.com to report evil postings, (e.g. inaccurate information about yourself or other applicants), and other issues. We are interested in information provided in good faith. Do not post wild hunches, and please respect the trust of your friends and colleagues.

Have you accepted a position? If so, it's a great courtesy to other job applicants to post that information here.

This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe, Greg Kuperberg, and Tao Mei. Tao reads the e-mail and he will keep the correspondence confidential as appropriate. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   (a) applied (b) biomath/biostat (c) computational
(o) optimization/OR (p) physics/QCQI (s) statistics
* MathJobs position
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Note that the links should be directed to the job announcements rather than the department homepage.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Auburn U TT 11/20/2015
Baylor U applied (u) 12/1/2015 short list
Baylor U all (Storm chair) 02/15/2016
Binghamton U prob 11/30/2015
Boston C TT 11/1/2015 Ana Caraiani, Steven Sivek
Boston U TT 12/15/2015 Ana Caraiani, Christian Johansson, Ali Altug, Brandon Levin, John Berdgall, Jennifer Balakrishnan
Brandeis U TT 11/15/2015 Nathan Williams, Erik Carlsson, Giulio Tiozzo, Ana Caraiani, An Huang
Brown U (a) TT 12/7/2015 Tom Trogdon, Vladislav Voroninski
California State University, Bakersfield TT 11/01/2015 Ahmet Ozkan Ozer
Caltech TT 12/31/2015
Carnegie Mellon U prob 11/30/2015 Tianyi Zheng, Thomas Trogdon, Ibrahim Ekren
Clemson U TT 12/31/2015 David Aulicino, Francesco diPlinio (analysis), Feng Bao, Fei Xue (computation), Dan Cheng, Jyotiska Datta, Ling Ma (stat)
Colorado Mines (a) TT 12/7/2015
Cornell U TT 11/1/2015 Jeffrey Giansiracusa, Sara Maloni, Martino Lupini, Philippe Sosoe
CUNY TT 9/15/2015
Dartmouth C topology 12/15/2015 Anastasiia Tsvietkova, Jeffrey Giansiracusa, Ina Petkova, Weiwei Wu, David Rose
Duke U TT 4/1/2016
Florida St (a) TT 11/20/2015 short list
Florida St TT 11/15/2015 Sara Maloni, Sam Ballas, Jonas Azzam,Francesco diPlinio
Georgia Tech TT 11/1/2015 Mayya Zhilova, Daniel Sussman
Johns Hopkins U (a) TT 12/15/2015 Weiwei Hu, Tom Trogdon
Kansas St TT Topology 11/10/2015 Kristen Hendricks, Philip Hackney, Qingtao Chen, Rustam Sadykov [1]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Lehigh U TT 11/30/2015
Louisiana St TT 11/3/2015 Baiying Liu
Michigan St TT 10/15/2015 Hongjun Ha, Kristen Hendricks, Matthew Strom Borman, Ana Caraiani, Ilya Kachkovskiy, Jonas Azzam, Ekaterina Merkurjev
Mississippi St (ac) TT 11/1/2015
Montana St (ac) appl 11/15/2015 Dominique Zosso, Scott Hottovy, Jing Qin, Hui (Paul) Sun, Christina Hamlet
North Carolina St Data Science 1/16/2016 Patrick Combettes, Kelin Xia, Dane Taylor
North Carolina St TT 11/15/2015 Tye Lidman, Olivia Dumitrescu, Erik Carlsson, Vamsi Pritham Pingali
North Carolina St (a) TT 11/15/2015 Dominique Zosso
Northeastern U (a) TT 11/15/2015 Mboyo Esole, Emanuel Lazar, Subhro Ghosh
Northwestern U TT 11/1/2015 Gang Liu, Ana Caraiani
Northwestern U (a) TT 11/1/2015 Ivana Bozic, Enkeleida Lushi, Brian Camley, Mattia Gazzola
Notre Dame U (a) TT 12/7/2015 Interview finished and offer sent out
Notre Dame U (a) TT 11/1/2015 Daniele Schiavazzi, Xueyu Zhu, Jay Newby
Oakland U TT 01/15/2016 Campus interviews scheduled
Ohio St TT 11/16/2015 Jennifer Balakrishnan, Eric Katz, Giulio Tiozzo, Grigori Avramidi, Ionut Chifan
Oklahoma St TT 11/30/2015 Weiwei Hu, Jose Gonzalez, Anastasiia Tsvietkova
Penn St TT 12/30/2015 Tianyi Zheng, Fabrice Baudoin, Fei Lu
Purdue U TT 11/1/2015 Baiying Liu, Ali Altug, Tianyi Zheng
Rice U TT 11/15/2015 Jarod Alper, Jennifer Balakrishnan, Ana Caraiani, Lenhard Ng, Steven Sivek, Xin Zhou, Yi Zhu
Rice U (a) TT 11/15/2015 Milivoje Lukic
Rochester IT TT 11/23/2015
Rutgers U TT 11/1/2015
Rutgers U, Newark TT 12/31/2015 Anastasiia Tsvietkova, Sara Maloni, Kristen Hendricks
SFSU TT 12/1/2015 Campus interviews scheduled
Stanford U TT 12/1/2015
Stanford U (c) TT 12/18/2015
Stony Brook U TT 12/15/2015 Subhro Ghosh, Lewis Bowen, Tianyi Zheng, Sean Li, Jonas Azzam
Syracuse U appl 10/1/2015 Dominique Zosso, Ekaterina Merkurjev, Gerrit Welper, Patrick Combettes
Tulane U PDE 04/1/2016 Aseel Farhat, Shiwu Yang


