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          <rev user="Another Wiki Nonmoderator" timestamp="2021-10-23T17:28:56Z" comment="/* Content Pages */ new year" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Welcome to the '''Notable Mathematics Wiki'''.  The main purpose of this wiki, for now, is to host the [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki]].  The Jobs Wiki collects rumors and authoritative information about the academic mathematics job market.  The main Jobs Wiki pages cover PhD-granting departments (such as those [[Mathematics PhD Programs|here]]), including statistics and applied mathematics, and research institutes.  Separate pages exist for more teaching-oriented academic math jobs.

Since this is a wiki, and since rumors may be involved, there is no guarantee that any information listed here is accurate; no warranty is expressed or implied.  The University of California at Davis disavows any responsibility for the information contained herein.  This site is currently supported by [ Matthias Koeppe], [ Greg Kuperberg], and [ Tao Mei].

== Content Pages ==

=== Math research jobs ===

* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki]] (current year)
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2020-2021]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2019-2020]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2018-2019]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2017-2018]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2016-2017]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2015-2016]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2014-2015]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2013-2014]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2012-2013]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2011-2012]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2010-2011]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2009-2010]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2008-2009]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2007-2008]]

=== University math teaching jobs ===

* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki (Teaching)]] (current year)
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2020-2021 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2019-2020 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2018-2019 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2017-2018 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2016-2017 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2015-2016 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2014-2015 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2013-2014 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2012-2013 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2011-2012 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2010-2011 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2009-2010 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2008-2009 (Teaching)]]
* [[Mathematics Jobs Wiki 2007-2008 (Teaching)]]

=== Other ===

* [[Mathematics PhD Programs]]
* [[Public University Salaries]]

== Using MediaWiki ==

These external pages describe the syntax for editing this wiki.

* [ User's Guide] 
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]</rev>