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This page is for positions with teaching-oriented math departments. See the main job wiki page for research positions.

Tenured/tenure-track positions

Key: italic: offer; bold: accepted; strike: withdrawn/declined; ... (ellipsis): and others; ? (question mark): conjectured

"Apply by" can mean a strict deadline, or full consideration, or something else. See the ad for details.

United States

Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers
Adams State C
Appalachian State U education
Benedictine U* biomath
Benedictine U* algebra
Birmingham-Southern C applied (p)
Bowdoin C* various
California Lutheran U all math Nov 6
California State U, San Bernadino education (p) Jan 9
Calvin C math/stat Dec 1
Chicago State U* various Dec 15
C Charleston* analysis (p) Aug 16
Colby C num thy/algebra Nov 15
Colby C geom/topol Nov 15
Colorado C all math Dec 15
Columbia C applied Dec 15
CUNY Baruch C
Davidson C math/cs Nov 20
Duquesne U* stat Dec 15
Eastern Illinois U* all math Nov 16
Elon U all math Dec 15
Emmanuel C all math  ?
Fordham U* all math  ?
Fort Lewis C* education Dec 1
Fort Lewis C* education Dec 1
Framingham State C math/stat Nov 16
Gannon U applied/stat (p) Nov 15
Georgetown C all math Nov 20
Georgia Southern U stat  ?
Georgia Southwestern State U all math  ?
Kenyon C* applied (p) Nov 15
Lebanon Valley C* math sci Dec 15
Luther C* anal/stat (p) Dec 1
Lyon C all math  ?
Maryville C education Dec 1
Mercer U all math Nov 30
Millsaps C all math Dec 1
Montclair State U education (2)  ?
Montclair State U applied discrete  ?
Mount Holyoke C* stat Nov 10
Mount Saint Mary C education Nov 15
Muhlenberg C math/stat Dec 4
Nebraska Wesleyan U all math Dec 1
New Jersey City U education Dec 15
North Central C applied Dec 1
Northeastern Illinois U applied, education (p) (2) Oct 31
Oberlin C geom/topol (p) Nov 30
Olin C Engineering applied Dec 1
Oxford C Emory U all math Dec 1
Penn State Erie, Behrend C education
Penn State Erie, Behrend C math/stat
Point Loma Nazarene U math/cs  ?
Providence C combinatorics Nov 30
Providence C geom/topol Nov 30
Rhodes C* applied (p) Nov 9
Roosevelt U all math Nov 15
Sacred Heart U stat (p) (2) Dec 1
Saint Olaf C education Nov 1
Salem State C all math  ?
Sam Houston State U all math Nov 15
Stockton C education Oct 1
Santa Clara U cs/stat Jan 20
St. Mary's U education  ?
Stony Brook Southampton all math  ?
Texas A&M, Corpus Christi applied Nov 1
Texas State U, San Marcos applied  ?
U Texas, El Paso education Oct 19


Institution Areas Apply by Short lists and offers