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| Dec 1
| Dec 1
| [http://math.berkeley.edu/~svs/ Steven Sam]
| [http://math.berkeley.edu/~svs/ Steven Sam]
|- valign=top
| [http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/jobs/5076 Stanford U]*
| math+x
| Jan 15
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Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2013-2014 research positions page. This page collects information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, please edit this wiki page yourself by clicking "edit" at an appropriate place. It is better to first register, but you can edit by IP number as well. You can contact the moderators through wikimathjob@gmail.com to report evil postings, (e.g. inaccurate information about yourself or other applicants), and other issues. We are interested in information provided in good faith. Do not post wild hunches, and please respect the trust of your friends and colleagues.

Have you accepted a position? If so, it's a great courtesy to other job applicants to post that information here.

This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe, Greg Kuperberg, and Tao Mei. Tao reads the e-mail and he will keep the correspondence confidential as appropriate. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   (a) applied (b) biomath/biostat (c) computational
(o) optimization/OR (p) physics/QCQI (s) statistics
* MathJobs position
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Note that the links should be directed to the job announcements rather than the department homepage.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Binghamton U* probability (o)
Binghamton U* all (t)
Binghamton U* director
Boston C* algebraic geom
C William & Mary biomath/biostat Oct 15 William Holmes, King-Yeung Lam, Necibe Tuncer
California Tech* several Anna Wienhard
Carnegie Mellon* probability
Carnegie Mellon* logic
Colorado St* materials
Columbia U (s)* finance
Emory U* discrete
Florida Atlantic U analysis
Florida Atlantic U biostatistics
Florida Atlantic U computational
George Mason U* topology Nov 15 Michael Brandenbursky, David Carchedi, Chris Cornwell, Qayum Khan, Robin Koytcheff
Georgia Tech* all Antonio Auffinger, Ester Ezra, Leander Geisinger, Zaher Hani, Deanna Needell, Katherine Newhall, Braxton Osting, Greta Panova, Fabio Pusateri, Bianca Viray
Illinois St discrete
Illinois Tech (a)* stochastics
Indiana U* alg/prob/anal (o) Antonio Auffinger, Yen Do, Fabio Pusateri, Yi Wang, Zhiren Wang
Johns Hopkins U* pure Bhargav Bhatt, Kiril Datchev, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Yi Wang, Pin Yu
Johns Hopkins U* anal/geom (t)
Kansas St* analysis
Kansas St* appl/comp David Aristoff, Alexander Shapeev


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Marquette U* big data
Michigan Tech* statistics Dec 9
Michigan Tech* statistics (t) Dec 9
New York U* geom/stat/finance Dec 13
North Carolina St* all Cynthia Vinzant
Northeastern U* applied Oct 31
Northern Illinois U (s)* statistics Jan 13
Northwestern U (a)* complexity Nov 15
Ohio U, Athens differential eqns
Ohio U, Athens statistics
Oklahoma State U* all (2)
Pennsylvania St (s)* stat ed (o)
Princeton U* all (t)
Purdue U* pure (4) Nov 1 Elena Fuchs, Nestor Guillen, Simon Marshall, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Lu Wang, Zhiren Wang, Lei Zhang
Purdue U (s)* appl/comp (4)
Queens C (CUNY)* neuroscience
Rensselaer Polytech* applied (t) Jan 1
Rice U (a)* comp/appl Dec 15
Rutgers U* algebra Simon Marshall, Nicolas Templier
Saint Louis U* geom/topology Dec 1
Stanford U* all (o) Dec 1 Steven Sam
Stanford U* math+x Jan 15
Stony Brook U* all
Temple U* int/comp (t)
Tufts U* sci comp


