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See the undated Mathematics Jobs Wiki page for the current year.

Welcome to the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2011-2012 research positions page. This page collects information about the academic mathematics job market: positions, short lists, offers, acceptances, etc. It lists positions at PhD-granting departments (including stat and applied math), and at departments that are research-oriented by other reasonable criteria. See the teaching positions page for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

To post news or corrections anonymously, please edit this wiki page yourself by clicking "edit" at an appropriate place. It is better to first register, but you can edit by IP number as well. You can contact the moderators through to report evil postings, (e.g. inaccurate information about yourself or other applicants), and other issues. We are interested in information provided in good faith. Do not post wild hunches, and please respect the trust of your friends and colleagues.

Have you accepted a position? If so, it's a great courtesy to other job applicants to post that information here.

This site is currently supported by Matthias Koeppe, Greg Kuperberg, and Tao Mei. Tao reads the e-mail and he will keep the correspondence confidential as appropriate. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied. UC Davis and the UC Davis Math Department do not endorse this project and disavow any responsibility for the information on this wiki.



Departments   (a) applied (b) biomath/biostat (c) computational
(o) optimization/OR (p) physics/QCQI (s) statistics
* MathJobs position
Positions (p) merely preferred (t) tenured position (u) tenure-track
(o) open rank (n) n positions
Apply by (∞) open indefinitely (*) created position
Names italic offer bold accepted strike withdrawn/declined
... and others search completed

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. Expired deadlines may be replaced by the last deadline listed. See the ads for details.

Note that the links should be directed to the job announcements rather than the department homepage.

United States

Long-term positions


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Arizona St all (t) Jan 9
Auburn U top, discrete (u)(2) Feb 1 job talks
Binghamton stat Nov 13 Kobi Abayomi, Linglong Kong, Sebastian Kurtek
Binghamton top, geom Nov 13
Boise St stat Jan 12
Boston C algebr geom, open (u)(2) Dec 1 Ian Biringer, Maksym Fedorchuk, David Geraghty, David Treumann
Boston U stoch Jan 9 filled
Bowling Green St topology Nov 1 FILLED
Brandeis U all Nov 15 filled
Brown U appl math Dec 2
Caltech pure Jan 1
Carnegie Mellon U appl anal Jan 15 filled
Case Western Reserve U appl Dec 15 Alethea Barbaro
Claremont Graduate U appl Nov 15
Clemson U comp, math bio, OR, PDEs, stat Dec 31 Michael Burr, Hongbo Dong, Rob Erhardt, Arnab Ganguly, David George, Akshay Gupte , David Haws, Scott Holan, Chris McMahan, Mishko Mitkovski, Ellen Peterson, Svetlana Poznanovik, Jim Primb, Stefan Ruzika, Russell Schwab, Rebecca Steorts, Kelly Sullivan, Jennifer Young, Kun Zhao
Colorado S Mines appl Jan 9
Colorado S Mines chair
Colorado St (a) appl, comp (u) Oct 30
Cornell U prob, num thy, PDE Nov 1
CUNY Brooklyn chair Jan 31
Duke U all Dec 1 Jayce Getz
Florida St appl math Dec 15 FILLED
George Mason U all Dec 15 Harbir Antil, Neil Epstein, Chris Manon
George Washington U applied, geo, stoch anal Dec 1
Georgia St biostat Feb 29
Georgia Tech all Oct 15 Matthew Dobson, Marisa Eisenberg, Nicola Gigli, Jianfeng Lu, Joseph Rabinoff, Kasra Rafi, Kirsten Wickelgren
Harvard U appl math Jan 15
Harvard U stat Jan 15
Indiana U all (3) Nov 15 Ioan Bejenaru, Michael Damron, John Francis, Jianfeng Lu, Noah Snyder, Dylan Thurston, Xinwen Zhu, ...
Iowa St comp math Dec 15 job talks
Iowa St bio math Dec 15 job talks
Johns Hopkins U biostat
Johns Hopkins U pure Jan 2 Brian Smithling