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Arizona TT 11/01/2015 Ilya Kachkovskiy, Calvin Zhang, Francesc Castella, Sanchayan Sen, Hang Xue, Tim Perutz
UC Berkeley TT 11/02/2015
UC Davis TT 11/30/2015 Tye Lidman, Mboyo Esole, Subhro Glosh, Philip Isett, Erik Carlsson, Elena Fuchs, Milivoje Lukic, Luis Rademacher
UC Irvine TT 12/1/2015 Isaac Goldbring, Milivoje Lukic, Tianyi Zheng, Benjamin Bakker, Thomas Trogdon, Hao Jia, Ana Caraiani, Steven Sivek
UCLA TT 12/31/2015 Hao Jia, Milivoje Lukic
UC Merced TT 12/17/2015
UC Riverside TT 11/16/2015 Jose Gonzalez, Tye Lidman
UC Santa Barbara prob 12/01/2015
UC Santa Cruz analysis/geom 12/16/2015 Sobhan Seyfaddini, Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner, Subhroshekhar Ghosh, Mohammad Farajzadeh Tehrani, Francois Monard
UC San Diego TT 11/1/2015 Lenny Ng, Ilya Kossovskiy, Ana Caraiani, Steven Sivek
UC San Diego TT 11/1/2015 Mary Wootters, Daniel Remenik, Tianyi Zheng, Gang Liu, Andrej Zlatos, Weijie Su, Fabrice Baudoin, Vladislav Voroninski
U Cincinnati TT 11/30/2015 Dionyssios Mantzavinos, Yuan Zhang, Won Chang, Francesco Di Plinio,Cheng Li, Kaoru Irie, Joseph Najnudel, Yu-Ting Chen, Bartlomiej Siudeja
U Colorado (a) TT 10/1/2015
U Colorado Topology 12/1/2015 Justin Noel, Kristen Hendricks
U Connecticut TT 12/1/2015 Sara Maloni, Asher Auel, Fabrice Baudoin, Xin Zhou, Ian Shipman, Thomas Trogdon, Mihaela Ifrim, Tianyi Zheng
U Florida Math biology 01/4/2016 Campus interviews scheduled
U Georgia TT 11/1/2015 Lauren Childs, Eric Katz, Tye Lidman, Giorgis Petridis, Laura Rider[2], Weiwei Wu
U Houston TT 11/01/20115
U Illinois TT 11/1/2015 Special Lectures
U Iowa appl/comp 11/1/2015 Dominique Zosso, Yongyong Cai, Xueyu Zhu
U Kansas comp'l 11/1/2015 Phone interviews scheduled, shortlist Dec 20
U Kansas analysis 11/1/2015 Ilya Kachkovskiy, Francesco Di Plinio, Geng Chen
U Louisiana, Lafayette Algebra 10/31/2015 Skype interviews conducted, campus interviews scheduled