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Alabama* func analysis (2)
U California, Davis* all Nov 30 Noah Giansiracusa
U California, Irvine* all Dec 1
U California, Riverside* all
U California, Riverside* applied (2)
U California, Riverside* all (t)
U California, San Diego* all Nov 1 Richard Bamler, Elena Fuchs, Lu Wang
U California, San Diego* geom/topology (t) Nov 1
U California, Santa Cruz (a) high perf comp
U California, Santa Cruz* algebra Elena Fuchs
U California, Santa Cruz* analysis
U Chicago* pure
U Chicago (s) statistics
U Connecticut* prob/analysis Dec 1 Matthew Badger, Yen Do
U Connecticut* actuarial science
U Georgia* analysis Nov 1
U Georgia* algebraic geom Nov 1 Noah Giansiracusa, Jack Huizenga, Brian Lehmann, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Orsola Tommasi
U Hawaii* all (4) Dec 23 Dustin Cartwright
U Houston* biostatistics (t)
U Illinois* all Nov 18 Antonio Auffinger, Benjamin Antieau, Robert Harron, Hao Huang, Aaron Levin, Catherine Newhall, James Pascaleff, Jesse Peterson, Claudiu Raicu, Nancy Rodriguez, Steven Sam, Vesna Stojanoska, Zhiyu Tian, Cynthia Vinzant, Yi Wang
U Illinois, Chicago* all Nov 14 Antonio Auffinger, Jeffrey Danciger, Elena Fuchs, Simon Marshall, Jesse Peterson
U Iowa* topology Nov 8 Michael Brandenbursky, Benjamin Cooper, Chris Cornwell, Dan Rutherford
U Kentucky* appl/anal/disc (2) Dec 6 Joshua Bostwick, Kiril Datchev, William Holmes, Hao Huang, David Murrugarra, Greta Panova, Mainak Patel, Martha Yip, Yanxiang Zhao, Ting Zhou
U Louisville* applied Jan 1
U Louisville* statistics/ comp prob Jan 1
U Louisville* applied analysis Jan 1


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Maine* applied
U Maryland* applied (2) Ben Antieau, Antonio Auffinger, Lin Lin, Simon Marshall, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, Zhiren Wang
U Massachusetts* probability Nov 22 Matt Lorig
U Massachusetts analysis Nov 22 Anna Barry, Nestor Guillen, Ting Zhou
U Michigan* all Nov 1
U Minnesota* all (o) (3) Dec 1 Jacob Bedrossian, Deanna Needell, Bianca Viray, Yi Wang
U Mississippi* comb/algebra
U Mississippi* applicable
U Notre Dame* pure Elena Fuchs, Martin Luu
U Notre Dame (a)* applied Dec 1
U Oregon* all Dec 31 Richard Balmer, Steven Sam
U Oregon* quant bio (o) Alan Veliz-Cuba
U Pennsylvania* evolution
U Rochester* data sci (o) Jan 1
U South Carolina* algebra Jan 8 Benjamin Antieau, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Claudiu Raicu
U South Carolina* appl/comp Nov 15 Joshua Bostwick, Zhu Wang, Xinghui Zhong
U South Carolina* data anal (t) May 28
U South Carolina* math ed Dec 1
U Southern California* stat anal Nov 15
U Tennessee* comp alg Marie Jameson, Dustin Cartwright
U Utah* all (o)
U Virginia* all (3) Benjamin Antieau, Antonio Auffinger, Kiril Datchev, Yen Do, Leonel Robert Gonzalez, Mihaela Ignatova, Thomas Koberda, Greta Panova, Yi Wang, Zhiren Wang
U Wisconsin* all Nov 15 Jacob Bedrossian, Dustin Cartwright, Clinton Conley, Yen Do, Paul Hand, Lin Lin, Simon Marshall, Steven Sam, Perla Sousi, Lu Wang


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Utah St* geom/ math phys
Vanderbilt U* applied analysis
Washington U, St Louis pure Yen Do, Wushi Goldring, Brian Lehmann, Greta Panova, Zhiyu Tian, Lu Wang, Yi Wang, Zhiren Wang
Washington U, St Louis* statistics
Yale U (b) biostatistics

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients/offers
MBI postdoc
IAS postdoc
Oak Ridge Natl Lab (a)* discrete Feb 15
Oak Ridge Natl Lab (a)* postdoc Jan 9
Sandia Natl Labs von Neumann

Temporary positions


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Boston College* postdoc Jan 1
Brandeis U* instructor Dec 15
Brown U RTG
Caltech Olga Taussky John Todd Jan 1 2014 Pablo Solis
C William and Mary* visiting Nov 15
Duke U
CUNY Grad Center* visiting (2) Jan 15
Georgia St*
Georgia St* Jun 30
Georgia Tech job talks
IUPU Indianapolis*
Illinois Tech (a)* visiting
Johns Hopkins U Sylvester