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Louisiana St comp math Jan 13
Louisiana St top, stoch anal, combinat Dec 15 Artem Pulemotov, Jian Song, Betsy Stovall, David S. Vela-Vick
MIT all Dec 1
Miami U all Nov 26
Michigan St all Nov 15 job talks
Michigan St stat Dec 1 phone-interviews
Michigan Tech numer anal Dec 1 campus interviews
Michigan Tech stat Dec 1
Mississippi St math ed, discrete/graph thy, comp/appl (2) Nov 15 John Paul Cook, Russ Woodroofe, Mitchel T. Keller, Yi-Yin (Winnie) Ko
NYU  St all Nov 15
NYU (Clinical Faculty) St appl math Nov 30
North Carolina St all Nov 15
North Carolina St appl math Nov 30 Julianne Chung, Jianfeng Lu, Sarah Post, Michael Robinson
North Dakota St math ed Nov 15
North Dakota St appl math (2) Nov 1 Filled
Northeastern U all Oct 1 Katherine Stange, Valentino Tosatti
Northwestern U all Nov 1 John Francis, Antti Knowles, Valentino Tosatti
Oakland U appl math Jan 15 Kun Zhao
Ohio St anal Nov 14 Dong Wang
Ohio St prob Nov 14 Michael Damron, Hoi Nguyen
Ohio St, Newark various Dec 5 Niles Johnson
Ohio U algebra Jan 2
Oklahoma St all Nov 15 Jesse Leo Kass
Oregon St genomic math Jan 15
Oregon St math ed Jan 15
Princeton U OR Dec 1
Princeton U All Dec 1 Filled
Purdue U geom, anal, comp, appl math Nov 15 Benjamin Adcock, John Francis, Victor Lie, Jianfeng Lu, Zindoga Mukandavire
Rice U all Nov 15 David Anderson, Ian Biringer, Valentino Tosatti, Anthony Várilly-Alvarado, Zhiwei Yun, Xinwen Zhu Filled
Rutgers U all Jan 1
Saint Louis U all Dec 1 Charles Bergeron, Cornelis J. Potgieter, Daniel Freeman, Lucas Sabalka, Russ Woodroofe, Rafe Jones
Stanford U various Dec 15
Stanford U Stat Jan 5
Stony Brook U all Dec 31
Syracuse U top/geom, combinat Nov 15 Andrew Berget, Peter Horn, Jesse Johnson, Hoi Nguyen, Brendon Rhoades, Maggy Tomova
Tulane U anal Jan 15 Craig Cowan, Kun Zhao


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Akron appl, PDE, calc of variations, comp (2) Nov 15 job talks
U Alabama func anal, oper thy (u) Dec 1 Trieu Le , filled
U Alabama, Birmingham various Kun Zhao Filled
U Alabama, Huntsville PDE, prob Feb 1 campus interviews scheduled
U Albany anal, alg, top Dec 15 Joshua Isralowitz, Artem Pulemotov, Daniel Ramras
U Arkansas algebra, top, stat (u)(2) Dec 12 Matt Clay, Lars Louder, Jeremy Van Horn Morris,...
UC Berkeley all  ? Robert Lipshitz, Jianfeng Lu, Xinyi Yuan, Zhiwei Yun, Xinwen Zhu Filled
UC Davis (s) stat Mar 1
UC Irvine all Dec 1 Liang Xiao Filled
UCLA all Dec 9 Jian Ding, Valentino Tosatti, David Treumann, Zhiwei Yun
UC Merced appl Nov 30 Saverio Spagnolie
UC San Diego all (4) Nov 1
UC Santa Barbara financial math Nov 30 job talks
U Central Florida all (u)(2) Dec 1 Dong Wang, One filled, One unfilled
U Colorado, Boulder appl Nov 1 Dimitrios Giannakis, Giles Hooker, William Kleiber, Aaron Smith, Hongxiao Zhu
U Colorado, Boulder geom Dec 1 Katherine Stange, Lan-Hsuan Huang
U Colorado, Denver graph thy, comb Nov 28 filled
U Connecticut anal, diff geom Dec 1
U Delaware math ed Dec 7
U Delaware prob/stoch Nov 30 job talks
U Denver various Dec 1
U Hawaii all (2) Jan 6 interviews
U Houston all Jan 1 job talks
U Illinois, Chicago all Nov 15 Gerard Awanou, Isaac Goldbring, Robert Lipshitz, Toan Nyuyen, Kasra Rafi, Lev Reyzin, Dima Sinapova, David Treumann
U Illinois UC all Nov 14 Jon Chaika, Yiqing Chen, Robert Erhardt, John Francis, Philipp Hieronymi, Jianfeng Lu, Natalia Saulina, Betsy Stovall, Anthony Várilly-Alvarado
U Iowa algebra Nov 7 Neil Epstein, Miodrag Iovanov, Katherine Stange
U Iowa top/diff geom Nov 7 Ian Biringer, Ovidiu Munteanu, Daniel Ramras, Bing Wang
U Kentucky top, comput Jan 12 David Gepner, Bertrand Guillou, Ari Stern, Fei Xu,
U Louisville all Nov 20 Arnab Ganguly, Jason Teutsch, Dong Wang, Stephen J. Young, Liwei Xu