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Massachusetts, Amherst TT 12/1/2015 Sohrab Shahshahani, Andrew Lawrie, Francesco diPlinio, Hao Jia, Jonas Azzam (analysis); Xin Tong, Lam Si Tung Ho, Julia Palacio (data science) [3]
U Miami Analysis 11/4/2015 Andrew Lawrie, Mihaela Ifrim, Mimi Dai
U Michigan, Ann Arbor TT 11/1/2015
U Minnesota TT 11/9/2015 Ron Rosenthal, Rongrong Wang, Hao Jia, Steven Sivek, Ana Caraiani, Tom Trogdon
U Montana Analysis 01/1/2016
U Nebraska TT 11/13/2015 Ilya Kachkovskiy
U North Carolina TT 10/23/2015 Andrew Lawrie
U Penn TT 11/1/2015 Benjamin Bakker, Aynur Bulut, Ana Caraiani, Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner, Hans-Joachim Hein, Anton M.Zeitlin, Olivia Dumitrescu
U Pittsburgh TT 11/15/2015 Baiying Liu, Jonas Azzam, Tsao-Hsien Chen, Philip Isett, Sean Li, Aynur Bulut
USC TT 10/15/2015 Ana Caraiani, Sheel Ganatra, Adam Levine, Steven Sivek
U Tennessee TT 12/15/2015 Yu-Ting Chen, Le Chen, Kunwoo Kim
U Texas, Austin TT 11/4/2015 Chris Dodd, Ana Caraiani, Steven Sivek, Mary Wootters, Giulio Tiozzo, Gang Liu
U Utah TT 05/31/2016 Arul Shankar, Giulio Tizzo, Wenjia Jing, Giovanni Motta
U Vermont TT 12/30/2015
U Virginia TT 11/1/2015 Alexey Cheskidov, Mimi Dai, Francesco di Plinio, David Gepner, Lenhard Ng, David Penneys
U Washington TT 11/1/2015 Jarod Alper, Benjamin Bakker, ...
U Washington (a) TT 12/1/2015 Dominique Zosso, Weiwei Hu, Jay Newby, Shishi Luo, Benjamin Peherstorfer, Ivana Bozic, Mary Wootters, Tom Trogdon
U Wisconsin, Madison TT 01/25/2016 Steven Sivek, Ana Caraiani
WPI TT 12/15/2015


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Virginia Commonwealth U* (u)(3) 12/1/2015 Ihsan Topaloglu
Wayne St* stat (p) (o) 12/1/2015 Dan Cheng, Sanjeena Dang

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Short lists/offers

Temporary positions


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Brown* Prager Asst Prof rejection (Jan 15)
Arizona State University* Postdoctoral Research Associate shortlist (Dec 18)


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Research Assistant Professorship rejection (Jan 25) filled (Jan 25)


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Colorado* post-doc shortlist (Jan 14)
U Colorado* post-doc rejection (Jan 14)


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers


Long-term positions

Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Toronto TT 11/23/2015 Ana Caraiani, Steven Sivek
U Montréal TT Nov 16 Jacopo De Simoi, Ilya Kachkovskiy
U Waterloo TT Nov 15 Jonas Azzam, Khoa Nguyen, Brent Pym, Adam Topaz, Christopher Daw
York U TT Dec 11 Patrick Ingram, Paul Lee, Ian Marquette, Paul Skoufranis

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

A shortlist reported on this wiki is the list of candidates who were invited to give a talk ("Einladung zum Vorstellungsvortrag"); the order of the names has no significance. Official rankings of candidates ("Listenplätze"), if known, are indicated by a number in parentheses after a name, or they are implied by the order in which candidates who received offers ("Rufe") are listed.

Preferred sorting order of names: Offers and acceptances in chronological order, followed by all other invited candidates in alphabetical order.

Long-term/temp W positions

Faculty searches in Germany do not follow the academic year schedule and sometimes take very long. We continue to collect information about these faculty positions (for jobs with deadlines before July 2015) in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2014-2015 or pages corresponding to earlier years (use the navigation sidebar).


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen (econ) optim (W3) Sep 30, 2015 interviews completed
RWTH Aachen uncert quant (W3) Mar 7, 2016
U Augsburg numerics (W3) Oct 5, 2015 interviews completed
HU Berlin optim (W3) Jul 9, 2015 interviews completed
U Bielefeld Humboldt (*) William Crawley-Boevey [4]
U Bielefeld geom/top (W2) Jul 23, 2015 interviews completed
U Bielefeld stoch anal (W1) 2015
U Bochum numerics (W1) Oct 18, 2015
U Bonn Bonn Junior Fellows (2 W2, 5y) Oct 11, 2015
U Chemnitz financial (W2) Nov 2015 interviews completed
U Chemnitz economath (W2) Nov 2015 interviews completed
U Cologne (e) stat / econometrics (W3) Nov 4, 2015
U Cologne (cs) data sci (W3) Jan 22, 2016
U Cottbus numer opt (W3) Dec 23, 2015