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
North Carolina St* bio RTG postdoc Dec 31
North Carolina St* Alliance postdoc Dec 15

Northeastern U* Research Instructor Nov 15 Pablo Solis
Temple U*
Temple U*
Temple U*
Tufts U* alg geom non-TT
Tufts U* non-TT


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Arizona* postdoc
U California, Berkeley* Morrey
U Chicago
U Florida* postdoc Jan 21
U Illinois, Chicago
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* Doob Dec 2
U Kansas
U Kansas
U Kentucky* lecturer Dec 31
U Kentucky* postdoc Dec 1


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Minnesota*
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill* postdoc
U Oklahoma* postdoc
U Pennsylvania Postdoc Pablo Solis
U Pittsburgh
U Pittsburgh
U Southern California* non-TT
U Nebraska, Lincoln postdoc
U Utah Wylie/Burgess
U Utah RTG alg geom, top
U Utah RTG bio
U Washington
U Wisconsin, Madison* Van Vleck


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Worcester Poly* postdoc
Wash State U* postdoc

Raw lists, please move jobs into the appropriate categories

Raw list from mathjobs.org (Nov 19, 2013)

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Georgia St*
Neukom Inst for Computational Science* Dec 1
Queen's U* Jan 19
SUNY, Albany* Jan 15
U Wisconsin, Milwaukee* Jan 13

Raw list from EIMS (Nov 19, 2013)

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Brigham Young U
Buffalo SUNY (U)
Caltech (Inst for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM))
Caltech Center for Mathematics Information
U Tennessee, Chattanooga
U Houston, Clear Lake
Columbia U (s)
Texas A&M, Corpus Christi math ed
Dartmouth C (Neukom Inst for Computational Science)
Indiana U
Indiana U- Purdue U Fort Wayne (IPFW)
Indiana Wesleyan U
Louisiana Tech U
Montana St
North Carolina St
North Dakota St


Long-term positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short list / Offers
McMaster U* Dec 1
U Waterloo combinat, opt Hao Huang, Cynthia Vinzant
U Waterloo* Nov 22 Bohan Fang, Elena Fuchs, Simon Marshall, Yi Wang

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients
Centre de recherches mathématiques

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients
McMaster U* McKay Jan 10
McMaster U* Jan 10
McMaster U* Jan 10
McMaster U* Jan 10
McMaster U* Jan 10
U Toronto* Dec 17
U Waterloo* Dec 16
U Waterloo (Inst for Quantum Computing)* Jan 15, 2043


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

A shortlist reported on this wiki is the list of candidates who were invited to give a talk ("Einladung zum Vorstellungsvortrag"); the order of the names has no significance. Official rankings of candidates ("Listenplätze"), if known, are indicated by a number in parentheses after a name, or they are implied by the order in which candidates who received offers ("Rufe") are listed.

Preferred sorting order of names: Offers and acceptances in chronological order, followed by all other invited candidates in alphabetical order.

Long-term/temp W positions

We also continue to collect information about the faculty positions in Germany that were filled before or at the beginning of the fall semester 2013; this belongs in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2012-2013 or earlier.