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Maryland all Feb 1 job talks
U Mass, Amherst various (u) Began Oct 17 Ioan Bejenaru, Matthew Dobson, Ellen Eischen, John Francis, Antti Knowles , Robert Lipshitz, Christopher McMahan, Russell Schwab, David Treumann
U Mass, Boston prob, geom (u)(2) Dec 15 phone interviews
U Michigan finance (p)(o) Nov 1
U Minnesota all (4) Dec 1 Michael Damron, Ellen Eischen, Lan-Hsuan Huang, Antti Knowles, Robert Lipshitz
U Mississippi all Sevak Mkrtchyan, Sasha Kocic, two other interviews
U Mississippi stats
U Missouri, Columbia anal Jan 30
U Nebraska, Lincoln algebra Nov 30 Emilie Dufresne, Jean Fasel, Wenliang Zhang
U Nebraska, Lincoln math bio Dec 12 David Haws, Yu Jin, Eli Shlizerman, Eva Strawbridge
U New Mexico pure Jan 15 David S. Vela-Vick
U North Carolina, Chapel Hill geom, algebra Dec 1 Ben Brubaker, Ellen Eischen, Lan-Hsuan Huang, Robert Lipshitz, Sergey Mozgovoy, David Treumann, Anthony Varilly-Alvarado
U Notre Dame top, alg, model thy Nov 1 David Treumann
U Oklahoma all Nov 15 Renato Calleja, David Constantine, Aladar Horvath, Todd Moore, Sepideh Stewart, Betsy Stovall, Jing Tao, Eric Weber, Kevin Woods, ...
U Oregon math bio Nov 15 Rachel Brem, Jeremy Draghi, Emma Goldberg, Sasha Jilkine, Van Savage
U Oregon all Dec 15 Shabnam Akhtari, Jacob Bernstein, Michael Damron, David Gepner, Jesse Peterson, Emily Peters, Noah Snyder, Natalia Saulina, Betsy Stovall, Peter Tingley, David Treumann, Micah Warren, Benjamin Young
U Rhode Island all Jan 14 Stephen J. Young
U South Carolina various Jan 10 Jesse Leo Kass
U South Carolina biomath Dec 1 Jay Newby, Steven Wise, Jennifer Young
U Southern California all Nov 15 Ioan Bejenaru, Sabin Cautis, Dan Thompson, Ian Tice, Zhiwei Yun
U Texas, Austin all Nov 1 Ioan Bejenaru, Ian Biringer, Jianfeng Lu, Toan Nguyen, Travis Schedler, Valentino Tosatti, Gang Zhou, Xinwen Zhu.
U Utah all Jon Chaika, Marisa Eisenberg, Justin Kao, Jianfeng Lu, Hailin Sang, Dongbin Xiu, Hongxiao Zhu
U Virginia chair Feb 1
U Wisconsin, Madison all Dec 19 Dima Arinkin, Isaac Goldbring, Lan-Hsuan Huang, Jianfeng Lu, Toan Nguyen, Sebastien Roch, Travis Schedler, Saverio Spagnolie, Ari Stern, Betsy Stovall, Ian Tice, Henry Towsner, Bing Wang, Zhiwei Yun


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
Villanova s
Virginia Commonwealth all Dec 15 Filled
Virginia Tech interdiscip Jan 15
Virginia Tech stoch anal Nov 30 job talks
Washington U, St. Louis anal (2) Oct 24 Ioan Bejenaru, Victor Lie, Emily Peters, Noah Snyder, Ari Stern, Brett D. Wick, Xinwen Zhu
Wesleyan U geo Nov 10 Maggy Tomova, Liz Vivas
West Virginia U anal, appl, comb, discrete, ed (3) Nov 15 job talks
Wichita St appl, stat Feb 10

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients/offers
NSF Domestic MSPRF Oct 20
NSF International IRFP Sep 11

Temporary positions


Institution Name/type Apply by Short lists/offers
Boston C Postdoc, geo, topo Dec 1 filled
Boston U Postdoc, geo Jan 2 filled
Brown U Tamarkin Dec 1 filled
Cal Tech Postdoc Jan 1 filled
Carnegie Mellon U Postdoc Jan 8 Sevak Mkrtchyan filled
Columbia U J.F. Ritt Dec 15 filled
Cornell U H.C. Wang Dec 1
CUNY Grad Center num thy, open (2) Feb 10 filled
Dartmouth C Young Jan 5 filled
Duke U Assistant Prof Dec 1 filled
Duke U Data Analysis
Georgia St Lecturer May 1
Georgia St Visiting Assistant Prof June 4
Georgia Tech Postdoc Oct 15
Georgia Tech and Emory biomath
Indiana U, Bloomington Zorn Dec 15 filled


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Lehigh Hsiung Dec 1 filled
LSU CCT Postdoc Computational Jan 16 offer
MIT Moore Dec 1 offer
Michigan St U Postdoc (3) Dec 15 filled
New York U Courant Dec 16 filled
North Carolina St Postdoc (2) Jan 31
Northeastern U all Dec 1 short list
Northwestern U Lecturer Dec 1 Santiago Canez
Ohio St Ross, Zassenhaus Jan 3 filled
Oregon St Visiting/Postdoc Feb 24 offers
Penn St Chowla Nov 28 finished
Princeton U Instructor Dec 1 Niels Martin Moller
Purdue U Golomb Nov 15 offers
Rutgers U Hill Jan 1 filled
Rutgers U Asst Prof, NTT Jan 1 Justin Lynd
Stanford U Szegö Dec 15 offers
Temple U Postdoc Dec 15 filled
Tulane U Postdoc Atul Dixit