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Dortmund data anal, stat algo (W1) Sep 2015
U Dortmund numerics (W1) Sep 2015
U Dortmund num PDE (W3) Dec 2015
U Düsseldorf algebra (W2) Sep 2015
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt sci comp (W3) Jul 7, 2015 Armin Fügenschuh, Götz Pfander, Markus Grasmair, Daniel Robertz, Peter Kritzer, Brigitte Forster-Heinlein [5]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Göttingen numerics (W1) Jul 7, 2015
FernU Hagen discrete anal (W1) Feb 14, 2016
U Halle-Wittenberg appl anal (W3) Aug 28, 2015
U Halle-Wittenberg stoch (W3) Feb 12, 2016
U Hamburg imaging (W1) Jul 23, 2015 interviews completed
U Hannover numerics (W3) Oct 17, 2015 Olaf Steinbach, Nicole Marheineke, Ludomir Banas, Dirk Praetorius, Martin Stoll, Markus Bause, Sven Beuchler, Daniel Peterseim [6]
U Hannover applied (W2, 5y) Oct 17, 2015 Emil Wiedemann, Kathrin Padberg-Gehle, Jan Gieselmann, Mathias Wilke, Bogdan Matioc, Barbara Zwicknagl, Thomas Wick, Christian Stinner [7]
U Heidelberg top, geom (W3) Nov 2, 2015


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Munich / Max Planck various (W2/W3/tt) Oct 28, 2015
TU Munich stoch dynamics (W2/tt) Oct 31, 2015
U Mannheim optim (W3) Jan 24, 2016
U Münster algebra, num thy (W2) Oct 15, 2015
U Münster operator alg (W1) Jan 15, 2016
U Oldenburg appl prob (W3) Oct 9, 2015
U Oldenburg analysis (W2) Oct 9, 2015
U Paderborn stoch (W2) Aug 21, 2015
U Paderborn applied (W3) Oct 12, 2015 interviews have taken place


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Rostock probability (W2) Oct 31, 2015
U Rostock func anal (W3) Jan 11, 2016
U Saarland algebra, geom (W3) Jan 15, 2016
U Tübingen diff geom, relativity (W1/tt) Jun 30, 2015 Carla Cederbaum [8]
U Ulm stoch (W3 oL) Nov 6, 2015
U Würzburg PDEs (W1/tt) Nov 11, 2015 interviews haven taken place

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Göttingen Postdoc Jul 22, 2015 Henry Bradford
U Göttingen [9] Number theory, asymptotic group theory Postdoc Dec 24, 2015

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Austria U Graz stoch (t) Jul 29, 2015
Austria U Innsbruck stoch (t) Aug 26, 2015 [10]
Luxembourg U Luxembourg analysis (t) Sep 18, 2015
Netherlands U Utrecht geometry (t) Sep 18, 2015 Elisa Postinghel, Kristin Shaw, ...
Switzerland U Basel probability (t) Dec 31, 2015
Switzerland ETH Zurich pure (6y) Sep 30, 2015
Switzerland ETH Zurich applied (6y) Jan 31, 2016
UK U Edinburgh analysis (t) Dec 9, 2016 Taryn Flock, Emanuele Haus, Victor Lie
UK U Glasgow pure (chair) Dec 6, 2015
UK Queen Mary U London discrete (t) Feb 1, 2016
UK U Oxford (engr) opt 2015 Sina Ober-Blöbaum [11]
Japan OIST 2015 Shihoko Ishii, Anastasiia Tsvietkova

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Austria U Graz* pde post doc / research fellow Oct 31
China Beijing Comp'l Sci Res Center* comp sci post doc (5) Nov 24, 2015
France "Excellence Laboratory" Milyon all research post doc at Lyon/Saint-Etienne Jan 15, 2016
UK U Edinburgh Seggie Brown Postdoctoral Dec 2, 2016
Spain BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics Bilbao research post doc at BCAM Bilbao Dec 30, 2015

Mathematics jobs sites

This section is for web sites that are specific to mathematics employment. Do not list sites with general employment assistance or solicitations.

Other disciplines (wikis and job rumor sites)