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen / FZ Jülich sci comp (W3) Jul 15, 2011
RWTH Aachen appl stat (W2) Sep 21, 2012
RWTH Aachen img/signal proc (W1) Dec 1, 2012
RWTH Aachen numer/appl anal (W2/3y) Sep 1, 2013
RWTH Aachen signal proc (W1) Aug 30, 2013
RWTH Aachen algebra (W2) Jan 6, 2014
U Augsburg anal / geom (W3) Jun 17, 2011
U Augsburg economath (W2L) Jun 17, 2011
U Augsburg math phys (W2) Dec 17, 2012 Peter Albers, Patrick Dondl, Urs Frauenfelder, Andreas Osterloh, Frank Pfäffle, Julie Rowlett, Christian Sevenheck, Thomas Vogel
U Augsburg appl anal / stoch (W1) Mar 31, 2013
U Augsburg cplx geom (W1) Mar 31, 2013
U Augsburg appl stoch (W3) May 2, 2013
U Bayreuth applied (W3) Jan 21, 2013
U Bayreuth applied (W3) Jan 31, 2014
FU Berlin math (W2) Dec 1, 2011 Christian Ausoni, Barbara Baumeister, Christian Haase, Reinhard Hochmuth, Priska Jahnke, Walther Paravicini [1] [2]
FU Berlin discrete (W1) Nov 22, 2012 Juan José Rué Perna [3]
FU Berlin appl / bioinf (W1) Apr 24, 2013 Frank Noé [4]
FU Berlin appl / bioinf (W1) May 16, 2013
HU Berlin appl stoch (W3) Jan 15, 2010
HU Berlin appl anal (W3) Apr 23, 2010 Michael Růžička [5]
HU Berlin optim (W3) Aug 26, 2010 Alfio Borzi [6]
HU Berlin / Weierstraß applied (W3S) (Direktor) Jan 22, 2012
HU Berlin (econ) stat (W1) Jul 26, 2012
HU Berlin pure (W3) Dec 6, 2012
HU Berlin opt (W3) Dec 6, 2012
HU Berlin opt (W1) Feb 21, 2013
HU Berlin diff geom, glob anal (W3) Dec 5, 2013
HU Berlin stoch anal (W1) Nov 30, 2013
TU Berlin disc opt (W2) Apr 12, 2012 Alantha Newman, Britta Peis, Angelika Wiegele
TU Berlin / ZIB disc opt (W2) Apr 17, 2013
TU Berlin disc geom (W3) Jun 6, 2013 Eva Maria Feichtner, Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov, Martin Henk, Volker Kaibel , Matthias Köppe, Benjamin Nill, Mathias Schacht
TU Berlin appl stoch (W1) Sep 19, 2013
U Bielefeld (econ) econometrics, stat (W3) Oct 20, 2012
U Bielefeld (econ) stat, data anal (W3) Oct 20, 2012
U Bielefeld (econ) econometrics, stat (W1/tt) Oct 20, 2012
U Bielefeld (econ) stat, data anal (W1/tt) Oct 20, 2012
U Bochum stoch (W1) Oct 31, 2012
U Bonn simul (W3, 5y) Oct 15, 2012 Daniel Peterseim [7]
U Bonn all math (several W2) Nov 1, 2012
U Bonn Hausdorff chair (W3) Jan 24, 2014
TU Braunschweig appl stoch (W2) Jun 30, 2011
TU Braunschweig cont opt (W3) Oct 14, 2012 Matthias Geerdts, Ekaterina Kostina, Michael Stingl
TU Braunschweig appl stoch (W2) May 30, 2013
U Bremen appl anal (W2) Aug 31, 201? Armin Lechleiter [8] , Fabian Wirth, Michael Dreher, Vladimir Shikhman, Radu Ioan Bot, Anna Dall’Acqua, Olaf Post, Jens Rademacher
U Bremen / Fraunhofer image proc (W3) Jan 12, 2012
U Bremen stat (W3) Jul 15, 2013
TU Chemnitz algebra (W3) Mar 25, 2013 Jan Kohlhaase, Lutz Hille, Barbara Baumeister, Ghislain Fourier, Immanuel Halupczok, Tim Netzer, Gereon Quick, Christian Sevenheck, Sönke Rollenske, Christian Böhning
TU Chemnitz anal (W1) Sep 15, 2013
TU Chemnitz economath (W2) Sep 2013
TU Clausthal modeling (W3) May 24, 2013
TU Clausthal sci comp (W3) May 24, 2013
TU Clausthal disc opt (W2) May 24, 2013
U Cologne applied (W3) Oct 12, 2012 Angela Kunoth [9]
U Cologne applied (W2) Nov 16, 2012
U Cologne (econ) stat, econometrics (W3) May 23, 2013
U Cologne stoch (W3) Sep 30, 2013
U Cologne stoch (W2) Sep 30, 2013
U Cologne geom top (W2) Oct 11, 2013 Michael Brandenbursky, Markus Szymik