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Arizona Pierce Dec 1 filled
U California, Davis Krener Nov 30 filled
U California, Los Angeles adjunct, computing Dec 9
U California, Los Angeles comp, applied Dec 9
U California, Los Angeles Hedrick Dec 9 filled
U California, Los Angeles Research postdoc Dec 9 filled
U California, San Diego Warschawski Dec 1 short list
U Chicago L.E. Dickson Dec 1 filled
U Colorado, Boulder Instructor, applied
U Colorado, Boulder Postdoc, biomath Nov 25
U Connecticut Postdoc Dec 1 filled
U Georgia all (4) Jan 7 filled
U Illinois, Chicago Research asst prof Dec 31 filled
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Doob Dec 2 filled
U Kentucky Postdoctoral Scholar Dec 23 filled


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Michigan Hildebrandt Dec 15 filled
U Michigan Lecturer Nov 1
U Minnesota Dunham Jackson Dec 1 filled
U Missouri, Columbia Instructor Nov 11
U Missouri, Columbia Postdoc Nov 11 filled
U Missouri, Columbia Visiting Prof Nov 11
U Missouri, Columbia Visiting Teaching Nov 11
U Nebraska, Lincoln Research Asst Prof (3) Nov 30 Mitchel T. Keller, filled
U Oklahoma all Feb 15
U Rochester Visiting Asst Prof David Karapetyan, Fatima Mahmood, Giorgios Petridis, Geordie Richards
U Southern California Assistant Prof, NTT Dec 1 David Rose, offer(s) and shortlist
U Utah Wylie, Burgess May 31 Kunwoo Kim
U Virginia Whyburn (2) Dec 1 filled
U Washington Acting Asst Prof Dec 15 Brent Werness, Mary Radcliffe
U Washington Acting Asst Prof, math neurosci Jan 15
U Washington Postdoc, health measure Nov 1
U Wisconsin, Madison Van Vleck Jan 3 filled


Institution Name/Type Apply by Short lists/offers
Vanderbilt NTT Asst Prof Dec 1 Brian Simanek, offer
Washington U, St. Louis Chauvenet Jan 1 filled
Yale U Gibbs, all Jan 1 filled


Long-term positions

Institution Areas Apply by Short list / Offers
Simon Fraser
U Alberta num thy Nov 14
U Toronto, Mississauga all areas Nov 10 job talks
U Victoria bio-stats open (no deadline) Elif Acar, Luke Bornn, Michele Zhou

Fellowships and institutes

Institute Award Apply by Recipients

Temporary positions

Institution Name/type Apply by Offers/recipients
McMaster CRC Jan 9 filled
McMaster Postdoc Jan 9 filled
Queens U Coleman Jan 15 offers
U Ottawa Postdoc Feb 15
U Toronto Postdoc Jan 15 filled


Key:   (W1) assistant professor   (W2) associate professor   (W3) professor

A shortlist reported on this wiki is the list of candidates who were invited to give a talk ("Einladung zum Vorstellungsvortrag"); the order of the names has no significance. Official rankings of candidates ("Listenplätze"), if known, are indicated by a number in parentheses after a name, or they are implied by the order in which candidates who received offers ("Rufe") are listed.

Preferred sorting order of names: Offers and acceptances in chronological order, followed by all other invited candidates in alphabetical order.

Long-term/temp W positions

We also continue to collect information about the faculty positions in Germany that were filled before or at the beginning of the fall semester 2011; this belongs in the Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2010-2011 or earlier.


