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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2014-2015 research positions page. This page collects information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

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Have you accepted a position? If so, it's a great courtesy to other job applicants to post that information here.

This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe, Greg Kuperberg, and Tao Mei. Tao reads the e-mail and he will keep the correspondence confidential as appropriate. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   (a) applied (b) biomath/biostat (c) computational
(o) optimization/OR (p) physics/QCQI (s) statistics
* MathJobs position
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
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"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Note that the links should be directed to the job announcements rather than the department homepage.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Arizona St* actuarial
Boston C TT 11/1/2014 Jack Huizenga, Laura Schaposnik, ...
Boston U TT 12/15/2014 Nick Addington, Laura Schaposnik, ...
C William & Mary TT 12/1/2014
C William & Mary (b) 11/1/2014
C William & Mary (a) 11/1/2014
Colorado St geom/top 11/15/2014 Dustin Mixon
Columbia U (a)* applied
Columbia U (s)* Nov 7
Cornell U TT 11/1/2014
CUNY TT 12/31/2014
Emory U (s)* Feb 15
Georgia St*
Georgia Tech* TT 11/1/2014 Choongbum Lee, Galyna Livshyts, Shahaf Nitzan, Eviatar Procaccia, Anna Vershynina, Gang Zhou, Jonathan Novak
Harvard U TT 12/31/2014
Johns Hopkins U TT 10/31/2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Michigan St (Lyman Briggs C)* Jan 6
Michigan St* (2)(o) Graham Cox, Jack Huizenga, Kyungyong Lee, ...
Michigan St (a)* 12/1/2014 Dustin Mixon, Matthew Hirn, Ming Yan, ...
Michigan St (s)*
MIT TT 12/1/2014
MIT (s)* stat Dec 15
Montana St*
NYU (Courant) TT 12/12/2014
NYU (Courant) * data sci director
North Carolina St (a) TT 11/15/2014 Ming Yan,
North Dakota St TT 11/1/2014
North Illinois U* Dec 31
Northwestern U TT 11/1/2014
Ohio St* TT 11/1/2014 Shahaf Nitzan, Dustin Mixon
Ohio U*
Penn St TT 11/15/2014 Jack Huizenga, ...
Purdue TT 11/1/2014 Chi Li, Laura Schaposnik, Samy Tindel, Ben Williams, ...
Princeton TT 12/1/2014
Rice* TT 11/28/2014 Qile Chen, Jack Huizenga, Tianlin Jin, Milivoje Lukic, Yi Zhu, ...
Texas A&M* various (5)(t) (u) 12/1/2014 Dustin Mixon, Shahaf Nitzan
Stony Brook U*
Stony Brook U*
Syracuse University TT 12/18/2014 Xingjie Helen Li, Ming Yan, Xinghui Zhong, ...


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Buffalo (SUNY) TT 11/1/2014 David Rose, Kyungyong Lee, ...
UC Berkeley TT 11/3/2014
UC Davis math phys (4 o) 10/10/2014
UC Davis all (u) 11/30/2014 Dustin Mixon
UC Davis (s) stats (o) 11/1/2014 Johannes Lederer
UC Irvine TT 12/1/2014 Jack Huizenga, ...
UCLA TT 11/15/2014
UC San Diego TT 11/1/2014 Jonathan Novak, Dustin Mixon
U Central Florida*
U Cincinnati* Dec 10
U Houston*
U Houston*
U Illinois, Chicago TT 12/15/2014 Qile Chen, Choongbum Lee, Mihai Paun, Laura Schaposnik, Alden Walker, ...
UIUC TT (open area), 11/03/14 Short lists made
UIUC TT (actuarial science) 12/01/14
U Louisiana, Lafayette*


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Massachusetts, Amherst probability
U Miami* math finance 12/20/2014
U Miami* geom., analysis, discrete 11/20/2014 Nick Addington, ...
U Michigan TT 11/1/2014
U Minnesota TT 11/15/2014 Jonathan Novak, David Kelly, Dustin Mixon, Laura Schaposnik, Yao Yao
U New Mexico applied (TT) 12/5/2014
U North Carolina TT 12/1/2014 Nick Addington, ...
U North Carolina (s/o)* optim Dec 1
U North Carolina (Charlotte) TT 12/10/2014 Xingjie Helen Li
U Oklahoma TT 12/15/2014
U South Carolina algebra 12/1/204 Nick Addington, ...
U Southern California TT Joseph Neeman, Yao Yao, Johannes Lederer, Ngoc Mai Tran, Teng Zhang, Baoping Liu
U Texas, Austin TT 11/1/2014
U Toledo*
U Toledo*
U Utah (o) Jan 1 Davide Reduzzi, Jae Kyoung Kim, Stefan Patrikis,Alan Veliz-Cuba
U Vermont alg, num thy, comb (u) Dec 1
U Virginia TT 11/01/2014 Jennifer Hom, Jonathan Novak, Yao Yao
U Wisconsin TT 11/1/2014 Qingtao Chen, Kenneth Ho, Jennifer Hom, Qin Li, Craig Schroeder, Alden Walker, Nick Addington, ...