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Darmstadt probability (W1) Jul 4, 2012 Christoph Thäle, Matthias Meiners
TU Darmstadt numerics (W1) Mar 28, 2013
TU Darmstadt optim (W1) May 31, 2013
TU Darmstadt numerics (W1) May 31, 2013
TU Darmstadt anal, numerics (W2, 5y) Jul 11, 2013
TU Dortmund disc opt (W1) Oct 20, 2011
TU Dortmund (s) stat (W2) Aug 30, 2012
TU Dortmund applied (W2) Nov 22, 2012 Dmitri Kuzmin [10]
TU Dortmund appl algebra (W2) Jan 31, 2014
TU Dresden (diff) geom (W3) Jun 30, 2010
TU Dresden algebra (W3) Oct 16, 2012
TU Dresden numer anal (W2) Oct 16, 2012
TU Dresden PDE (W2) Oct 16, 2012
TU Dresden all (10 tt) May 15, 2013
TU Dresden algebra, disc (W3) May 24, 2013
TU Dresden num PDE (W3) Oct 15, 2013
U Duisburg-Essen algebra (W3) May 20, 2011 Gunter Malle [11]
U Duisburg-Essen arith geom (W2) Oct 13, 2011 Massimo Bertolini [12]
U Duisburg-Essen numerics (W2/W3) Nov 26, 2012 Sven Beuchler, Johannes Kraus, Winnifried Wollner, Irwin Yousept; Lubomir Banas, Alexey Chernov, Andreas Rätz, Tuomo Rossi, Björn Stinner, Jan Valdman
U Duisburg-Essen alg geom (W3) Apr 6, 2013
U Duisburg-Essen anal PDE (W2/W3) Apr 6, 2013
U Duisburg-Essen numerics (W2/W3) Apr 6, 2013
U Duisburg-Essen stoch anal (W2) Apr 6, 2013
U Düsseldorf numerical (W3) May 4, 2011 Nihat Ay, Marco Cicalese, Marcel Griesemer, Markus Kunze, Maria Neuss-Radu, Nicole Radde, Christoph Walker [13]
U Düsseldorf appl anal (W3) May 4, 2011 Caren Tischendorf [14], Boris Vexler [15], Jürgen Saal [16], M. Gugat, Helzel, Hinze, Meyer, Walther [17]
U Düsseldorf numerics (W3) May 23, 2013 Simone Göttlich, Stefan Güttel, Christiane Helzel, Ekaterina Kostina, Nicole Marheineke, Ira Neitzel, Daniel Peterseim, Oliver Rheinbach, Thomas Richter, Bart Vandereycken [18]
U Düsseldorf top/geom (W1) Oct 2013
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt sci comp, cs (W3) Sep 26, 2011
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt algebra (W2) Sep 26, 2011 Susanne Danz, Tim Netzer, Clemens Fuchs, Michael Sagraloff, Jurgen Muller, Thomas Markwig, Markus Greferath
U Erfurt math (W2) Apr 30, 2012
U Erlangen-Nürnberg biomath (W3) Apr 16, 2010
U Erlangen-Nürnberg opt (W1) Sep 30, 2013
U Flensburg math (W3) Oct 21, 2013
U Frankfurt discrete (W1) Jul 12, 2012
U Frankfurt stoch (W2) Apr 18, 2013
U Frankfurt algebra, num thy (W2) Jul 4, 2013
U Frankfurt algeb geom (W2) Aug 22, 2013
U Frankfurt num PDE (W3) Oct 24, 2013
TU Freiberg appl anal (W3) Dec 31, 2011 Arnd Rösch
U Freiburg stoch (W3) Jan 3, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Gießen stoch (W3) May 18, 2012 Martin Schlather [19], Henryk Zähle [20]
U Gießen numerical, sci comp (W2) Sep 28, 2012
U Gießen anal (W3) Jan 22, 2013
U Göttingen top, diff geom (W2) expired Chenchang Zhu Bartholdi [21]
U Greifswald algebr anal (W3) Sep 13, 2012 Konrad Waldorf [22]
TU Hamburg-Harburg discrete (W1) Apr 1, 2012
TU Hamburg-Harburg numerics, sci comp (W2) Aug 29, 2013
FernU Hagen anal (W3) Jul 12, 2013
TU Hamburg-Harburg discrete (W3) Aug 9, 2012 Konstantinos Panagiotou, Heiko Röglin, Christian Sohler, Rob van Stee, ...
TU Hamburg-Harburg diff eqn (W2) Nov 22, 2012
UniBw Hamburg applied (W2) Feb 28, 2011 Armin Fügenschuh [23]
UniBw Hamburg (econ) stat, econometr (W3) Jul 31, 2013
U Hannover numerical (W3) Oct 14, 2011 Mario Bebendorf [24], Dirk Praetorius, Lubomir Banas, Sören Bartels, Boris Vexler
U Hannover num thy (W2) Sep 28, 2012
U Hannover numerical (W3) Sep 30, 2012
U Hannover analysis (W2) May 3, 2013
U Hannover sci comp (W3) Sep 30, 2013
U Hannover pure (W1) Nov 8, 2013
U Heidelberg math phys (W3) May 17, 2013
U Heidelberg numer opt (W3) Oct 1, 2013
U Heidelberg stat (2 W3) Jan 17, 2014
U Hildesheim stoch (W2) Jun 17, 2011
TU Ilmenau appl anal (W1) Aug 9, 2012
TU Ilmenau comb opt (W1) Mar 31, 2013
TU Ilmenau diff eqn (W1) Apr 11, 2013
U Jena stoch anal (W2) Jan 11, 2013 offer [25]
TU Kaiserslautern theor math (W3) Dec 15, 2008
TU Kaiserslautern sci comp (W3) Jun 3, 2012
TU Kaiserslautern appl anal (W1) Jan 18, 2013 Felix Lindner [26]
KIT Karlsruhe discrete (W3) Feb 3, 2011
KIT Karlsruhe / HITS comp stat (W3) Nov 25, 2012 Tilmann Gneiting [27]
KIT Karlsruhe PDE (2 W1) Jan 3, 2013
KIT Karlsruhe geom (W1) Jan 7, 2014
U Kassel stoch (W3) May 31, 2010 Björn Schmalfuß [28]
U Kassel comp, appl discrete (W2) Jan 12, 2012 Andreas Bley
U Kassel anal (W2) Dec 20, 2012
U Kassel stoch (W3) Dec 12, 2013
U Kiel diff geom (W3) Jan 15, 2011 Vladimir Matveev [29], Vicente Cortés, Ines Kath [30]
U Kiel stoch/stat (W3) Oct 11, 2013
U Kiel anal (W2) Oct 11, 2013
U Kiel diff geom (W3) Oct 11, 2013
U Konstanz stat/prob (W3) Jan 31, 2012
U Konstanz (econ) comp stat, econometrics (W1) Jan 6, 2013
U Konstanz stat (W1) expired Michael Vogt
MPI Leipzig anal, prob, sci comp (W2) Feb 29, 2012
U Leipzig func anal (W3) Dec 15, 2011 Alberto Abbondandolo [31]
U Leipzig stoch (W3) Jun 7, 2012
U Leipzig algebra (W3) Jun 7, 2012 Manuel Blickle, Karim Johannes Becher, Tobias Finis, Christian Liedtke, Christian Sevenheck, Lutz Strüngmann, Sönke Rollenske, Christopher Voll [32]
U Leipzig math (W1/tt) "Klein" Nov 2, 2012
U Leipzig anal (W2) Aug 9, 2013
U Lübeck applied/image proc (W3) Aug 24, 2009
U Lübeck / Fraunhofer applied (W3) Jan 29, 2014