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
RWTH Aachen analysis (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Michael Westdickenberg [1]
RWTH Aachen math phys (*) Maria Westdickenberg [2]
RWTH Aachen didac (W2) Nov 30, 2010 Johanna Heitzer [3]
U Augsburg financial (W2) Apr 16, 2009
U Augsburg numer anal / sci comp (W2) Oct 15, 2009 Tatjana Stykel [4]
U Bayreuth appl anal (W3) Apr 23, 2010 Holger Wendland
FU Berlin expired Heike Siebert [5]
FU Berlin (econ) appl stat (W1) expired Timo Schmid [6]
HU Berlin statistics (W3) Oct 9, 2008
HU Berlin analysis ≤ 2009 Gero Friesecke [7]
HU Berlin applied (W3) Aug 26, 2010 Caren Tischendorf [8]
TU Berlin func anal ≤ 2008 Birgit Jacob [9]
TU Berlin func anal (W3) Apr 15, 2010 Gitta Kutyniok [10] [11]
TU Berlin Humboldt (*) Friedrich Eisenbrand [12] (2012-2012)
U Bielefeld algebra (W2) Sep 16, 2009 Christopher Voll [13]
U Bielefeld analysis (W2) Jun 29, 2010 Sebastian Herr
U Bielefeld financial (W1) Oct 7, 2010
U Bielefeld top/geom (W2) Jan 4, 2011 Sönke Rollenske [14]
U Bochum numerical (W1) Nov 15, 2010 Christian Kreuzer [15], S. Groß, A. Linke, O. Rinne [16]
U Bochum stat (W2) Jan 27, 2012 Angelika Rohde [17]
U Bonn applied (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Barbara Niethammer
U Bonn sci comp (W3) Oct 31, 2010 Christoph Thiele [18]
U Bonn numerical (W2) Oct 31, 2010 Carsten Burstedde [19]
U Bonn / Fraunhofer numerical (W2) expired Jochen Garcke [20]
TU Braunschweig (cs) algorithms (W1) Jan 31, 2012
U Cologne applied (2 W3) Apr 9, 2010 Angela Stevens [21], Georg Dolzmann, Stefan Sauter (3) [22], Holger Wendland (4) [23], Axel Klawonn [24], Markus Kunze [25], Alfio Borzi, Jiri Cerny, Peter Eichelsbacher, Volker Kaibel, Christian Kanzow, Othmar Koch, Matthias Löwe [26]
U Cologne algebra (W2) Jan 7, 2011 Igor Burban [27]
U Cologne diff geom (W2) Mar 25, 2011 Alexander Lytchak [28], Florin Alexandru Belgun, Urs Frauenfelder, Andreas Kollross, Augustin-Liviu Mare, Paul-Andi Nagy, Felix Schulze, Joeri Van der Veken [29] [30]
TU Cottbus num PDE (W1/tt) Sep 30, 2010 Michael Breuss [31]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
TU Darmstadt sci comp (W3) Sep 24, 2010 Axel Voigt, Michael Herty, Herbert Egger
TU Darmstadt disc opt (W3) Sep 24, 2010 Christoph Buchheim, Marc Pfetsch, Jörg Rambau
TU Darmstadt rep thy/geom (W3) Sep 24, 2010 Eva Viehmann [32]
TU Darmstadt stoch (W2) Sep 24, 2010 Stefan Adams, Volker Betz, Melanie Birke, Matthias Birkner, Tobias Kuna, Carlo Marinelli
TU Darmstadt opt (W1) Jul 31, 2011 Irwin Yousept
TU Dortmund (s) econometrics, stat (W3) Oct 31, 2009 Bernd Fitzenberger, Stefan Hoderlein, Ralf Münnich, Mark Trede, Martin Wagner, [33]
TU Dortmund appl anal (W1) Jan 27, 2011 Tomáš Dohnal [34]
TU Dortmund numerical (W1) Jan 27, 2011 Dominik Göddeke [35]
TU Dresden func anal (W3) Apr 13, 2010 Ralph Chill [36]
TU Dresden (b) biostat (W2) 2010 Lars Kaderali, Tim Beißbarth, Rainer König, Tobias Müller, Michael Nothnagel, Achim Tresch [37]
U Duisburg-Essen stoch (W3) ≤ 2008 Hajo Holzmann [38] [39], Peter Eichelsbacher [40] [41]
U Duisburg-Essen algebr geom (W3) Jul 24, 2010 Jochen Heinloth [42]
U Duisburg-Essen arith geom (W3) Jul 24, 2010 Vytautas Paskunas [43]
U Duisburg-Essen numerical (W2) Dec 16, 2010 Paola Pozzi [44], Dirk Lorenz, Malte Peter
U Düsseldorf pure/alg geom (W2) Apr 30, 2009 Ingrid Bauer, Manuel Blickle, Igor Burban, Stefan Gille, Georg Hein, Michael Lönne, Sascha Orlik, Matthias Schütt, Christopher Voll [45][46]
U Düsseldorf appl stat (W2) May 4, 2011 Holger Schwender [47], Florian Frommlet, Marco Andreas Grzegorczyk, Dirk Metzler, Markus Scholz, Korbinian Strimmer [48]
U Düsseldorf (econ) stat, econometr (W3) Aug 11, 2011
U Erlangen-Nürnberg disc opt (W2) Apr 29, 2011 Frauke Liers, Andreas Bley, Ralf Borndörfer, Raymond Hemmecke, Sascha Kurz, Britta Peis, Stefan Ruzika
U Frankfurt appl discr (W3) Dec 9, 2010 Peter Bürgisser, Amin Coja-Oghlan, Matthias Köppe (3), Mihyun Kang, Eike Kiltz, Tanja Lange, Matthias Schacht
TU Freiberg sci comp (W2/tt) Jan 27, 2009 Oliver Ernst [49]
U Freiburg (cs) algo, complexity (W3) expired Friedrich Eisenbrand, Fabian Kuhn
U Freiburg applied (W3) Jan 7, 2011 Sören Bartels [50]
U Freiburg stoch (W3) Peter Pfaffelhuber [51]