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Yale U TT
Yale U

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients/offers
Harvard fellowship 12/2/2014
IAS membership 12/1/2014
Pacific Northwest Natl Laboratory* Dec 15
Stony Brook (Simons Center) post doc 12/31/2014

Temporary positions


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Boston C* Dec 31
Boston C* Jan 1
Columbia U* post doc 12/15/2014
Columbia U* Ritt
Columbia U (s)* Apr 20
Columbia U (s)*
George Washington U*
Georgia St*
Harvard post doc 12/1/2014


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Michigan St* post doc (4) Dec. 31
Michigan St* mathphys (2) Dec 31
North Carolina St* Jan 1
Oregon St*
RPI* Nov 1, 2015
Rutgers U, Newark* Jan 1
Stanford post doc 12/1/2014
Stanford post doc 12/15/2014
Stony Brook post doc 12/15/2014
Temple U*
Texas A&M* visiting 12/01/14


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Arizona*
U California, Davis*
U California, San Diego*
U California, Santa Barbara* post-doc 11/15/2014
U California, Santa Barbara (s)*
UConn Health*


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Massachusetts, Amherst* Nov 28
U Michigan (s)*
U Minnesota*
U Minnesota*
U Missouri, Columbia*
U Penn Rademacher 1/15/2015
U Wisconsin, Madison*


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Virginia Tech* Jan 12
Yale U*


Long-term positions

Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
McGill U* TT Dec 15 Jerome Vetois
Memorial U Newfoundland* Mar 13
Queen's U TT 11/17/2014 Jack Huizenga, Jonathan Novak ...
U British Columbia* TT 12/1/2014 Jeffrey Giansiracusa, ...
U Manitoba* Jan 15
U Toronto TT 11/1/2014 Jack Huizenga, Kyungyong Lee, Jonathan Novak...
U Waterloo TT 11/15/2014 Jack Huizenga, Patrick Ingram, Matthew Kennedy, Paul Skoufranis, Xiaoheng Jerry Wang
U Waterloo (IQC)*
U West Ontario* Jan 1

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients
McMaster U* Jan 9
Simon Fraser U*
U Calgary* Dec 5
U Calgary* Dec 15
U West Ontario* Jan 5
Wilfrid Laurier U* Mar 1


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

A shortlist reported on this wiki is the list of candidates who were invited to give a talk ("Einladung zum Vorstellungsvortrag"); the order of the names has no significance. Official rankings of candidates ("Listenplätze"), if known, are indicated by a number in parentheses after a name, or they are implied by the order in which candidates who received offers ("Rufe") are listed.

Preferred sorting order of names: Offers and acceptances in chronological order, followed by all other invited candidates in alphabetical order.

Long-term/temp W positions

Faculty searches in Germany do not follow the academic year schedule and sometimes take very long. We continue to collect information about these faculty positions (for jobs with deadlines before July 2014) in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2013-2014 or pages corresponding to earlier years (use the navigation sidebar).