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Magdeburg stoch (W3) Nov 21, 2013
U Mainz probability expired Matthias Birkner [33]
U Mannheim analysis (W3) Aug 15, 2012
U Mannheim optim (W3) Sep 8, 2013
U Mannheim stoch (W1/tt) Sep 22, 2013
U Marburg numerical (W3) May 14, 2010 Massimo Fornasier [34]
U Marburg stoch (W2) Sep 21, 2012 Mathias Vetter [35]
U Marburg alg/cplx geom (W3) Oct 25, 2013
TU Munich appl algebra (W2) Jan 31, 2011
TU Munich algebra (W2/tt) Oct 15, 2011
TU Munich biostat (W3 "Leuchtturm") Oct 24, 2011 Axel Munk [36], Leonhard Held, Carsten Wiuf
TU Munich Humboldt (*) Andreas Schulz [37]
TU Munich quantum (W2) Apr 8, 2012
TU Munich bio (W3) 2012
TU Munich sci comp (W2/tt) Nov 15, 2012
TU Munich (cs) comp bio (W2/tt) Nov 15, 2012
TU Munich opt, data anal (W2/tt) Apr 30, 2013
TU Munich diff geom (W2/tt) Jan 30, 2014
U Munich biostat (W3) 2010 Wolfgang Huber, Donna Ankerst, Nico Beerenwinkel, Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Martin Posch, Fabian Theis
U Munich comp stat (W2/tt) Oct 6, 2011 Axel Gandy, Bettina Grün, Stefano Iacus, Tatyana Krivobokova, Gernot Müller, Matthias Schmid
U Munich comp stat (W2/tt) Oct 5, 2012
U Munich math (W2/tt) Nov 1, 2012 Sven Bachmann
U Munich anal (W2, 5y) Nov 9, 2012
U Munich stoch (W2/tt) Feb 21, 2013
U Munich geom/top (W2/tt) May 2, 2013
U Munich biostat (W2/tt) May 31, 2013
U Münster theor math (W3) Sep 30, 2011
U Münster analysis, modeling (W1) Jan 8, 2012 Christian Stinner, Caterina Ida Zeppieri [38]
U Münster (econ) stat (W2) Apr 9, 2012
U Münster probability (W1) Dec 14, 2012
U Münster applied (W2) Mar 31, 2013
U Münster diff geom, geom anal (W2, 4y) Oct 1, 2013
U Münster stoch (W2, 5y) Dec 15, 2013
U Oldenburg appl stat (W2) Jan 13, 2012
U Oldenburg numer, simul (W3) Oct 15, 2012
U Oldenburg num thy, algebra (W1) May 27, 2013
U Osnabrück topology (W1/tt) Dec 1, 2011
U Osnabrück appl anal (W3) Feb 9, 2012 Holger Rauhut [39], Armin Iske [40] [41], Othmar Koch, Maria Charina-Kehrein, Jussi Behrndt, Dirk Lorenz
U Osnabrück appl anal (W3) Aug 2, 2013
U Osnabrück stoch (W1/tt) Dec 22, 2013
U Osnabrück algebra, discr (W1) Dec 22, 2013
U Paderborn stoch (W2) Jan 31, 2013
U Paderborn applied (W3) Feb 14, 2014
U Passau (econ) stat (W3) Nov 4, 2011
U Passau dyn sys (W3) Apr 30, 2012 Eva Zerz [42]
U Potsdam discrete / graph thy (W2) May 28, 2013