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Gießen alg, geom (W1) Jan 31, 2010 Max Horn [52]
U Göttingen alg geom, harmon anal (W2) May 21, 2010 Bernhard Krötz, Evalina Viada [53]
U Göttingen harmon anal (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Henrik Seppänen [54]
U Göttingen data anal (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Felix Krahmer [55]
U Göttingen stat (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Andrea Krajina [56]
U Göttingen geom, math phys (W3) expired Dorothea Bahns [57]
U Greifswald discrete bio (W1/tt) Apr 28, 2011 Mareike Fischer [58], Andreas Groh, Marc Hellmuth, Sven Herrmann [59]
FernU Hagen numer math (W3) Sep 10, 2009 Daniel Kressner, Michael Herty, Torsten Linß [60]
U Hamburg optim (W3) ≤ 2008 René Pinnau [61], Volker Schulz [62]
U Hamburg discrete (W1) Jan 13, 2011 Christian Reiher
U Hamburg (p) math phys (W3) Dec 1, 2011
TU Hamburg-Harburg applied (W3) Sep 2, 2010 Etienne Emmrich, Marko Lindner [63]
TU Hamburg-Harburg applied (W3) Sep 2, 2010 Holger Wendland, Sabine Le Borne [64]
TU Hamburg-Harburg discrete (W3) Jan 6, 2011 Amin Coja-Oghlan [65]
U Hannover algeb geom (W2, 5y) Apr 15, 2011 Michael Lönne [66]
U Heidelberg pure (W3) expired Anna Wienhard [67]
U Heidelberg sci comp (W3) Oct 1, 2010 Axel Voigt [68], Guido Kanschat [69]
U Heidelberg (b) biostat (W3) Mar 24, 2011
TU Ilmenau appl func anal (W2) Sep 15, 2010 Carsten Trunk
TU Ilmenau cont opt (W3) Jan 14, 2011 Gabriele Eichfelder
TU Ilmenau stoch (W1) Sep 12, 2011 Thomas Hotz
U Jena probability (W2/W3) Jul 2, 2010 Björn Schmalfuß [70] [71]
TU Kaiserslautern sci comp (W3) Dec 13, 2008 Peter Maaß [72], Stephan Dahlke [73]
TU Kaiserslautern comp num thy (W2) Dec 13, 2008 Claus Fieker [74]
TU Kaiserslautern biomath (W2/W3) Jun 11, 2010 Christina Surulescu (W3) [75]
TU Kaiserslautern algebra (W1) expired Susanne Danz [76]
TU Kaiserslautern (W1) expired Stephan Trenn [77]
KIT Karlsruhe financial (W1) Aug 15, 2010 Gonçalo dos Reis [78], Kathrin Glau [79], Stefan Tappe [80]
KIT Karlsruhe geom group thy (W3) Sep 17, 2010 Anna Wienhard [81], Roman Sauer [82], Oleg Bogopolski [83], Ralf Gramlich [84], Benjamin Klopsch [85],Thomas W. Müller [86], Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta [87], Annette Werner [88]
KIT Karlsruhe stoch geom (W3) Sep 30, 2010 Daniel Hug [89], Matthias Reitzner [90], Ivan Veselic [91], Max von Renesse [92]
KIT Karlsruhe global anal (W3) Jan 14, 2011 Tobias Lamm [93], Joachim Escher [94], Felix Finster [95], Sebastian Herr [96], Heiko von der Mosel [97], Olaf Post [98], Oliver Schnürer [99]
KIT Karlsruhe stat/finance (W3) Sep 30, 2011 Vicky Fasen, Schmidt, Luitgard Veraart, Matthias Vetter, Henryk Zähle [100]
U Leipzig applied (W3) Mar 26, 2009 László Székelyhidi Jr.
U Leipzig stoch (W3) 2010 Max-K. von Renesse [101], Stefan Adams, Jiri Cerny, Patrik L. Ferrari, Björn Schmalfuss, Wilhelm Stannat, Vitali Wachtel
U Leipzig analysis (W3) Jun 21, 2010 Bernd Kirchheim [102], Matthias Geissert, Michael Dreher, Tobias Lamm, ...
U Leipzig num PDE (W1) Jun 30, 2011 Sebastian Franz (2) [103]
U Lübeck applied (W2) Dec 30, 2010 Christian Pötzsche, Tobias Jahnke, Andreas Rößler