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen computat'l (W2) Jan 9, 2015
U Augsburg complex geom (W1) Oct 2, 2014
U Bielefeld (econ) stat / data anal (W3) Nov 20, 2014
U Bielefeld (econ) stat / data anal (W1/tt) Nov 20, 2014
U Bochum algebra (W3) Jan 25, 2015
U Bonn all math (4 W2) Oct 11, 2014
U Bonn geom, anal (W3) Nov 30, 2014
U Bonn geom (W3) Nov 30, 2014
TU Braunschweig stoch (W3) Sep 30, 2014
TU Chemnitz theor math (W1/tt) Nov 7, 2014 Sofia Tirabassi, Cordian Riener, Christian Lehn, Olivia Dumitrescu, Thomas Wannerer, Andreas Krug, Johannes Rau, Benjamin Matschke, Fernando M. de Oliveira Filho, Bruno Benedetti
TU Cottbus prob, stat (W3) Nov 6, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Darmstadt optim (W2) Jul 6, 2014
TU Dortmund analysis (W3) Jul 31, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Gießen probab (W3) Jan 16, 2015
U Göttingen Humboldt (*) Harald Andrés Helfgott [1]
U Göttingen oper res (W1) Aug 15, 2014
U Hamburg geom PDE (W2) Aug 28, 2014
U Hamburg anal, diff geom (W1) Dec 11, 2014
U Hamburg (econ) stat (W3) Oct 30, 2014
U Hamburg quantum (W2) Jan 15, 2015
U Hannover pure (W2) Dec 12, 2014
U Jena diff geom (W2) Sep 30, 2014
U Jena opt (W2) Sep 30, 2014
U Kassel numerics, modeling (W2) Aug 28, 2014
U Lüneburg applied (W2/W3) Sep 15, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Magdeburg stoch (W2) Sep 15, 2014
U Mannheim (econ) stat (W3) Oct 31, 2014
U Mannheim optim (W3-Lehr) Jan 15, 2015
U Marburg analysis, diff geom (W3) Oct 2, 2014
U Marburg numerics (W2) Oct 2, 2014
U Marburg stoch (W2) Dec 5, 2014
U Munich applied (W3) Sep 12, 2014
U Münster logic (W2) Dec 31, 2014
U Paderborn discrete (W2) Sep 20, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Regensburg pure (W3) Oct 17, 2014
U Rostock sci comp (W2) Nov 27, 2014
U Rostock analysis (W2) Jan 30, 2015
U Saarland probability (W1) Aug 28, 2014
U Siegen stoch (W2) Jul 10, 2014
U Siegen pure (W2/W3) Dec 12, 2014
U Tübingen geom (W3) Nov 14, 2014
U Ulm comp algebra (W1/tt) Jan 2, 2015
U Würzburg dyn sys (W2) Aug 1, 2014

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists/offers

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Austria TU Graz stoch, actuarial (t) Oct 12, 2014
Austria TU Graz comp'l top/geom Oct 31, 2014 Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, ...
Austria U Graz applied PDE (6y) Jul 23, 2014
Austria U Graz applied PDE (6y) Jul 23, 2014
Austria U Klagenfurt stoch (t) Feb 1, 2015
Austria U Salzburg analysis (u) 2014
Austria TU Vienna appl stat (t) Nov 30, 2014
Chile Pontificia U Catolica de Chile* Dec 15
China NYU, Shanghai Appl. PDE (t/u) 2014
Denmark TU Denmark* Feb 1
Hong Kong Hong Kong U Science and Technology* Jun 30
Iraq American U Iraq, Sulaimani* Oct 28, 2014
Italy ICTP, Trieste mathematics (t) Dec 31, 2014
Italy ICTP, Trieste mathematics (5y) Jan 15, 2014
Macau U Macau*
Singapore Nanyang Tech various 2014
Switzerland U Zurich math phys (6y) Sep 21, 2014
UAE NYU, Abu Dhabi multiple areas Dec 15, 2014
UK Heriot Watt University* analysis July 4, 2014
UK U Hull math, stat, biomed Aug 4, 2014
UK Reading Pure math/Probability
UK U Warwick (s)* Dec 14
UK U Warwick (s)* Dec 14

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia Australian Natl U (Mathematical Sciences Inst)* Jan 31
Australia U Sydney* Jan 4
China Beijing Computational Science Research Center* Nov 24, 2015
China Beijing Computational Science Research Center*
China Fudan U*
Denmark U South Denmark* Jan 15
Finland Aalto U (Dept. Mathematics and Systems analysis)* Dec 7
Israel Tel Aviv U* Jan 31
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Italy ICTP Trieste* Jan 15
Japan U Tokyo (Kavli Inst for Physics and Mathematics Universe)* Feb 1
Saudi Arabia Alfaisal U*
South Korea Insitute for Basic Science (Center for Geometry and Physics)* Jan 15
Spain Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM)* Dec 30
Sweden KTH* Dec 15
UK U Cambridge* Jan 5
UK U Cambridge* Jan 5
UK U Cambridge* Jan 5
UK U Cambridge*
UK U Cambridge* Dec 15
UK U Edinburgh* Jan 5
UK U Edinburgh* Dec 8
UK U Edinburgh* Dec 8
UK U Edinburgh* Dec 8
UK Imperial C London* Dec 22
UK Imperial C London* Jan 10
UK Imperial C London* Dec 22
UK Imperial C London Chapman fellowship 11/27/2014
UK King's C London* Dec 15
UK Queen Mary U London* Jan 15
UK U Warwick* Jan 23

Mathematics jobs sites

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