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Regensburg (econ) stat (W3) Dec 16, 2011 Daniel Rösch [43]
U Regensburg pure (W2) Aug 31, 2012 Stefan Friedl [44]
U Rostock algebra (W3) Mar 4, 2011 Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta, Karim Johannes Becher, Anne Henke, Benjamin Klopsch, Jürgen Müller, Alice C. Niemeyer, Tim Römer [45]
U Rostock anal (W2) Jul 15, 2011
U Saarland img proc (W1/tt) Nov 15, 2012
U Siegen stoch (W3) Mar 12, 2012 Matthias Reitzner [46]
U Siegen numerical (W3) Jun 6, 2012
U Stuttgart appl stoch (W3) Dec 31, 2010
U Stuttgart algebra (W3) Sep 30, 2013
U Stuttgart modeling (W3) Apr 21, 2011
U Stuttgart comp / sim (W3) Nov 18, 2011 Wolfgang Bangerth, Paolo Bientinesi, Ralf Deiterding, Phillipe Helluy, Oliver Rheinbach, Sabine Roller, Georg Stadler
U Stuttgart diff geom (W3) Nov 25, 2011
U Stuttgart numerical (W3) Apr 10, 2012
U Stuttgart stoch (W3) Oct 3, 2012 Uta Freiberg [47]
U Stuttgart comp/sim (W3) May 13, 2013
U Stuttgart rep thy (W3) Sep 30, 2013
U Stuttgart sim (W3) Mar 14, 2014
U Trier appl anal (W2) Apr 22, 2013
U Ulm biostat (W3) Jul 7, 2011 Jan Beyersmann [48], Volker Schmid, Korbinian Strimmer, Fabian Theis, x, x
U Ulm anal (W3) Jun 15, 2012 Anna Dall'Acqua [49]
U Ulm opt (W3 oL) Sep 28, 2012 Henning Bruhn-Fujimoto [50]
U Ulm financial (W1) Oct 25, 2012
U Ulm appl anal (W3 oL) May 29, 2013
U Ulm appl stoch (W3 oL) Sep 13, 2013
U Ulm stat (W3 oL) Oct 17, 2013
U Wuppertal (b) appl stoch (W2) Mar 26, 2010
U Wuppertal algebra (W2) Sep 27, 2013