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Magdeburg opt (W3) Jul 1, 2010 Sebastian Sager
U Mainz arith geom (W2/tt) May 4, 2009
U Mannheim stat (W3) Jan 14, 2011 Martin Schlather [104]
U Mannheim numerical (W3) Apr 8, 2011 Andreas Neuenkirch [105]
U Marburg stoch (W3) ≤ 2008 Hans-Peter Scheffler [106], Martin Grothaus [107]
TU Munich math phys (W3) Apr 1, 2009 Michael Wolf [108], Christian Lubich, Stefan Sauter
TU Munich bio Joachim Hermisson [109]
TU Munich diff geom (W2) Sep 30, 2010 Max Wardetzky, Boris Springborn [110]
TU Munich arith geom (W3) Apr 19, 2012 Eva Viehmann [111]
TU Munich / Max Planck numerical (W3) Dec 31, 2010 Eric Sonnendrücker [112]
U Munich stoch (W2/tt) Feb 12, 2010 Max-K. von Renesse [113]
U Munich discrete, algor (W2) Aug 5, 2010 Mihyun Kang [114], Konstantinos Panagiotou [115]
U Munich quant finance (W2) Oct 7, 2010 Christian Fries [116]
U Munich actuarial (W1) Jan 21, 2011
UniBw Munich (cs) theor cs, logic (W2) May 31, 2010
U Münster theor math (2 W2) Apr 15, 2010 Peter Albers [117], Wilhelm Winter, Karin Baur, Igor Burban, Ken Dykema, Tobias Finis, Christof Geiß, Remke Nanne Kloosterman, Eike Lau, Hannah Markwig, Vytautas Paskunas, Denis Perrot, Felix Schulze, Matthias Strauch, Martin Väth, Stefan Waldmann [118] [119] [120] [121] [122]
U Münster C* algebras (W1) Jan 15, 2011
U Münster topology (W2) Mar 15, 2011 Johannes Ebert [123], Christian Ausoni, Urs Frauenfelder, Markus Spitzweck, Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen [124]
U Münster Humboldt (*) Michael Weiss [125]
U Osnabrück topology (W3) May 31, 2009 Markus Banagl, Birgit Richter [126] [127], Oliver Röndigs [128] [129]
U Paderborn diff eqns (W2) Apr 10, 2010 Nicole Marheineke [130], Michael Winkler [131]
U Paderborn algebra (W3) May 28, 2010 Irene Bouw [132], Julia Hartmann [133], Igor Burban, Ralf Gramlich, Hannah Markwig, Ivan Penkov [134]
U Paderborn analysis (W2) Dec 31, 2010 Max-K. von Renesse [135], Margit Rösler, ... [136]
U Paderborn (cs) algo game thy (W1) Feb 29, 2012 Alexander Skopalik, Oliver Friedmann, Chien-Chung Huang, Orestis Telelis, Angelina Vidali
U Passau applied (W2) Nov 3, 2010 Bastian von Harrach, Brigitte Forster-Heinlein
U Passau image proc (W3) Mar 31, 2011 Tomas Sauer [137]
U Potsdam / Max Planck geom anal (W2) Jan 13, 2011 Michael Eichmair [138], Ulrich Menne


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists/offers
U Regensburg pure (W3) Oct 29, 2010 Moritz Kerz [139]
U Saarland appl (W3) Feb 4, 2010 Holger Wendland, Daniel Kressner, Thomas Schuster [140], [141], Michael Herty, Michael Hinze, Nicole Marheineke [142]
U Siegen stoch (W3) Aug 13, 2009 Andreas Christmann [143]
U Stuttgart appl, numerical (W3) Apr 16, 2010 Kunibert G. Siebert
U Trier optim (W3) Apr 19, 2010 Mirjam Dür [144]
U Tübingen math (W1) expired Ivo Radloff [145]
U Tübingen anal (W2) expired Pablo Ramacher [146]
U Ulm biostat (W3) Oct 15, 2010 Thomas Kneib [147], Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Roland Fried, Peter Pfaffelhuber, ... [148]
U Ulm pure (W3) Jun 24, 2011 Stefan Wewers
U Ulm sci comp, modeling (W3) Jun 24, 2011 Dirk Lebiedz, Bernard Haasdonk, Pascal Heider, Malte Peter, Benjamin Stamm [149]
U Weimar (engr) stoch, opt (W1) Oct 14, 2011
U Wuppertal (b) appl stoch (W2) Mar 26, 2010
U Würzburg applied (W2) Jan 31, 2011 Daniel Wachsmuth [150]

Other temporary positions

Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists/offers
U Bonn appl/biomath/comp stat postdoc Feb 26, 2012
U Heidelberg Topology postdoc Anytime
WIAS Berlin optimal control, shape optim postdoc Aug 31, 2012
WIAS Berlin sci comp postdoc Aug 31, 2012