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Bonn (Hausdorff)
MPI Golm * various postdoc Dec 15
U Göttingen* pure postdoc Dec 31
U Hamburg* math/phys postdoc Jan 3
U Hannover* algebr geom postdoc Dec 15
U Hannover* algebr geom postdoc Dec 15
U Hannover num thy, arith geom, algebr geom postdoc Jan 20
MPI Leipzig

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia Monash U
Austria U Graz opt control, num analysis, PDEs, opt (t) Dec 11, 2013
Austria U Salzburg num PDE Apr 3, 2013 Philipp Birken, Clemens Heitzinger, Johannes Karl Kraus, Miriam Mehl, Clemens Pechstein, Andreas Schröder [51]
Austria U Salzburg discrete (t) Jul 31, 2013
Austria U Salzburg analysis (t) Sep 11, 2013
Austria TU Vienna stoch (t) Feb 28, 2014
Austria U Vienna algeb geom (5y) Jun 21, 2013
Austria U Vienna* logic Jan 31
Austria U Vienna math, math phys (5y) Jul 31, 2013
Austria U Vienna glob anal, diff geom (t) Sep 25, 2013 Michael Eichmair, Anton Petrunin, Julie Rowlett, Alexander Strohmaier, Boris Vertman, Chris Wendl, Frederik Witt [52]
Chile U Chile (CMM) Matt Lorig
Chile U Talca
China Beijing Computatl Sci Research Center
China NYU Shanghai
China NYU Shanghai
China Peking U*
China Shanghai Jiao Tong U*
China South U Science & Technology China*
China South U Science & Technology China*
China South U Science & Technology China*
China South U Science & Technology China*
China Tsinghua U (MSC)
Colombia Universidad de los Andes* Matt Lorig
Denmark U Aarhus probability expired Mark Podolskij [53]
Denmark U Copenhagen probability, stat expired Mark Podolskij [54]
Hong Kong Hong Kong Poly
Iraq American U Iraq, Sulaimani* Oct 28, 2014
Macau U Macau*
Macau U Macau*
Russia Skolkovo Inst Sci/Tech
Saudi Arabia King Fahd U Petroleum and Minerals*
Singapore SUTD
Singapore Yale-NUS C
South Africa African Inst Math Sci* Nov 22
South Korea Gwangju Inst Sci/Techn
Switzerland U Zurich
Taiwan Natl Chiao Tung U (a)
Taiwan Natl Sun Yat-sen U (a)
Taiwan Natl Taiwan U* Feb 15
UAE New York U, Abu Dhabi* Jan 17, 2015
UAE American U Sharjah
UAE Khalifa U Science Technology & Research*
UK U Birmingham* discrete Nov 23
UK U Birmingham* analysis Jan 4
UK Imperial C London* Dec 14
UK U C London Matt Lorig

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists and offers
China Tsinghua U (MSC)
Denmark Aarhus U* pure (2) postdoc Dec 18
Israel Ben Gurion U Negev*
Israel Hebrew U Jerusalem*
Israel Technion Israel Tech*
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Israel Tel Aviv U* Jan 1
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Israel Tel Aviv U* Dec 31
Qatar Texas A&M U, Qatar*
Switzerland ETH Zurich*
Switzerland U
Switzerland EPF Lausanne Geometry, Higgs Bundles Postdoc Jan 17, 2014 Pablo Solis
Taiwan Academia Sinica, Taipei
Taiwan Natl Taiwan U* Mar 15
UK U Birmingham* Dec 6
UK U Birmingham* Dec 6
UK U Cambridge* Jan 4
UK U Cambridge* Jan 4
UK U Cambridge* Jan 6
UK U Edinburgh* Dec 13 Interviews
UK Imperial C London* Jan 7
UK Imperial C London* Dec 2
UK Imperial C London* Nov 20
UK U C London (UCL)
UK U Oxford* Dec 4
UK U Warwick

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