Rest of the World

Long-term positions

Country Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Australia U Wollongong pure (*) Adam Rennie
Austria U Graz applied (t) Jul 8, 2011
Austria TU Graz discrete, opt Nov 30, 2010 Mihyun Kang
Austria U Innsbruck math Apr 30, 2011 Markus Haltmeier [151], Elena Berdysheva, Radu Ioan Bot, Rinaldo M. Colombo, Jacky Cresson, Matthias Eller, Horst Heck, Elena Resmerita, James A. Rossmanith, Gerald Teschl [152]
Austria U Innsbruck func anal (t) Jun 27, 2011 Eva Kopecka [153], Claudia Garetto, Matthias Geissert, Aicke Hinrichs, Abdelaziz Rhandi, Michael Skeide, Hendrik Vogt, Christoph Walker [154] [155]
Austria U Klagenfurt appl anal Oct 31, 2010 Ingenuin Gasser [156], Christian Pötzsche [157], Mechthild Thalhammer (2) [158]
Austria U Salzburg analysis (u) May 23, 2011 Elisabeth Werner, Michael Dreher, Horst Heck, ...
Austria U Vienna dyn sys May 31, 2010 Henk Bruin [159], David Damanik, Danijela Damjanovic, George Haller, Lasse Rempe [160]
Austria TU Vienna diff geom (t) Dec 1, 2010 Max Wardetzky [161], Andreas Bernig, Joseph Fu, Udo Hertrich-Jeromin, Tim Hoffmann, Hông Vân Lê, Boris Springborn canceled □
Belgium UC Louvain topology Dec 15, 2011
Belgium UL Bruxelles alg, geom Mar 1, 2012
Colombia U de los Andes Dec 3, 2011
France INP Grenoble discrete Mar 27, 2012
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong Kun Zhao, Lei Zhang
Hungary CEU Budapest network sci (o) Nov 1, 2011
India IISER, Pune* Nov 1, 2011
Ireland Dublin City U math finance Jul 3, 2011
Ireland U C Dublin algebra Feb 10, 2012
Korea KAIST math Nov 30, 2011
Luxembourg U Luxembourg, Kirchberg analysis Oct 28, 2011
Luxembourg U Luxembourg, Kirchberg geom Feb 24, 2012
Netherlands VU Amsterdam (o) OR (o) Feb 15, 2012
Netherlands U Amsterdam alg, geom, math phys May 1, 2012
Netherlands U Amsterdam actuarial, finance Jun 1, 2012
Netherlands U Twente stat/prob (u) Apr 1, 2012
Norway U Bergen opt Dec 22, 2011 Klaus Jansen [162]
Switzerland U Geneve math phys expired Rinat Kashaev
Switzerland EPF Lausanne geometry Dec 15, 2010 Tamás Hausel [163]
Switzerland ETH Zurich applied (u) Feb 15, 2011 Arnulf Jentzen [164]
UK U Bath probability Dec 31, 2011
UK U Birmingham all math (50) Sep 1, 2011
UK U Birmingham analysis (2) Mar 23, 2012
UK U Edinburgh various (3 t) Jan 23, 2012
UK Heriot-Watt U math (2) Sep 30, 2011
UK U Hertfordshire algebra Mar 23, 2012
UK U Kent all math (3 lecturer) Mar 6, 2012
UK Lancaster U algebra prof Feb 24, 2012
UK Lancaster U algebra (2) Mar 16, 2012
UK Leeds U actuarial Apr 20, 2012
UK RHU London pure Apr 2, 2012
UK RHU London pure May 1, 2012
UK U C London stat (2 t) Jun 26, 2011 Holger Dette [165]
UK Loughborough U math (2 with 1 in analysis) Sep 26, 2011
UK U Oxford applied & industrial Nov 17, 2011 Eli Shlizerman
UK U Southampton actuarial, financial May 11, 2012
UK U Warwick all math Jan/Feb, 2012
UK U Warwick OR Mar 12, 2012

Temporary positions

Country Institution Areas Type Apply by Short lists and offers
Austria U Graz* applied Univ. Assistant Aug 31, 2011
Austria U Salzburg applied visiting prof (1y) Apr 15, 2012
China Int'l C, Beijing (U Colorado, Denver) Instructor Nov 1, 2011
France MILYON all Postdoc (2) Jan 16, 2012
Switzerland U Lugano/I Comp Sci sci comp postdoc until filled
UK U Cambridge pure (2 approx alg, 5 pure, 2 analysis/prob) postdoc Dec 3, 2011 (earliest) Niels Martin Moller
UK Imperial C all Chapman Fellow Niels Martin Moller
UK U Edinburgh pure (analysis, math relativity) postdoc Apr 20, 2012
UK Open U pure (combinatorics, graph theory) postdoc Jun 14, 2012
UK U Warwick all postdoc (2) Jan 3, 2012

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